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Title Brochure: Passenger Service on Freighters. American Export Lines. Isbrandtsen Steamship Company. (March 1963).
Object Name Brochure
Catalog Number 2012.001.0131
Collection Hoboken Transportation Collection
Credit Museum Collections.
Scope & Content Passenger Service on Freighters. American Export Lines. Isbrandtsen Steamship Company. A Division of American Export Lines, Inc. (March 1963). Printed pamphlet, 8" wide x 9" high, folded to 4" wide as issued; [8] pp.; illustrated.

Full text is in notes.

American Export and Isbrandtsen used Hoboken as the New York port for the home port for the ships offering this service, although they may have been docked for cargo purposes at other ports in the New York or New Jersey area. Hoboken is not stated in the text.

Ships listed in the brochure:
S.S. Export Adventurer
S.S. Export Agent
S.S. Export Aide
S.S. Export Ambassador
S.S. Flying Endeavor
S.S. Flying Fish
S.S. Flying Gull
S.S. Flying Hawk
S.S. Flying Clipper
S.S. Flying Cloud
S.S. Flying Eagle
S.S. Flying Enterprise II
Notes Archives 2012.001.0131

[Front cover as folded; being page 8, right panel]

Passenger Service on Freighters


Isbrandtsen Steamship Company

[Back cover as folded; being page 8, left panel]


ATTENTION of passengers is especially directed to the terms and conditions as set forth in the Passage Contract Ticket.

RIGHT IS RESERVED to change rates and sailing dates, to alter itineraries without notice, and to decline the sale of staterooms for less than full adult rate capacity.

BAGGAGE: In addition to a reasonable quantity of hand baggage, each adult passenger is allowed, free of charge, twenty-five cubic feet of trunk space in the hold. Excess is charged for at the rate of $1.00 per cubic foot. Trunks or large suitcases may be shipped to the pier in advance of sailing; detailed information will be provided on request. Dangerous articles, such as fireworks, matches, gunpowder, gasoline, cartridges, moving picture films, etc. must not under any circumstances be enclosed in baggage. The liability of the Company and the ship for baggage is limited by the terms of the Passenger Contract Ticket but baggage insurance policy affording additional protection may be obtained upon application.

MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS: All passengers arriving in, or returning to the United States must be in possession of an INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE OF VACCINATION AGAINST SMALL POX. Passengers destined beyond Suez and 'Round-World passengers also require to have in their possession Cholera inoculation certificates before being allowed to land in India or Pakistan.

Freighters do not carry medical personnel although first aid treatment for minor ills is available. The Company reserves the right to decline passage to persons who are infirm.

Passengers between 65 and 75 years of age are required to submit a statement from their physician certifying to their good health at the time the ticket is issued. Passengers over 75 years of age cannot be accepted for passage.

TOURS: The Company does not arrange local, inland, or overland tours.

PURCHASES ON BOARD — MONEY: Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco and toilet articles may be purchased on board. Only United States currency is accepted on board. For shore expenses, Travelers Checks are recommended, but passengers should bring appropriate funds in one dollar bills for the payment of expenses on board and small items on shore.

CLOTHING SUGGESTIONS: Sports clothing is suggested since life on board the passenger carrying freighters is informal and casual. On shore, many hotels and restaurants require business suits or jackets for the men, and appropriate attire for the ladies. Light wraps, topcoats and raincoats are recommended even for the tropics. Warm clothing is necessary during the winter months.

LETTERS, TELEGRAMS, PARCELS may be sent to passengers sailing from or returning to the U.S.A. or to ports en route. Information will be provided shortly before sailing.

ELECTRIC CURRENT — LAUNDRY: On the Round-World vessels the electric current aboard is 110/115 volts, direct current. On the Export "A" vessels it is 110 volts, alternating current. Laundry and dry cleaning facilities are available at the ports of call for'Round-World passengers: Export "A" type vessels are equipped with a washing machine and dryer.


Printed in U.S.A. 60M
March 1963


[page 1]

For a change of pace in Ocean Travel ... sail aboard a Freighter!

A voyage by freighter is a very special travel experience . . . special in the unusual variety of places to be seen .. . in the carefree days . . . the happy camaraderie of the ship's company, officers and crew, with the passengers . . . the comfort and charm of your accommodations.

American Export Lines offers several passenger services on its modern, completely air-conditioned Export Ambassador Type freighters. There are regular sailings between U.S. Atlantic ports and the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Middle East areas. The Isbrandtsen Steamship Co., a division of American Export Lines, sails a freighter every other week from New York eastbound around the world, through the Mediterranean and via the Suez Canal to the Far East, thence across the Pacific to the U.S. West Coast returning to New York via the Panama Canal and Puerto Rico. These voyages last approximately 120 days.

Bear in mind that these ships are primarily engaged in carrying cargo, so that your schedule, itinerary and length of stay in port will vary according to cargo requirements. In most ports called at, you will have ample time to go ashore. No excursions are planned, but your fellow-passengers and the ship's staff will be glad to help you find the most interesting places to see. The ship may skip one or more of the ports originally listed, or even add a port en route.


