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Title Passenger list: S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam, Holland America Line, Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne sur mer, Sat., Sept. 17, 1910.
Object Name List, Passenger
Catalog Number 2014.046.0017
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Collection Holland-America Line Memorabilia Collection
Credit Adriaan P.L Roggeveen Collection. Gift of Robert Roggeveen.
Scope & Content Passenger list: S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam, Passenger List, Holland America Line, Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne sur mer, Saturday, September 17, 1910.

Booklet, 5-1/4" x 8" high, [28] pp. including covers. Front cover has depiction of the S.S. Rotterdam; back cover has 3 sentimental photographic vignette views of Dutch scenes. See notes for list of first and second cabin passengers and staff. PDF on file.

Provenance: Collection of Adriaan P.L. Roggeveen.
He was the former Operations Manager of Holland America operations in Hoboken, retiring in 1953 and living on the New Jersey coast.

His father, Adriaan Roggeveen, was commander (captain) of this ship. S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam was the S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam (1) and also known in english as the S.S. New Amsterdam which is what it was called in the list of "Proposed Sailings".

New York was Hoboken which was their American home port.

Holland-America is hypenated in this publication.
Notes Archives 2014.046.0017


Holland-America Line.
Passenger List


List of Cabin Passengers
- - On Board - -
Twin Screw Steamer

“ Nieuw Amsterdam ”





Saturday, September the 17th, 1910


From New York to Rotterdam via
Saturday, September the 14th, 1910


- of the Twin Screw Steamship -

“ Nieuw Amsterdam ”

A. ROGGEVEEN, Commander


HARTOGH HEYS, Chief-Officer
MERKELBACH, Chief-Engineer GELEEDTS, Purser
ZOUTENDYK, Chief-Steward Dr. DOWLING, Physician



[cataloger's note: asterisk * denotes "Embark at Boulogne sur Mer" which is only explained once at the end of each cabin class list.]

*Mr. Edw. P. Alexander.
*Mr. Julian Alexander.
*Mrs. E. M. Alexander.
*Miss A. D. Alexander.
*Mrs. N. B. Appel.
Mrs. O. Applegate.
Miss C. M. Applegate.
*Mr. R. Aronson.

*Miss Elizabeth Gowdy Baker.
*Mr. B. D. Bartlett.
*Mrs. B. D. Bartlett.
Mr. Ernst H. Bauer.
Mr. R. van den Baumen.
Mrs. L. G. Benziger.
Mrs. Bertha Benziger.
Mr. Abraham Bieringer.
*Mr. W. D. Blair.
*Mrs. W. D. Blair.
Mr. Henry F. Boardman.
Mrs. Henry F. Boardman.
Miss Wynanda K. Boardman.


Mr. Derick L. Boardman.
Mrs. D. G. Boissevain.
Mast. Holly Boissevain.
Mast. Freddy Boissevain
and Governess.
Miss Annie A. Brainard.
Mrs. J. E. Brennan.
*Mr. J. P. Bretz.
Mrs. C. F. Bridge.
Rev. Prof. Dr. C. A. Briggs.
Mrs. C. A. Briggs.
Miss Grace Briggs.
Miss Olive Briggs.
*Mrs. H. Brooks.
Miss K. F. Brownell.
*Mr. G. Bunzl.
*Mrs. G. Bunzl.
Miss Madeleine Bunzl.
Miss Irene B. Butler.

*Miss Margaret Carey.
*Miss Louise Carey.


FIRST CABIN — Continued.

*Miss A. Ceytte.
*Mrs. Charles C. Clark.
*Mr. C. D. Clarke.
*Mrs. C. D. Clarke.
*Mrs. Robert Clarke.
*Mrs. C. S. Comsbock.
*MissDorothy B.Comsbock.
Mr. Luther Conradi.
*Mliss C. E. Converse.
*Miss Florense Converse.
Mr. Geo L. Cragg.
Mrs. Geo L. Cragg.

Mr. I. Daszynski.
*Miss Kate Dinnan.
*Mr. Herbert Dittler.
*Mr. Henry Dreyfoos.
*Mrs. Henry Dreyfoos.
Mr. R. Dudensing.
Mrs. R. Dudensing.
Mast. Richard Dudensing.

Mr. A. B. Ehrlich.
Mr. Carl Ehrmann.
*Mrs. William B. Elliot.
*Miss Myra Elliot.
*Miss Adele Elliot.
Miss Allitta Emery.
Mr. D. H. Ezerman.


Mrs. D. H. Ezerman.
Miss Mary Ezerman
Mast. Willem Ezerman.

