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Title Membership applications for First Church of Christ, Scientist, Hoboken, N.J., 1912-1945.
Object Name Application, Membership
Catalog Number 2011.036.0100
Collection Hoboken Churches & Religion Collection
Credit Gift of Matt Seriale, T & M Contracting Co., Inc.
Scope & Content Membership applications for First Church of Christ, Scientist, Hoboken, N.J., 1912-1945.

Printed form, single folio, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" high, [4] pp.; with holographic or typewritten entries. 140 applicant names on 137 applications (plus several in duplicate - one inside the other). Several have enclosures or attachments.

This group was recognized by The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass., as a Christian Science Society in December, 1909, and on February 6, 1912, was incorporated as First Church of Christ, Scientist, Hoboken, N. J. The church was located at several addresses in the years covered by these applications: 234 Washington Street, 414 Hudson St. and from May 17, 1931 onward, 829 Bloomfield St. The bulk of this group are from 1912 to the mid-1920s; only 5 are from the 1940s. While found as a bundled group, it is unknown how representative it is of the full church membership. By-laws of the church called for an enrollment book of members to be maintained; it has not been located.

General alphabetical order by applicant. Not all applications were complete, accepted and some were rejected (area on form for remarks was not used on any of them.) If applicant was member of another denomination, a letter or dismissal form was needed and is occassionally present. In some cases membership was a transfer or dismissal from another branch church.

Significantly, most of the people applying for membership and being accepted as members were not residents of Hoboken. See notes for the list of applicants / members, primary residence, year of application and note when rejected or no action taken. Names of persons making recommendation for membership have not been transcribed.

Below are entries on the first two as typical (with the first one imaged for this record).

Mrs. Sophia Lore Amsler, 335 Palisade Ave., Union City, Oct. 24, 1925
Recommended by: Mrs. Amelie J. Beemer; Mrs. N.M. Kessler
Approved by membership committee Oct. 28, 1925, O. Edward Smith
Was formerly a member of [typewritten] Evanglic Protestant denomination but has definitely severed connection therewith.
How long interested in Christian Science: three years
Approved by Board of Trustees, Nov. 9, 1925.

Gustave T. Amsler, 335 Palisade Ave., Union City, Oct. 24, 1925
Recommended by: Mrs. Amelie J. Beemer; Karl Kessler
Approved by membership committee Oct. 28, 1925, O. Edward Smith
formerly a member: Evanglic Protestant
How long interested in Christian Science: seven years
If member of the Mother Church give date of admission: November 4, 1921
If letter from another branch church give name: Second Church of Christ, Scientist, New York City
Approved by Board of Trustees, Nov. 9, 1925.
Notes 2011.036.0100
Name of applicant / member, residence (while all have a street and city address, only the city is listed here for non-Hoboken residents; where a street address is given, it is in Hoboken) and year of application.

Notation made of no action: either the membership committee or the board of trustees did not approve the application; no reasons were given except a very few are noted across the first page as "rejected." Numbers preceding name are for convenience and are not found on documents. Names of people recommending applicant are not transcribed.

