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Title Newsletter: Bowtie Bugle. Edition Number 7. Published by "The Society for Souls Suffering from Sinatritis." N.p. (Pittsburgh, PA.), ca. June 1945.
Object Name Newsletter
Catalog Number 2015.030.2007
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Collection Sinatra-ana
Credit Museum Collections.
Scope & Content Newsletter: Bowtie Bugle. Edition Number 7. Published by " The Society for Souls Suffering from Sinatritis. " No place (Pittsburgh, PA.), circa June 1945.

Six mimeographed leaves, 8-1/2" x 11" high, cover plus [9] pp.

Cover portrait of Frank Sinatra credited on page [7] to Patty Culhane of Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

PDF on file. Full text is in notes.

This fan club was established at by at least late 1943 and grew to have many local chapters.

Notice on page [2] regarding another large fan club group: SLAVES OF SINATRA Due to illness, Ginnie Martin cannot be your prexie — so you will be put into the main files of the club. Please send dues to Mildred Schultz.
This 'society' was one of the estimated thousand fan clubs that existed in the 1940s devoted to Sinatra. They often called their publication a journal. (A fan magazine of the era known later as a fanzine.)
Notes Archives 2015.030.2007

Bowtie Bugle.
Edition Number 7.
Published by "The Society for Souls Suffering from Sinatritis."


[page 1]

Dear Fellow Members:

Well, here we are again with another issue of the "Bowtie Bugle" and we sure hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it out. Remember too, that all suggestions are welcomed.

First we'd like to say we have a new editor of the "Bowtie Bugle" and that is JoanKeller ofthe Cleveland Chapter. We wish Jean all the luck on her now job. With her as editor we can assure swell issue's of the paper.

Many of you have been complaining why we don't have some club activity so we are going to oblige. We are going to have a raffle.

We will raffle of a $25 war bond. We want ALL of you to help in the selling of the tickets. If we do not notify you to help in the selling of the tickets, please get intouch with us, won't you? Itwill be raffled off on ctober the 17th, but all money and stubs have to be in by Oct. 10. We sincerely hope all of you will help, so don't let our hopes down.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to send your dues in promptly. In order to have a paper published we need money, and the sooner the money comes In the sooner the paper comes out, so please send In your dues as soon as possible. If you belong in a Chapter please send in your dues to your Chapter President immediately so she can send it on to us promptly.

That's about It for now except there will not be a paper out in October because we will be busy with the raffle. So will see you in November. And don't forget to notify us on helping with the raffle. We may notify you also.

And oh yes, we're sorry to say we will not be able to have a bi-monthly bulletin for you. There is a paper shortage as you all know and we cannot have 700 snaps made. As soon as we are able to, we will do so, naturally wo hope It's soon.

That's all for now. Remember V-E day has come and gone, but V-J day is only in sight so keep buying those War Bonds and Stamps.

Sinatrally yours,

Mildred Schultz
Irene Yourgas

P. S. For any news about the raffle please ask Irene Yourgas.


[page 2]

Co-Presidents Irene Yourgas, 1018 Mirror St, Pittsburgh, 17, Penna
Mildred Schultz, c/o Kushner, 7745 N.W, 5th Ave., Miami, Florida

Editor Jean Keller, 3352 East Fairfax Rd., Cleveland Hts, 38, Ohio


June Allyson - Perry Como - Bing Crosby - Marjorie Diven - Bill Dugan
of DOWNBEAT - Barbara Hale - Bob Hope - Van Johnson - Peter Lawford
Gene Krupa - Beverly Llnet- George Montgomery -Dinah Shore - Fred Waring - Jill Warren of MOVIEIAND.



Questions about the club and paper ....
Miss Irene Yourgas 1018 Mirror St.
Pittsburgh, 17, Pa.

Dues for everybody except members of chapters are to be sent to:
Miss Mildred Schultz
c/o Kushner
7745 N.W. 5th Ave.
Miami 38, Flordia
(also membership applications)

All newspaper material to:
Miss Jean Keller 3352 East Fairfax Road, Cleveland Heights 18, Ohio

Pen Pals:
Miss Betty Sherrill 729 Morgan Ave. DrexEl Hill Phila., Pa,.