Miss Mary L. Fay.
*Mrs. Leopold S. Fechheimer.
*Mrs. J. C. Fennell.
*Mr. Chas. B Fennell.
Mr. Adelin Fermin.
*Mr. Ernest H.. Finman.
*Mrs. Ernest H. Finman.
Mrs. Frieda Fischer.
*Mrs. James Flanagan.
*Miss Agnes Flehinghaus.
*Dr. Marie K. Formad.
*Miss Gertrude Foster.
*Miss Emma Foster.
Mr. Spaulding Fraser.
Mrs. Spaulding Fraser.
Dr. Rowland G. Freeman.
Mrs. Rowland G. Freeman.
Mr. Rowland G. Freemanjr.
*Mrs. R. E. Frolich.

Mrs. Lena Gidion.
Miss Hattie Gidion.
Mr. John A. Gifford.
Miss Alice C. Gifford.


FIRST CABIN - Continued

Mr. Charles A. Gifford.
Mrs. Charles A. Gifford.
Mr.C.Conyngham Gifford.
Mast. John A. Gifford.
Mast. Donald S. Gifford.
*Mrs. J. M. Goetchius.
Mr. S. Gotthelf.
Mrs. S. Gotthelf.
Miss Sylvia Gotthelf.
Miss Jeanette Gotthelf.
*Mrs. C. J. Gould.
*Mrs. J. H. Gower.
*Miss M. B. Gower.
Rev. Chas. P. Graanan.
*Miss Ella M. Graveson.
*Mr. H. D. Greenwald.
*Mrs. H. D. Greenwald.
*Mr. Frank K. Greenwald.
*Miss Myra C. Greenwald.
*Mast. Lawrence G. Greenwald.
Miss S. M. Grimm.
*Mr. Lawrence I. Grinnell.
*Mr. Robert S. Grinnell.
*Miss Gertrude Guilford.

Mr. Dirk Haagmans.
Mr. C. R. Hansel.
Mrs. C. R. Hansel.


Miss Florence H. Hansel.
*Mr. Robert P. Hargitt.
*Mrs. Robert P. Hargitt.
Miss Virginia Hartshorne.
Miss Mathilda Hassler.
Mr. R. D. Hastings.
Mr. H. P. Hastings.
Mrs. B. A. Hegeman Jr.
Miss Virginia Hegeman.
Mr. Jacob Heldman.
Mrs. Jacob Heldman.
*Mrs. Wm. Herman.
*Mast. Edward Herman.
*Mr. Wm. Herman.
Mr. Henry Hess.
Mrs. Henry Hess.
Mr. H. Lawrence Hess.
Miss M. D. Hess.
Miss Phylis Hess
and Maid.
*Mr. Charles Heymann.
*Mrs. Charles Heymann.
*Miss Leona Heyman.
*Mast. Melville C. Heymann
*Mrs. H. M. Hitchings.
*Miss Christine Hitchings.
*Mrs. J. H. P. Hodgson.


FIRST CABIN - Continued

*Miss Ensley Hodgson.
Miss Martha A. Hornsey.
*Mrs. B; Hornthal.
Mr. F. A. Horsey.
Mrs. F. A. Horsey.
Mr. J. Hunziker.
Mrs. J. Hunziker .
Miss, Doril Hunziker
and Maid.
Mr. Spencer M, Hurtt.
Rev. A. Janssens.
Mrs. Edith Jayne.
Miss E. L. Jayne.
Rev. Charles E. St. John.
Mrs. Charles E. St. John.
Mr. Everett St. John.
Mr. Harold St. John.
Mr. H. R. Jolles.
Mr. J. C. Jolles.
Mr. A. Kapteyn.
Mrs. B. Karfiol.
Miss Jeanette Karfiol.
*Miss Celilia Kays.
Mr. George W. Keel.
Mrs. George W. Keel.
*Mr. D. B. Kimball.
*Mrs. D. B Kimball.


*Miss Elsa Kleinschmidt.
Mr. Kruyf.
Mr. Willy Lamping.
*Mr. Gardiner Lathrop.
*Miss. Lothrop Lathrop.
Miss Gretchen Lehmann.
Mr. Arthur E. Leussler.
Mrs. Arthur E. Leussler.
Mast. Arthur G. Leussler.
Mr. John Lodge.
Mrs. L. K. Lodge.
*Mrs. A. Loeb.
*Miss Marguerite H. Loeb.
Mrs. Edmond de Long.
Mr. John W. Lowman.
Mrs. John H. Lowman.
*Mr. Albert Lucas.
*Mrs, Albert Lucas.
Dr. S. Lustgarten.
Mrs. S. Lustgarten.

*Miss Katharine McReynolds.
*Mrs. Kate Meddaugh.
Mr. Gustav E. Meissner.
Rev. Dr. H. Pereira Mendes.
Mrs. H. Pereira Mendes.
Mr. A. Peza Mendes.
Mrs. J. Kortland Meyers.