[page 2]


Aboard the completely air-conditioned EXPORT AMBASSADOR, EXPORT ADVENTURER, EXPORT AGENT and EXPORT AIDE, twelve passengers enjoy the comfort and beauty of a modern ship. Every stateroom is provided with private bathroom with shower. You will share excellent meals with our friendly, experienced officers . . . learn from them interesting facts about your ship and the various ports of call.

An unusually large amount of deck space is available for the various games ... or pleasant hours of relaxation in your deck chair which, with its rug, is provided free. A handsome lounge for leisure hours . . . for cards or chess . . . for reading ... or for conversation ... is furnished with a piano and a well-stocked library. A service bar is provided and your steward will provide the snacks for the cocktail hour. From time to time, 16 mm. movies are shown.

For your convenience, there is a laundromat with dryer and iron and board. The ship is open for inspection on request. You will enjoy a visit to the Bridge . . . delight in the shiny cleanliness of the well-equipped galley. Most of all, you will enjoy the carefree, informal life. This is a most satisfactory way to travel. Where-ever you go, visiting fascinating foreign ports


[page 3]

Pleasant as the days on ship can be, you will enjoy an occasional visit ashore. In most Mediterranean ports it is possible to hire a car for the day or by the hour. Or, you might prefer to stroll around the town, shopping for souvenirs . . . sampling the local food and wine. When the ship remains in port for a few days, you may wish to take a trip to an inland city or nearby resort. Be sure to ascertain the exact time of the ship's departure from the particular port before you go ashore to allow yourself plenty of time to re-embark.

[picture captions, four]
Lounge — Export "A" type freighter
Double Stateroom — Export "A" type freighter
Ample Deck Space — Export "A" type freighter
Dining Room — Export "A" type freighter


[page 4]

CABIN PLANS Export "A" type freighter

Export Adventurer
Export Agent
Export Aide
Export Ambassador





A— Full size beds by night converted into upholstered sofas by day

C— Full size beds by night converted into upholstered sofas by day

A - Full size beds by night converted into upholstered sofas by day

B -Uppers normally recessed into wall but usable when required

W - Wardrobe

S - Showerbath with toilet and hand basin





[page 5]


The adventure of a 'Round-World voyage can be a happy and comfortable travel experience aboard one of the fine freighters of the Isbrandtsen Steamship Company Division of American Export Lines. The FLYING GULL, FLYING FISH, FLYING HAWK and FLYING ENDEAVOR (Special C-2 type freighters) are sister ships with accommodations for 12 passengers in outside double cabins and inside single cabins. All are equipped with private bathroom including a tub bath in the double cabins, and have ample closet space. A tastefully appointed lounge is also provided. Aboard the FLYING EAGLE, FLYING CLIPPER, FLYING CLOUD and FLYING ENTERPRISE II (Standard C-2 type freighters) comfortable accommodations are provided for 10 or 12 passengers in outside double and 3-berth staterooms, each with private bathroom with shower. On these ships, the dining room is used for lounge purposes between meals. Two other ships in the 'Round-World Service are the Victory-type vessels FLYING TRADER and BROOKLYN HEIGHTS. These ships provide accommodations for four male passengers in the two outside double cabins.

In addition to the complete 'Round-World Cruise, which lasts about 120 days, passengers may also take advantage of a short 3-week cruise from the West Coast to New York, by way of the Panama Canal and Puerto Rico. Whether you take the long or the short cruise, you will enjoy the hearty meals, the fascinating ports and the interesting people you will meet. The attention to safety and reliability on these fine American ships is another factor of importance.


[page 6]

Special C-2 Type Freighter

Flying Endeavor
Flying Fish
Flying Gull
Flying Hawk


A B Full size beds

W Wardrobe

TS Showerbath with toilet and hand basin Corridors


Standard C-2 Type Freighter

Flying Clipper
Flying Cloud
Flying Eagle
Flying Enterprise II




[page 7]

The map indicated shows the unusual itinerary of your 'Round-World cruise. These ships call at many ports not usually visited by passenger liners making a world cruise. You will visit West Pakistan, Malaya, as well as India, allowing ample time to visit the Taj Mahal. Most cruises visit Saigon, with its definitely French atmosphere and the Japanese cities, with the marked influence of the West that offer a glimpse of the blending of two cultures. Inquire, too, about the Isbrandtsen ships sailing to North Atlantic ports from New York to England France, Holland and Germany.

[picture captions, four]
Outside Double Stateroom — Special C-2 Type Freighter
Dining Room — Standard C-2 Type Freighter
Outside Double Stateroom — Standard C-2 Type Freighter
Lounge — Special C-2 Type Freighter


Date 1963
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Search Terms S.S. Export Adventurer
S.S. Export Agent
S.S. Export Aide
S.S. Export Ambassador
S.S. Flying Endeavor
S.S. Flying Fish
S.S. Flying Gull
S.S. Flying Hawk
S.S. Flying Clipper
S.S. Flying Cloud
S.S. Flying Eagle
S.S. Flying Enterprise II
Isbrandtsen Line
American Export Lines
American Export Lines (Isbrandtsen)
Isbrandtsen Steamship Company
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