1. Amsler, Mrs. Sophia Lore, Union City, 1925
2. Amsler, Gustave T., Union City, 1925
3. Anderson, Andrew, 818 Park Ave., 1934
4. Anderson, Mrs. Whilhemina, Union Hill, 1912
5. Arnold, Mrs. Kathie, Secaucus, 1915
6. Arnold, Louise B., Weehawken, 1914
7. Aschinger, Mrs. Katherine E., Union City, 1926
8.Baier, Mrs. Minnie, West Hoboken, 1913
9. Bartoli, Mrs. Florence Mabel, Weehawken, 1934
10. Bartoli, Ruth, Weehawken, 1938
11. Bettman, C. Augustus, 68 Garden St., 1927; no action
12. Blanck, Mrs. Amelia, 1007 Willow Ave., 1924
13. Blanck, Horace W., 1227 Park Ave., 1930
14. Blohm, Herman H., Jersey City, 1916; no action
15. Bower, Amelia, Jersey City, 1924
16. Bettman, Elizabeth M., 68 Garden St., 1924 (as Mrs. C.A. Bettman; see C. Augustus Bettman)
17. Burkhardt, Mrs. Edith W., 1210 Hudson St., 1940
18. Christ, Josephine, 813 Park Ave., 1920
19. Caccia, Herman, 634 Garden St., no date; no action
20. Clark, Elizabeth A., 1214 Hudson St., 1932
21. Coly, Martha, Weehawken, 1914
22. Conrad, Helmuth, 308 Hudson St., 1935
23. Coonley, Mrs. H.D., 1110 Park Ave., 1913
24. Danke, Dora M., 945 Bloomfield St., 1913
25. Dubin, Louis, 410 Newark St., 1913
26. Eggers, Louise J., Jersey City, 1916
27. Eisleben, Mrs. Julia, Union City, 1932
28. Estes, June Olive, Bayonne, 1917
29. Eugster, Albert Jacob, West Hoboken, 1914
30. Engster, Paulina, West New York, 1917; no action
31. Feldtmann, Mrs. Caroline, 906 Washington St., 1928
32. Flanagan, Mrs. Josephine, West Hoboken, 1913
33. Flanagan, Flora, Woodcliff, N.J., 1927; rejected
34. Flanagan, Josephine, West Hoboken, 1923
25. Foster, John, Union City, 1928
36. Gardner, George Frederick, 508 Bloomfield St., 1913
37. Gardner, Mrs. Olga Frances, 508 Bloomfield St., 1913
38. Gladstone, Bertha, Jersey City, 1926
39. Gladstone, Mrs. Dora B., Jersey City Heights, 1922
40. Foerster-Glaesser, Fanny Louise, West New York, 1920
Glaesser, Fanny Louise Foerster [name present here for indexing only - see Foerster-Glaesser]
41. Gloustein, Mrs. Amelia C., 920 Willow Ave., 1915
42. Grief, Mrs. Hattie, 323 Bloomfield St., 1915
43. Gruhe, Ella Thankful, North Bergen, 1922
44. Parda, Mrs. Emogene Thayer, 1023 Bloomfield St., 1945
Habler, Mrs. Emogene [notation on Parda application: now - Mrs. Emogene Habler]
45. Haensel, Mrs. Augusta, 930 Willow Ave., 1915
46. Haas, Mrs. Louisa, Jersey City, 1915
47. Hahn, Mrs. Gertrude, West Hoboken, 1920
48. Hartwig, Robert G., Weehawken, 1926
49. Hase, Carola. 1030 Hudson St., 1932
50. Hase, Ida, 1030 Hudson St., 1930
51. Hawkridge, Mrs. Fannie E., 525 River St., 1931
52. Heath, Forrest A., Jersey City, 1914
53. Hensel, Rudolph D., 1045 Bloomfield St., 1917
54. Hess, Walter E., Weehawken, 1916
55. Hill, Mrs. Pauline K., Jersey City Heights, 1915
56. Hinze, Elise, Jersey City, 1920
57. Hoagland, George W., Jersey City, 1932
58. Hochrentner, Mathilda, West Hoboken, 1917; no action
59. Hopkins, Mrs. Dorothy, 1221 Garden St., 1916
60. Horn, George W., 1215 Garden St., 1932
61. Horner, Henry, 211 Hudson St., 1920; no action
62. Howes, Edith, 1210 Hudson St., 1937
63. Iberg, Elissa W., Union City, 1941
64. Ingelson, Isaac, 823 Hudson St., 1917; no action
65. Johnston, George, Union Hill, 1914
66. Jurgensen, Charles E., 1209 Washington St., 1940
67. Jurgensen, Helen, 1209 Washington St., 1940
68. Kellogg, Mrs. Bessie F., 161 Fourteenth St., 1920
69. Kellogg, George F., 161 14th St., 1920
70. Keurling, Gertrud A. L., 501 River St., 1928
71. Kessler, Charles, Weehawken, 1922
72. Kessler, Nell M., Weehawken, 1922
73. Koch, Dora H., 324 Jackson St., 1932
74. Kroh, Mrs. Marie, Jersey City, 1934
75. Laddey, Mrs. Rosaline B., Weehawken Heights, 1914
76. Lunn, Mrs. Williamina, 316 Hudson St., 1915
77. Lyman, Mrs. Maibelle M., Weehawken, 1915
78. Mack, Ruth E., Weehawken, 1944
79. Mahnken, Marie, North Bergen, 1923; no action
80. Mahnken, Mrs. Meta Gesine, Jersey City, 1919
81. Michelson, Lawrence, Jersey City, 1929
82. Michelson, Raymond, Jersey City, 1930
83. Miller, Anna M., 1106 Park Ave., 1925
84. Miller, Mrs. Frances M., Weehawken, 1914
85. Miller, Helen M., Weehawken, 1920
86. Moon, Frederic R., 1221 Bloomfield St., 1915
87. Morgan, Mrs. Marie Bishop, Jersey City, 1915
88. Muller, Ethel, 112 Jefferson St., 1920
89. Muller, William, 78 -1/2 Madison St., 1925
90. Nettleton, Mrs. Reba H., 1307 Bloomfield St., 1913
91. Newkirk, Lewis H., Jersey City, 1913
92. Parker, Mrs. Lelia Alice, West Hoboken, 1921
93. Pellikan, John, Jersey City, 1937
94. Raphaele, Egen D., Weehawken, 1915
95. Rebhorn, Mrs. Moisjolochenoc, Jersey City, 1918; rejected
96. Rohner, Bertha L., West Hoboken, 1917; no action
97. Ronnenberg, Wilhelmina G., 1045 Bloomfield St., 1916
98. Rozell, Mrs. Lillian, Weehawken, 1915
99. Rush, Mrs. Agnes, West Hoboken, 1919
100. Russ, Mrs. Ida, 323 Bloomfield St., 1915
101. Rush, Elizabeth, West Hoboken, 1918
102. Ryan, Mrs. Lillian, Jersey City, 1931
103. Sanner, Audray, Jersey City, 1932
104. Sanner, Charles P., Jersey City, 1925
105. Schaaff, Mrs. Clara, 909 Hudson St., 1920
106. Schaaff, Lewis William, 909 Hudson St., 1914
107. Schaaff, Louis W., 3 Potter Place, Weehawken, 1932
This approved application has a printed 3x5 card attached: Card of Dismissal issued by the Hoboken church for a Louis W. Schaaff stating he had been a member of this church from 7/18/14 to 6/17/28 and signed by the clerk for the Board of Trustees, O. Edward Smith, 414 Hudson St., Hoboken, 192_. The reverse has typewritten entries listing his positions and functions at the Church:
1914-1916 Chairman Literature Distr. Committee
1916-1918 Usher and Headusher
1917-1920 Member Board of Trustees
1914-1917 Sunday School Teacher
1920-1922 Sunday School Teacher & Member of the Board
1923-1926 First Reader
1926-1927 Sunday School Teacher