FIRST CABIN - Continued

*Mrs. D. Miller.
*Mrs. Dexter F. Mills.
Mr. Wm. D. Murphy.
Mrs. Wm. D. Murphy.
Mr. Duncan Murphy.

*Miss Emma I. Newson.
Mr. S. Noach.
*Miss J. D. Noyes.
*Mrs. L. Nussbaum.

Mr. John M. Olin.
Mrs. John M. Olin.
Mr. Max L. Oppenheimer.
Mrs. Max L. Oppenheimer.
Miss Lillian Oppenheimer.
*Mrs. Antonie Oppenheimer.
*Mrs. Max Oppenheimer.
*Mr. Ferd. Oppenheimer.
*Mrs. Ferd. Oppenheimer.
*Miss Beatrice Oppenheimer.
Mr. John A. Orb.
Mrs. John A. Orb.
Mast. Jack Orb.
Miss Catherine Orb.
Mrs. H. M. Parry.
Miss Ruth Parry.
Miss Jeanette Parry.
Mast. David Parry.


Mr. G. W. Patterson.
Mr. G. W. Patterson Jr.
Mr. Robert Patterson.
Mrs. A. H. Peirce.
Miss Louise V. V. Peirce.
Miss Charlotte V. Peirce.
*Miss Alice Phillips.
Mr. S. van Praag.
Mrs. S. van Praag.
*Mrs. Benjamin Pritz.
*Miss Fanny Pritz.
*Mr. Walter H. Pritz.

*Dr. McCluney Radcliffe.
*Mrs. McCluney Radcliffe.
*Miss Sarah C. Radcliffe
*Mr. Chas. J. Richter.
*Mr. E. Robitzek.
Mrs. E. Robitzek.
*Mrs. J. West Roosevelt
and Maid.
*Mr. Nicholas Roosevelt.
*Mrs. Paul B. Rossire.
Mr. Walter H. Rothwell.
Mrs. Walter H. Rothwell.

*Mr. Sacksionie.
*Dr. C. E. de M. Sajons.
*Mrs. 'C. E. de M. Sajons.


FIRST CABIN - Continued

*Dr. Louis Sajons.
*Mr. M. Salzman.
*Mrs. M. Salzman.
*Miss Beatrice Salzman.
Miss A. Schimmel.
Hon. Samuel D. Schmucker.
Mr. I. Schnitzler.
Mrs. I. Schnitzler.
*Miss Emma Schreffer.
*Dr. Hamilton Schuyler.
*Mrs. Hamilton Schuyler.
*Miss V. D. Scudder.
*Mrs. Patty B. Semple.
Mrs. M. E. Serle.
*Miss Estelle Shepherd.
Mr. Berthold Sinauer.
Mrs. Berthold Sinauer.
Mast. Edgar M. Sinauer
and Infant,
and Nurse.
Mr. A. Sinsheimer.
Mr. W. R. Spaulding.
Mr. W. B. Uitwerf Sterling.
Mrs. W. B. Uitwerf Sterling.
Mrs. L. Stieglitz.
Miss Flora Stieglitz.
Miss Elizabeth Stieglitz.


*Mr. K. Strauss.
Mrs. E. R. Strongman.
Mr. C. O. Strutz.
Mr. C. O. Strutz.
Mr. Jos. Swarcrok.

Mr. G. Tegelaar.
Mr. Th. G. Thomson.
Mrs. Th. G. Thomson.
Mrs. Anna H. L. Thomson.
Miss Anna Louise Thomson
Mast. Th. G. Thomson.
Mr. H. Threse
Mr. C. H. Tissington.
Mrs. C. H. Tissington.
Mr. I. B. Treadwell.
Mrs. C. S. Tuller.

*Mrs. David Ullman.
Mr. J. A. van der Voort.

*Miss L. Wagner.
*Miss Pauline T. Wagner.
Miss A. M. Walker.
Mrs. Clara M. Waller.
Miss Maria F. Waller.
Miss Margereth G. Waller.
*Miss Virginia Wallis.
*Miss Sarah Weiskopf.
*Mrs. Benjamin Weitzenkorn.


FIRST CABIN - Continued

*Miss Ruth Weitzenkorn.
*Mr. Benjamin Weitzenkorn.
Miss M. B. Wells.
Mr. Melvin L. White.
Mrs. Melvin L. White.
*Miss Julia H. Whitehead.
*Dr. Alfred Wiener.
*Mrs. Alfred Wiener
*Miss Edith Wiener.
*Miss Ruth Wiener.
Mrs. E. I. Wilkes.
Miss W. Wilkes.
Mrs. Frank Williams.
*Mr. M. Wolff.
*Mrs. M. Wolff.