Now that Mildred Schultz is moving to Fla, I’d like to ask all of you to send ALL dues to her, also all membership applications. It was all right to send dues to me when we lived nearby but now if you do things will get complicated, for I will have to send them to her. It will also take time, THANK YOU.


Due to illness, Ginnie Martin cannot be your prexie — so you will be put into the main files of the club. Please send dues to Mildred Schultz.


Many of you have not as yet sent in your votes on the pin. If you don’t know the design, here it is. The top is a round disc with two bobby socks on it -- the bottom consists of the initials F S which dangle from the disc. If you haven’t voted, send a postcard to:
Miss Beverly Cantor 5818 Morrowfield Ave. Pittsburgh 17, Penna.


I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me with this issue, especially my Cleveland Chapter, and Miss Clancy; Manager of Advertisers Letter Service Inc. It was their cooperation that made this issue possible, I only hope that the succeeding papers will all be far superior to this one. This means that each and every one of you will have to pitch in and help me out. Thanks!


[page 3]


Recently the movie editor of the Akron Beacon Journal wrote of the big hit Frank Sinatra made with the G. I's and also of the feud between Frank and the Army paper "Stars and Stripes."

When Frank got back from his overseas tour he said that the boys made many complaints to him about the quality of the shows sent them aand Frank thought something ought to be done about it. Well, it seems as though the army paper thinks Frankie doesn't know what he is talking about and doesn't have any right voicing his opinions.

This editorial is by a soldier named Abe Kramer writing in "Depo-Dope", publication of Cazes air depot at Casablanca. He says:

"So we saw Frankie in the flesh -- that's giving him the benefit of the doubt, of course. On the face of it, one might think a guy in his peculiar situation had two strikes on him before coming overseas to perform for G. I's.

Maybe so. Maybe It was only morbid curiosity that packed every theater in the Casablanca vicinity he played in, full to the rafters with soldiers and sailors. Maybe it wasn't Sinatra at all, but more to see the excellent comedian Phil Silvers, and the two pretty girls in the troupe that brought the boys flocking from all points’"; Anyway after they came and saw and heard, the consensus was that (1) Sinatra doesn't sing badly at all — in fact he is a darned good singer, (2) he is a likable guy, (3) it was one of the best shows ever to hit this area. In other words, "the Voice" scored a hit with the hardboiled G. I's, the same as he did with their kid sisters back home.

They appreciate the way members of his troupe cheerfully agreed to a jam-packed, brutal schedule, which called for playing in several G. I. theaters in the locality as well as the hospital In town, in the brief period they had here. And perhaps there was something else that was appreciated, because a man's real personality inevitably must shine through any kind of artificial glamorized public reputation, when ho appears in front of an audience. And in a way about the hardest kind of audience to fool in that respect is a soldier audience.

We know little about the other side of Frank Sinatra beside the one that's been most ballyhooed the idol of the bobby-sockers. But back at home they've been getting some idea of the fact that there is more to him them just a swoon-crooner cashing in on a crazy fad of teen-agers. Frank Sinatra has been an ardent campaigner in the cause of democracy and tolerance--a bitter opponent of religious bigotry and hatred. He hasn't just sat around thinking about it, however, but has gone out and done things about it, even though at times it appeared detrimental to his show business career. In the face of warnings from his friends and associates that it wouldn't do him any good in his career, ho went out and stumped for Franklin D, Roosevelt In the last election, and scored a smash personal hit there.

[cataloger's note: unstated is that this continues on page [5]]

[page 4]

FRANKIE CHECKS IN - An article in "The Stars and Stripes"

Rome, June 21----It's New Year's eve at the Summer Festival,

Rome Rest Center tonight.

Camp Shows, Inc., predicts that the SRO sign will hang by the Festival gate long before Frank Sinatra warms up his larynx at 8:30 and long before Phil Silvers dusts off his gags, Fay McKenzie polishes up her smile, Betty Yeaton unlimbers her legs and Saul Chaplin tickles the ivories.

Hollywood Hy Jinks arrived in Rome at three o'clock this afternoon after a brief uneventful plane trip from Caserta. Over Cassino the pilot made a few passes at the ruined village so that the troup might see this most famous of all ruined places.

Met at the airport by RAAC Special Service officials, Sinatra and group were driven to the Albergo D'Italia, the USO'Hotel, where they will stay during their two-day stand in this area.