This Louis W. Schaaff is apparently not the same person as Lewis William Schaaff; the application signatures are legible and very different. Besides the different spelling of the first names and the two different places of residence, Louis' membership started July 18 and Lewis' started on July 1.

108. Schmidt, Barbara C., 161 Eighth St., 1930
109. Schmidt, Henry, Jersey City, 1916
110. Schubert, Frances S., New Brighton, Staten Island, N.Y., 1913
111. Schumann, Mrs. Martha C., West Hoboken, 1923; no action
112. Seyd, Freda E.E., 506 Washington St., 1917
113. Seyd, Henrietta, 506 Washington St., 1917
114. Simon, Sally, Jersey City, 1930
115. Smith, Clara Louise, 1033 Garden St., 1918
116. Schmidt, Otto E.R., 323 Hudson St., 1916
Smith, O. Edward. [index reference for Otto E.R. Schmidt; pencil notation on application: changed name to O. Edward Smith]
117. Smith, Mrs. Emily, Woodcliff, N.J., 1912
118. Spitzer, Ernest J., 909 Hudson St., 1923; no action
119. Spitzer, Mrs. Nellie Ward, 909 Hudson St., 1922
120. Steimann, Florence, Jersey City, 1923
121. Stevenson, Mrs. Sara Alice, 921 Garden St., 1924
122. Terwilliger, Kate, North Bergen, 1936
123. Tiedemann, Mrs. Amanda, Jersey City, 1916
124. Tiedemann, Charles C., Jersey City, no date [appears to be early version of the form]; rejected
125. Van Etten, Mrs. Marie A. F., 1214 Washington St., 1915
126. Volk, Anna M.M., 812 Castle Point Terrace, 1920
127. Wagner, Mrs. Fredericke, 211 Eleventh St., 1915
128. Watjen, Erna, Union City, 1931
129. Weinert, Alfred L.S., Jersey City, 1923; no action
130. Wetzel, Emilie, 841 Garden St., 1918; rejected
131. Whiting, Florence Marion, 1120 Garden St., 1928
132. Whiting, Mrs. Idene Mae, 1218 Hudson St., 1924
133. Whitman, Edwin Jackson, Brookline, Mass., 1919
134. Wiebe, Diedrich. West New York, 1917
135. Wieselmayer, Louise, Jersey City, 1917
136. Wood, Mrs. Marguerite Louise, Jersey City, 1917
137. Wuelper, Frederick W., 719 Park Ave., 1921