*Mast. Iving Wolff.
*Miss Helen Wolff.
*Mast. Lawrence Wolff
and Governess
*Miss E. D. Wood.
Miss Babette Wunsch.
Mrs. J. Zemon.
*Mr. Chas. Zimmerman.
*Mrs. Chas. Zimmerman.
*Mr. Chas. Zimmerman Jr.
*Miss Annette Zimmerman.

* Embark at Boulogne sur Mer.




Mrs. Louise Abecker.
Mr. F. G. Achterberg.
Mr. Wilhelm Ahlrichs.
Mr. Hermann Ahlrichs.
Mr. H. F. C. Ament.
*Sister Anne.
Mrs. J. Appleman.
Mr. D. van Asperen.

*Mr. A. Bartel.
*Mrs. A. Bartel.
*Miss G. Bartel.
*Miss J. Bartel.
*Miss S. B. Bartel.
Mr. Max. Beck.
Mr. Julius Beck.
Mrs. John Bellers.
Miss Maria Bellers.
Mr. John Bellers.
Miss Marg. Betzer.
Mr. M. J. Blair.
Mr. Hugo J. Blaschke.
Mr. Gerrit Bleeker.
Miss Geertruida Bloemedaal.
Mrs. M. C. Blom.


Miss Chr. M. Blom.
*Mr. L. Bonjour.
*Mr. W. Boot.
*Mrs. W. Boot.
*Miss Nelly Boot.
*Miss Maud Boot.
Mr. Peter Born.
Mrs. Peter Born.
Mast. Peter Born.
Miss Johanna Born.
Mr. Johannis Bouwman.
Mr. Theodorus C. van Boven
*Miss Helene Boy-de-la Tour.
Mr. Fred. Brandewiede.
Mr. Robert Breiter.
Mrs. Robert Breiter.
Mrs. Fannie Brightman.
Mr. C. van den Brink.
Mr. Peter Brown.
Mrs. Petronella Brown.
Miss Emma Bruhmann.
Mast. Gerrit O. W. Bruins.
Miss Willemyntje J. Bruins.
Mr. Henry Bucholz.


SECOND CABIN - Continued.

Mrs. Henry Bucholz.
Mrs. A. M. Bulte.

Mr. Erich Cahn.
Mrs. Mathilde Cahn.
Mrs. Gasse Carrp.
Mrs. Carolina Ciebuska.
Miss Ester Ciebuska.
Mr. Henry Cohn.
*Mrs. Matt. Conway.
*Miss Susan E. Conway.
*Miss Thresa A. Conway.
*Miss Gertrude Conway.
*Mr. Matt. Conway.
Mr. Wrn. Cooper.
Mrs. Wm. Cooper.

Mr. J. M. Da Costa.
Mr. J. van Dam.
Mrs. J. van Dam.
Mast. J. H. van Dam.
Mr. Chas. Danegger.
Mrs. Chas. Danegger.
Mast. Chas. Danegger.
Mast. Rud. Danegger.
Mr. Hendrik J. Davelaar.
Mrs. Hendrik J Davelaar.
Mast. Gerrit J. Davelaar.
Miss Jannigje Davelaar.
Mrs. A. M. Denig.
Miss Sarah Denig.
Mast. Alfred Denig.


Miss Henriette Denniston.
*Mr. Albert Deriaz.
Miss Rosa Deutsch.
Mrs. Eli^p Deutsch.
Miss Johanna Deutsch.
Miss Melania Deutsch.
Mrs Julia Dienes.
Rev. J. Dolje.
Mr. D. Dolman.
Mrs. D. Dolman.
Mast. Willy Dolman.
Mast. Dirk Dolman.
Mr. J. Donk.
Mrs. J. Donk.
Mr. Jacob H. Doornbos.
Mrs. Marie Drinhaus.
Mr. J. C. Duinker.

*Sister Edelburge.
Mr. F. G. Eisele.
*Sister Elizabeth.
Miss Lydia Ellinger.
Mr. Nickolas Elsinger.
Rev. J. Engberink.
Mr. Jan Erben.

*Miss Francoise Feuillet.
Miss Fiebinger.
Mr. Jacob Fischer.
Mrs. Jacob Fischer.
Mast. Jacob Fischer.
Mr. Wm. Fischer.


SECOND CABIN - Continued.

Mr. Gotthilf Fischer.
Mr. L. W. Fisk.
Mr. Fred. G. Fitscher.
Mrs. C. Freund.
Mast. Conrad Freund.
Mast. Marinus Freund.
Mrs. F. W. Fyma
and Infant.
Mr. F. W. Fyma.