While entertaining In Italy Frank has adopted 12 Italian refugees..... "Anchors Aweigh" is due for.release by the end of July, or the first part of August. At. Frank's first show overseas, a Wac "swooned" dead away upon hearing our boy do his stuff. Frank's new record "You'll Never Walk Alone" is nothing short of sensational (are'nt they all?) .......Axel Stordol’ s middle name is Odd--that's right, Odd ......Included in Frank's overseas troupe are Fay McKenzie, Phil Silvers, Betty Yeaton (a dancer)", and Saul Chaplin who plays the piano... ...Frankie was to have a lead in "Belle of the Yukon" with Gypsy Rose Lee but his agents said nix......Frankie made 420 records when he was with T.D. and lots more with Harry James...... .The- real reason F.S. left the Hit Parade was 'cause he did'nt like the tunes......Record collectors named Frankie as the undisputed king of the Intimate ballad ......Frank is part owner of the Barton Music Co......Frankie is plugging "There's No You" 'cause it was written by a former member of T.D. band......Frank'sfavorite classical composers are Ravell, and Debussy......a record jazz classic which is due to come out, we hope very soon, is a re-issue of a T.D. disc I'll Take Talluhah (by-guess who?)........those voices you heard on "Dream" are the Ken Lane Singers ......At Frank's first show in France, the commanding officer gave permission to all the Wacs to wear bobby socks. That's all for now.

F ool's Rush In
R osalie
A ll Or Nothing At All
N o Love, No Nothing
K iss Me Again

S tormy 'Weather
I Begged Her
N ight and Day
A ll of Me T here's
No You
R amona
A s Long As There's Music


[page 5]

Frankie Goes Over Big -- Cont

Since the election, he has continued to make speeches at high schools and colleges and meetings of other kinds, addressing himself mostly to the young people talking for tolerance and against intolerance and discrimination of any kind. Instead of just leaning back and living a good life of fame and glory, he makes use of-his fame to try to do something good toward a worthwhile aim — and we believe work of that kind by people like him does a lot of good.

Our hats are off to Frank Sinatra, not only as an entertainer but also as a man and a fellow citizen."

That's what they think of "our Frankie" girls"!!

-- Nancy Keach


They say a song that's sung by Bing
Is tops among those who can really sing,
But what they say Is really very wrong,
For Frankie can solidly put over a song.

But there are a few of the ladies,
Marys, Margies, Ruths, and Sadies,
Who really insist upon swooning,
While Frankie is up there so sweetly crooning.

He may be thin and as said undernourished,
But he has willpower and also some courage,
For how God builds you is what you take,
So he cannot change himself for anyones sake.

He is a top singer, A number 1,
His voice is from heaven, strictly from over the sun,
Just sit there and listen, give him a try,
And shortly you will he heaving a mighty sigh!

— Sophie Tsoule

By Ginnie Martin

Quote! from a recent letter I received from Jill Warren of Movieland Mag, fame, "Frank is NOT going back on the Hit least not that I know of" I asked Jill her opinion of our Frank; she wrote the following, "I don’t know as there isn't much I can tell you about Frank that you don’t already know. Speaking for myself, I can say he is a swell guy and of course he is one of my favorite singers. I have known Frank for several years and don’t believe that he is conceited as some people say," To borrow Frank's words Jill, "Thanks a million times a million" for the kind words about our SWOON BOY.


[page 6]


Frank Sinatra has been c ompar ing notes, with a musician in a rival field of music--tho long- hair artist, Jose Iturbi -- who appears in "Anchors Aweigh” with himhim [sic], and who is now feature ing the short bobbed idiom in the form of boggle woogie, at his concerts. Iturbi, who is beseiged by bobby-sock fans at his recitals, decided to get a little information from an old hand with the bobby sockers and said to Sinatra, "What do you do when they scream?” "Keep on singing," said Sinatra. "What do you do when they tear buttons off their coats,” and Sinatra - replied, "Have new ones sewn on. "And what do you do when they untie your shoe laces,- and take your handkerchiefs out of your pocket, and, and, "Iturbi sputtered, "when they take cigars out of your mouth. "Give 'em a light," grinned Sinatra, "and look for the nearest exit."