People Amsler, Mrs. Sophia Lore
Amsler, Gustave T.
Anderson, Andrew
Anderson, Mrs. Whilhemina
Arnold, Mrs. Kathie
Arnold, Louise B.
Aschinger, Mrs. Katherine E.
Baier, Mrs. Minnie
Bartoli, Mrs. Florence Mabel
Bartoli, Ruth
Bettman, C. Augustus
Blanck, Mrs. Amelia
Blanck, Horace W.
Blohm, Herman H.
Bower, Amelia
Bettman, Elizabeth M.
Burkhardt, Mrs. Edith W.
Christ, Josephine
Caccia, Herman
Clark, Elizabeth A.
Coly, Martha
Conrad, Helmuth
Coonley, Mrs. H.D.
Danke, Dora M.
Dubin, Louis
Eggers, Louise J.
Eisleben, Mrs. Julia
Estes, June Olive
Eugster, Albert Jacob
Engster, Paulina
Feldtmann, Mrs. Caroline
Flanagan, Mrs. Josephine
Flanagan, Flora
Flanagan, Josephine
Foster, John
Gardner, George Frederick
Gardner, Mrs. Olga Frances
Gladstone, Bertha
Gladstone, Mrs. Dora B.
Foerster-Glaesser, Fanny Louise
Glaesser, Fanny Louise Foerster
Gloustein, Mrs. Amelia C.
Grief, Mrs. Hattie
Gruhe, Ella Thankful
Parda, Mrs. Emogene Thayer
Habler, Mrs. Emogene
Haensel, Mrs. Augusta
Haas, Mrs. Louisa
Hahn, Mrs. Gertrude
Hartwig, Robert G.
Hase, Carola
Hase, Ida
Hawkridge, Mrs. Fannie E.
Heath, Forrest A.
Hensel, Rudolph D.
Hess, Walter E.
Hill, Mrs. Pauline K.
Hinze, Elise
Hoagland, George W.
Hochrentner, Mathilda
Hopkins, Mrs. Dorothy
Horn, George W.
Horner, Henry
Howes, Edith
Iberg, Elissa W.
Ingelson, Isaac
Johnston, George
Jurgensen, Charles E.
Jurgensen, Helen
Kellogg, Mrs. Bessie F.
Kellogg, George F.
Keurling, Gertrud A. L.
Kessler, Charles
Kessler, Nell M.
Koch, Dora H.
Kroh, Mrs. Marie
Laddey, Mrs. Rosaline B.
Lunn, Mrs. Williamina
Lyman, Mrs. Maibelle M.
Mack, Ruth E.
Mahnken, Marie
Mahnken, Mrs. Meta Gesine
Michelson, Lawrence
Michelson, Raymond
Miller, Anna M.
Miller, Mrs. Frances M.
Miller, Helen M.
Moon, Frederic R.
Morgan, Mrs. Marie Bishop
Muller, Ethel
Muller, William
Nettleton, Mrs. Reba H.
Newkirk, Lewis H.
Parker, Mrs. Lelia Alice
Pellikan, John
Raphaele, Egen D.
Rebhorn, Mrs. Moisjolochenoc
Rohner, Bertha L.
Ronnenberg, Wilhelmina G.
Rozell, Mrs. Lillian
Rush, Mrs. Agnes
Russ, Mrs. Ida
Rush, Elizabeth
Ryan, Mrs. Lillian
Sanner, Audray
Sanner, Charles P.
Schaaff, Mrs. Clara
Schaaff, Lewis William
Schmidt, Barbara C.
Schmidt, Henry
Schubert, Frances S.
Schumann, Mrs. Martha C.
Seyd, Freda E.E.
Seyd, Henrietta
Simon, Sally
Smith, Clara Louise
Schmidt, Otto E.R.
Smith, O. Edward
Smith, Mrs. Emily
Spitzer, Ernest J.
Spitzer, Mrs. Nellie Ward
Steimann, Florence
Stevenson, Mrs. Sara Alice
Terwilliger, Kate
Tiedemann, Mrs. Amanda
Tiedemann, Charles C.
Van Etten, Mrs. Marie A. F.
Volk, Anna M.M.
Wagner, Mrs. Fredericke
Watjen, Erna
Weinert, Alfred L.S.
Wetzel, Emilie
Whiting, Florence Marion
Whiting, Mrs. Idene Mae
Whitman, Edwin Jackson
Wiebe, Diedrich
Wieselmayer, Louise
Wood, Mrs. Marguerite Louise
Wuelper, Frederick W.
Date 1912-1945
Year Range from 1912.0
Year Range to 1945.0
Search Terms First Church of Christ, Scientist
829 Bloomfield St.
234 Washington St.
414 Hudson St.
Caption Sophia Lore Amsler, side 1, pp. [4] + [1]
Imagefile 101\20110360100.TIF
Classification Church
Social & Personal Activity