*Sister Gabriel.
Mr. John van Gasteren.
Mr. Jacob Gebhard.
Mrs. J. de Geus.
Miss A. M. de Geus.
Mr. Otto Gimbel.
Mrs. Tillie Goldinger.
Mr. Kryn Gortsema.
*Mr. E. Gouspy.
Mrs. Lora Grabscheid
and 2 Children.
Mrs. Mathilde Grieshaber.
Miss Erna Grieshaber.
Miss Irma Grieshaber.
Mast. Theodor Grieshaber.
Mr. Lieuwe Groeneveld.
Mrs, Geertruida Groot.
Miss Anna Groot.

Mrs. Josepfine Haefeli.
Miss Bertha Haefeli.
Mr. Chas. Hamma.


Mrs. Chas. Hamma.
Mr. Alexander Hanau.
Mrs. J. Hansen
and Infant.
Mrs. Anna Harrison
and Infant.
Mr. K. Havlicek.
Miss M. J. Heck.
Mr. John Hefti.
Mrs. Louise Hefti.
Mr. Marten Heilbut.
Miss Johanna Heinl.
Mr. Edw. G. Heinmiller.
Mrs. Martha Heinz.
Miss Lillie Heinz.
Mr. Carl Heisch.
Mrs. Kath. Heisch.
Mr. Dirk van Hell.
Mr. G. J. van Hemert.
Mr. G. J. Henneman.
Mr. Arnold Hes.
Mr. H. Heynen.
Mr. Klaas Hiemstra.
Mrs. Klaas Hiemstra.
Mr. Tammo Hoeksema.
Mr. Anton Hoerbe.
Mr. Andrew Hudak.
Mrs. Andrew Hudak.
Miss Irene Hudak.
Mrs. B. Hufnagel.


SECOND CABIN - Continued

Mr. Lorenz Ilis.

*Sister Jeanne.
Mr. Vladimir Jiranek
Miss Julia Joerger.
Mr. Robert Johannis.
Mr. Ren. Johnson.
*Miss M. Junod.

Mr. Ferd. Kahler.
Mrs. Laura Kahler.
Miss Martha Kahler.
Mr. Ivoop Kalteren.
Rev. Alois J. Kampmann.
Miss Christine Kapplein.
Mr. A. A. Kelder.
Miss Margarete von Keller.
Mr. Otto Keller.
*Mrs. Marie Klima.
*Miss Marie Klima.
Mr. Emil Kling.
Mr. Evert Klomp.
Mrs. Evert Klomp.
Miss Maria Klomp.
Miss Everdina Klomp.
Mast Hendrik Klomp.
Miss Gerritje Klomp.
Miss Aaltje Klomp
Mast. Albert Klomp.
Mast. Meuwes Klomp.
Mr. Wynand Klomp.
Mrs. Josefa Knoszak.


Mrs. Louise Koch.
Mr. Fritz Koch.
Miss Gertrude Koch.
Miss J. M. de Kock.
Mr. B. M. Kock.
Mr. E. W. Koenen.
Mrs. E. W. Koenen.
Miss Albertha W. Koenen.
Mast. Dirk Koenen.
Miss Geertruida Koenen.
Mast. Lambertus Koenen.
Mr. R. Kooiman.
Miss G. Kooiman.
Miss Helena Kreutz.
Mr. G. J. Krosschell.
Miss F. van de Kuil.
Mrs. L. Kunis.
Mr. Tamos Kurlansky.
Mrs. Bertha Kurlansky.
Mr. Joseph Kuynders.

Mr. Theodor Lammich.
Mr. Abram Langenbach.
Mrs. Abram Langenbach.
Mast. Christiaan Langenbach.
Miss Reintjes Langenbach.
Mast. Cornelis Langenbach.
Mast. Bernard Langenbach.
Miss C. J. Lenselink.
Miss Margaretha Leurle.
*Mr. Lucien Levy.


SECOND CABIN - Continued

Mrs. Rebecca Lewin.
Mast. Lester M. Lewin.
Mr. P. Linden.
Mrs. P. Linden.
Miss Elise Linden.
Mast. Paul Linden.
Mr. Michael van der Linden.
Miss Amalie Loewenthal.
Miss Luscheim.
Mr. August Lutz.

Mrs. H. Mais.
*Sister Marie.
Mr. J. A. Mata.
Miss Martha Mattheus.
Mr. Jan Meernink.
Mr. G. F. E Meistering.
Mrs. Ida F. Meistering.
Miss Helena Mesh.
Mr. A. W. Michaeles.
Miss Amelia Miller.
*Miss Blanche Milot.
Mr. Leopold Moll.
Mrs. Bernardina Mollerus.
Mr. Maurits Monasch.
Mr. Wilh. Morch.
Mrs. Maria Moricke.
*Mr. H. G. Moulton.
Miss Ettilie Muhlbauer.
Mrs. Marie Muller.
Mr. John Nabbefeld.