FRANK SINATRA will star in a short film, for RKO, the theme of which is racial and - religious tolerance, called "The House I Live In". Directed by Mervyn Le Roy and produced by Frank Ross, the film will devote all proceeds to a charity leading, in Juvenile activity. Sinatra began and finished the film the week before he left on his overseas entertainment tour.


We’ve had many letters from some of our new Honorary Members, but one of the nicest letters is the one from Barbara Hale. Just read it and you’ll agree.

Dear Irene:

I have just come upon your nice -letter of last March...It had obviously been stuck in some old corner of the mailroom all this time, so ’scuse it please.

Thanks for your kind offer as re: my joining your Sinatra fan club as an Honorary member. I shall be delighted.



I’m glad you liked the work we did together in "Higher and Higher" and do hope I shall work with him again soon...he is every bit of what you said of him .."swell" being just a meager description. He’s a very charming and exceptionally nice man, and deserves every bit of popularity he does have and even more.

Thanks again, I’m very honored and pleased.

Most Sincerely,
Barbara Hale

Isn’t It swell kids? Thanks loads Barbara!



What is the AAFFA? The adopt-a-Foreign Fan Association Is a group of Frank’s fan club president’s who, are banded together for the purpose of making friends with Frank’s fans in other countries.

You.should make your first letter very interesting. Tell her where you live and ask about her home. Tell her about Frank's appearance at the Paramount and the Waldorf if you’ve been there.

The.overseas fans do not always express themselves quite as ardently as the girls do over here, so until you find out what your new friends are like, don’t be too "Swoonful" and avoid such words as "drool" and "swoon".

When you get replies tell your club president, who In turn will tell Marjorie Piven, Frank’s secretary.

Frank receives a lot of foreign mail--a letter from Ceylon recently marks the 34th country. There even is a large fan club in Australia.

There is plenty of fun in store for you, so let’s go. For names ask Irene Yourgas.

Marjorie Diven tells us that she is having a hard time getting enough photos due to paper shortage. The envelopes are all addressed and waiting for pics, so If you haven’t received one, be patient, please.


[page 7]


Shoe size is 11..Neck is 15..Favorite colors are blue and brown.. Loves cashmere sweaters and sharp college clothes..Sleeps on his stomach..Is a very light sleeper ..Loves Spaghetti and bannana splits (don’t we all?)..Favorite sports are Tennis, Golf, and Swimming..Is a staunch Dodger Fan..Has made between 300 and 400 records with T.D..Is not superstitious . .Has blue eyes .. about 5'10"..Weighs 148 lbs...Was born December 12, 1917.


I want to thank all of you members for the support I have received as editor of the Bugle and for all the compliments you gave me. I will still want to write any of you who would care to write to me.

Bobby Ann Jones 1026 West 14th Casper, Wyoming


Let’s Meet

Judy is the Vice President of the Cleveland Chapter of the "Society" and an ardent of "our boy". She is nearly eighteen and admits, to her chagrin, that she does’nt look a day over twelve.

Brown-eyed Judy is almost 5’, and weighs 98 pounds. She has brown hair, and a great big grin. Judy’s favorite pastime, when not listening to Frank, is to go to at least two different movies in one day, but eating comes in clost second. She is a senior at Heights High School, and at the moment hasn’t any particular career in mind. Guess she just hopes to meet "that certain one" soon.

Patty Culhane of Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Patty is the artist who drew that wonderful picture of Frankie on the cover. She is an avid Sinatra fan. Patty is about 5’6", has brown hair and brown eyes and a "Pepsodent" smile. Her hobbles Include making records of the Voice, collecting photographs of stars, and drawing wonderful pictures (of Frankie, natch.). Thanks a lot to her for a swell cover!

Cont. next page.


The latest news about F.S. discs is that Frankie is recording "Lilybell" with Woody Herman, and is making an album of Gershwin tunes with Rise Stevens.


[page 8]

Thumb-nail Sketches.....cont.

Let's Meet ...

Jean Keller of Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Pert blonde Jean is the new editor of our paper. She is also the president of the Cleveland Chapter of the "Society", and further more is an all ’round Sinatra Fan. She is 5’ tall, weighs 105 pounds, and she describes her hair as "dishpan yellow". Her favorite pastimes, when not eating, consists of going to movies and roller skating. Loves cake a’la mode, and cokes. Jean (whose nickname is "Cricket") is seventeen and a senior at Heights High School.