Mrs. C. Neirinckx.
Mr. Albert Neugebauer.
Miss Thyra Nielsen.
Mr. C. S. Niesen.
Mr. Joh. Nohstadt.
Rev. J. van den Noort.
Mrs. A. A. Numans.

Mr. A. J. A. Oosterbaan.
Mr. Piet Oosthoek.
Miss Elisabeth Oostveen.
Mrs. Klaas Ozinga.
Mrs. Karl Pauli.
Mast. Edward Pauli.
Miss Katherine Pelck.
Mr. A. Peters.
Mrs. A. Peters.
Mrs. Fany Pfliiger.
Miss Susanne Pfliiger.
Miss Anna M. E. Plaat.
Mr. Julius Pos.
Miss Sophia Prior.
Mrs. G. M. Provily
and Infant
Miss Wilhelmina Puster.
Miss Karolina Puster.

Miss A. de Raay.
Mrs. Shewa Reif.
Mr. A. C. Remynse.
Mr. Franz Risse.
Mrs. Tonia Rodyk.


SECOND CABIN - Continued

Mast. Gerrit Rodyk.
Mrs. Lina Rosing.
Mr. Antonie Roskam.
Mr. Peter Ruger.
Mrs. Peter Ruger.

Mr. Walter Salomonn.
Miss Josephine Schaffner.
*Mr. Felix Schanz.
*Mrs. Felix Schanz.
Mr. Henry Schildgen.
Mrs. J Schirrmeister.
Mr. Simon Schlangen.
Mrs. Simon Schlangen.
Mrs. Theresia Schmeisser.
Mast Ferdinand Schmeisser.
Mast. TheodorSchmeisser.
Mr. Louis Schmidt.
Miss Anna Schmidt.
Mrs. Garrie Schmidt.
Miss Belle Schmidt.
Miss Mary Schmidt.
Miss Ada Schmidt.
Miss Ruth Schmidt.
Mrs. Mary Schmitt.
Miss Rose Schmitt.
Miss Bertha Schmutz.
Mr. N. Schneider.
Mr Hugo Schoder.
Mr John Schoepfle.
Mrs. John Schoepfle.


Miss Gertrud Schoepfle.
Mr. Edmond Schoonbaart.
Mrs. Marie, Schoonbaart.
Mr. Ferd. Schurmann.
Mr. Philipp Schwartz.
Mrs. Susanna Schwartz.
Mr. W. E. Seipel.
Mrs W. E. Seipel.
Mr. John Sieradzki.
Mrs John Sieradzki.
Miss Maryanna Sieradzki.
Miss Helena Sieradzki.
Mrs. Babetta Signer.
Miss Gerritje Sikking.
Mrs. Sophie Simmen.
Mast. Bernard Simmen.
Miss C. Sonepouse.
Miss M. Sonepouse.
Mr. Carl Specht.
*Mrs. Jacob L. Speiser.
*Miss Dorothea G. Speiser.
Mrs. Marie Speleers.
Miss Therese Sporrer.
Mr. Andreas Staus.
Miss Anna Staus.
Mr. Sake Stoker.
Mrs. Klasina Stoker.
Miss Klasina Stoker.
Mr. Eduard Strauss.
Mr. August Strotbeck.


SECOND CABIN - Continued

*Mrs. Babette Stiissi.
*Miss Rosa Stiissi.
*Miss Alice Stiissi.
Mr. Chas. Sundermeyer.
Mrs. Chas. Sundermeyer.
*Miss Anna Surleau.
Mr. L. Swets.

Mr. Willem Termaat.
*Miss Marguerite Thomesson.
Mr. Stanislaw Timowicz.
Mrs. Aug. Tonnemann.
Mr. Frank Roy Traprie.
Mrs. A. M. Tromp.
Miss N. Tromp.
Mr. R. H. Chr. Tromp.
Mr. G. C. Tromp.

Mr. Karl Ulrich.

Willem Vaessen.
*Sister Valentine.
Mr. Hendrik Veenhof.
Mr. Peter van Veenhuizen.
Mr. Emil Vogel.
Mrs. Adriana de Vogel.
Mr. Harm. Voorenkamp.


Mrs. Geertje Vos.

*Mr. Henry Wacker.
Mr. X. de Wael.
Mr. P. v. Walderveen.
Mr. Wulfert Wallenburg.
Mrs. Stientje Wallenburg.
Miss Hendrika Wallenburg.
Miss Styntje Wallenburg.
Mr. E. W. Washburn.
Mrs. E W. Washburn.
*Mrs. Martha Weber.
Mr. Adolf Weiss.
Mrs. Adolf Weiss.
Miss Elisabeth Weiss.
Mr. Herbert Wydom.
Mast. Herb. Wydom.
Mrs. Herbert Wydom.

Mr. Cornelis de Young.

* Embark at Boulogne sur Mer.



The orchestra of well-trained musicians on board of S.S. “NIEUW AMSTERDAM” will play as indicated below:

10 to 11 a.m. Second Class Dining Saloon.

1 to 2 p.m. First Class Dining Saloon.

4 to 5 p.m. Second Class Dining Saloon.

7 to 8 p.m. First Class Dining Saloon.

9 to 10 p.m. First Class Social Hall.

The above named hours may be altered according to circumstances.


The Fleet
Holland-America Line

consists of the following steamships:

Twin screw Steamship “ROTTERDAM”
Twin screw Steamship “NIEUW AMSTERDAM”
Twin screw Steamship “NOORDAM”
Twin screw Steamship “RYNDAM”
Twin screw Steamship “POTSDAM”
Twin screw Steamship “STATENDAM”
ranging from 10,500 to 24,170 tons gross register.

All steamships are of enormous tonnage, and splendidly equipped for the safety and comfort of passengers. They are all provided with the latest improvements, have bilge keels, superb decks, halls, saloons and large staterooms, and are fitted with the Marconi system for wireless telegraphy and the Submarine Signal Receiving Apparatus. They carry the U.S. and Royal Netherlands Mails and maintain a regular weekly service between New York and Rotterdam, stopping both ways at Boulogne-sur-Mer for the landing and embarkation ol passengers.

For full information, sailings, and rates, apply to the General Passenger Agencies of the Holland-America Line, or to its local agents.


Proposed Sailings
between Rotterdam and New York
via Boulogne sur Mer.


Sept....1712 15 A.M.Nieuw Amsterdam

„...244 30 A.M.Noordam

Oct....11215 A.M.Rotterdam

„...84— A.M.Ryndam

„...1510— A.M.Potsdam

„...223 30 A.M.Nieuw Amsterdam

„...2910 30 A.M.Noordam

Nov....53— A.M.Rotterdam

„...129— A.MRyndam

„...192 30 A.M.Potsdam

„...269 30 A.M.Nieuw Amsterdam



† Sept. 20 ...Ryndam

"27 ...Potsdam

†Oct.4 ...Nieuw Amsterdam

"11 ...Noordam

†"18 ...Rotterdam

"25 ...Ryndam

Nov.1 ...Potsdam

†"8 ...Nieuw Amsterdam

"15 ...Noordam

†"22 ...Rotterdam

"29 ...Ryndam

Dec.6 ...Potsdam

†"13 ...Nieuw Amsterdam

† On the voyage from New York to Rotterdam s.s. ROTTERDAM and s.s. NIEUW AMSTERDAM call first at Plymouth and then at Boulogne-sur-Mer for the landing of Passengers.


PUBLIC TELEPHONES, with booths and an operator, are located on the Holland-America Line Pier, foot of 5th St., Hoboken, N. J.


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Information for Passengers

BERTHS AND STATEROOMS should be reserved as soon as possible in order to secure the most favorable location, especially during the summer season, when all available rooms are usually engaged considerable time (sometimes months) previous to departure of the steamship. When applying for accommodations, either by mail or telegraph, the name of the steamship, date of departure, number and sex of passengers, and desired class of accommodations, should be stated.

BERTHS are not considered engaged unless secured by paying a deposit of $ 25.00 per berth for the first cabin and $ 10.00 per berth for the second cabin accommodations. The balance of the passage money must be paid not later than two weeks before sailing; if this has not been paid on or before that time, the Company reserves the right to resell the allotted accommodations. Deposit moneys are refunded only if notice of cancellation is given not later than two weeks before sailing.

Passengers who do not sail on the steamship for which they have engaged accommodations or purchased a ticket, will forfeit fifty per cent of the passage money, unless notice is given not later than two weeks previous to sailing.

RETURN AND PREPAID TICKETS entitle holders to passage only during the season and for the accommodations for which they have been issued. If used at any other season or for other accommodations than the face value indicates, holders will be required to make additional payment, or will be refunded any eventual difference in accordance with rates and rules in effect.

RETURN OR PREPAID TICKETS are good for one year from date of issue and are not transferable. Upon application to one of the Company’s Passenger Offices, they may be extended by paying the difference between the rate in effect at the date of issue and time of sailing, in accordance with the conditions on the passage contract.