Dear Mr. Frank,

Since you are over there, and we your fans are over here, I thought you would like to know what we are doing in your absence.

Firstly, we are doing just as your record says, "Dream, when you're feeling blue." Our penpal letters are flying fast and furious with bits of news of your U.S.O. tour. Snaps are being traded; we are on the hunt for some of Frank Jr. Club Papers are bursting with pride because you're doing so swell over seas, course we knew you would. My G.I. brother in Italy sent an article from STARS & STRIPES titled "A Guy From Hoboken" telling how solidly you were selling the soldiers.

We are driving the record shops crazy asking for your new records.

We think of you NIGHT & DAY since you took your SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY. So until you come back to the states with that old Sinatra magic, falling lock of hair, laughing blue eyes, cute grin, and your ever loving "Hiya Girls", wo will, DREAM, DRE...AM, DREAM!

SInatrally, with love,

Your Fans,

P.S. Mr. Frank arrived back in the states. July 6th, to all his fans delight.


By Ginnie


Hiya kids! I'm back again with more news of "Dreamboat" and his family.."Our boy" left the states around May 19th, for his U.S.O. tour..Reports are all SOLID, boys really thought he was swell..he SENT the gals in Prance and Italy and.signed perfume bottles in Newfoundland, adopted 12 War Orphens in Italy, and best of all had an audience with the Pope... He arrived back In the states on July 6, and you can pick it up from there..Oh Kids! aren't the color pictures of Frank and family simply LUSH in the Aug. Issue of MODERN SCREEN? Let's all send a thank-you card to M.S. for the swell pics..I loved them so I bought two copies so I could have the pic's on both sides of the page..Golly, Jr. is a doll (looks like his Daddy) and Nancy Is growing so, did you note the charm bracelit on her arm?..Mrs. S. is darling, I love her new hairdo, and I Intend to tell her so, too!..Loved the way MODERN SCREEN called her "Nancy, the Sinatra mom." Bet she is pleased that Frank is back from his tour. Which reminds me, now that he is back, he is supposed to start on anew picture for R.K.O...he sings at the H'wood bowl in Aug.. and will be back on the air Sept. 11..Guess that's all for this time SINATRA FANS, but I'll meet you right, hero, next issue, in the meantime, drop me a line, would love to hear from all of you, and if you have ques. send. them along.


[page 9]


The Cast

Clarence Doolittle.....Frank Sinatra
Joe Brady................Gene Kelly
Susan Abbott.............Kathryn Grayson
Jose Iturbi.............Himself
Donald...................Dean Stockwell

The Time

Way back in 1945, remember? That was the year that "Anchors Aweigh" was finally released. The action begins aboard an aircraft carrier and continues from the ship to Hollywood to a movie studio and a beautiful gal.

The Music

Sinatra sings "What Makes the Sunset", "I Begged Her", "The Charm of You", and "I Fall in Love Too Easily", along with a super dance in which he is held up by Gene Kelly!

The Story

Clarence Doolittle and Joe Brady have a four-day shore leave after being decorated for valor. Clarence who is shy and timid, worships Joe, his pal, who is considered the "wolf" of the ship. By finding Donald, who ran away to join the Navy, they meet his Aunt Susan, a beautiful Hollywood extra. Realizing how talented she is, they attempt to get an audition for her with Jose Iturbi, but at first do not have much success. Also, both of the boys fall in love with Susan, which complicates things considerably. However, Joe woos and wins her, and Clarence contents himself with a Brooklyn gal!


All of those members of the Cleveland Chapter who desire a new snap shot of Frankie, please send me 10 cents, and you will receive one by return mail.
Jean Keller

Many thanks to Ruthie Siepert for her swell sketches. She’s going to be responsible for the swell drawings In the future, since she's taken over the art department of the Bugle.


Remember to send in your dues promptly!! Some of you take too long, and it's necessary for us to receive your money as soon after getting the paper as possible.


We have two snaps for sale--perhaps many of you have already gotten these snaps. One perhaps many of you got recently Is that of Frank standing near a garage in a trench coat. The other one is Frank kneeling beside Nancy Sandra in front of their Hasbrouck Heights home. These snaps are 10 cents a piece. If you'd like one, send ten cents to:
Miss Margie Fahey
2810 Crosby Ave.
Pgh. 16, Pa.


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