RETURN ACCOMMODATION may be secured through the Company’s Passenger Offices or Agents. They should be engaged when securing berths for the outward trip, or as soon thereafter as possible. If a passenger is prevented from sailing on a steamship for which return accommodations have been secured, a transfer to an earlier or later steamship can be made by applying to any of the Company’s Offices or Agencies, provided application for the transfer be made not later than two weeks previous to the departure of the steamship on which berths had originally been reserved.

INTERCHANGEABLE TICKETS. — The holder of a return ticket first or second class has the option of returning by one of the following lines: American Line, Atlantic Transport Line, Austro-Americana, Compagnie Generale Transatlantique, Cunard Line, Dominion Line, Hamburg-American Line, Leyland Line, Norddeutscher Lloyd, Red Star Line and White Star Line, subject to the rules and regulations of the line by which the ticket is used. Return tickets of any of the above lines will in the same way be honored by. the Holland-America Line.

IF UNUSED RETURN TICKETS are offered for cancellation, the amount paid for the round trip, less full outgoing fare and agent’s commission, will be refunded against


delivery of the return certificate to one of the Company’s General Passenger Offices after authorisation has been received from the Company’s General Passenger Office at Rotterdam.

THROUGH CHECKING OF BAGGAGE FOR PARIS. — Baggage of cabin passengers from New York to Paris via Boulogne-sur-Mer, can be checked through at our docks in Hoboken before embarkation, or on board the steamer.

STEAMER TRUNKS should not be higher than 13 inches, and of the usual width and length, so that they can be placed under the berth or sofa in the stateroom.

LARGER PIECES OF BAGGAGE are not permitted in the staterooms, but are stowed away in the baggage hold.

All pieces of baggage destined for staterooms must be marked “wanted”, those for the baggage hold “not wanted,” and must bear passenger’s name, destination, number of berth and name of steamship; tags may be had at all Company’s offices and agencies or, on board, from the Baggagemaster. Eastbound Passengers from the interior should have their baggage checked to the HOLLAND-AMERICA LINE dock, foot of Fifth Street, Hoboken, N. J., by the baggage express agent on the train, previous to arrival in New York, Jersey City, etc.

CUSTOM HOUSE EXAMINATION. — The baggage of passengers leaving the steamship at Boulogne-sur-Mer, will be examined by the French Custom House officers at the Gare Maritime at said port, or on arrival at Paris. The examination by the Holland Custom House officials will take place either on board, two or three hours previous to arrival at Rotterdam, or at the Hook of Holland, at the pier of the HOLLAND-AMERICA LINE, built at the “Hook” in 1903, and which pier may be used as a landing place for passengers and their baggage whenever tide or other circumstances may prevent the steamship from proceeding at once to Rotterdam.

ORDERS FOR DELIVERY of baggage free of charge at the railway depots in Rotterdam and Boulogne-sur-Mer are taken by the Baggagemaster on board the ship.

BICYCLES, provided properly crated, will be taken as baggage at owner’s risk, at a fixed rate.

STEAMER CHAIRS, of improved construction, may be rented at the different offices of the Company, on the dock and on board the steamer for one trip, at a fixed rate.

This Company will not be responsible for money, jewelry or other valuables of passengers.

Passengers are warned not to keep such articles in their staterooms. Keys to the staterooms may be obtained from the chief steward upon application.

Each steamship is supplied with a safe in which all articles of value may be deposited.

Both S.S. “ROTTERDAM” and “NIEUW AMSTERDAM” are provided with a safe deposit which is at the disposal of passengers.

Inflammable or explosive articles are not allowed on board.

ARMS must be surrendered to the purser during the voyage.

SEATS AT TABLE. — Seats at table are allotted after sailing.

MAIL will be accepted by the Purser after leaving New York and forwarded by pilot from Sandy Hook, without responsibility for proper mailing, however, on the part of the Company. Letters or postcards to be posted at Boulogne-sur-Mer should be put into the mailbag which will be hung in due time in a convenient place. Passengers are requested to put their letters etc. into the mailbag themselves.

Stamps, stationery, postal cards, cable and telegraph blanks can be obtained from the saloon steward.

LETTERS AND TELEGRAMS.— The Company is willing to accept letters or telegrams for passenger to be delivered on board on arrival or departure, without assuming, however, any responsibility for their proper delivery. The name of the passenger should be distinctly written, also the name of the steamship on which passengers travel. Undelivered letters are returned to the Post Office.

MONEY. — Money of the United States or of European countries is accepted on board the steamships of the HOLLAND-AMERICA LINE in payment of all bills, at fixed rates of Exchange. Foreign moneys are bought and sold at current rates at the Company’s Offices in Europe.

The attention of the managers ( has been called to the fact that certain persons, believed to be professional gamblers, are in the habit - of travelling to and fro in atlantic steamships.

In bringing this to the knowledge of travellers, the managers, while not wishing in the slightest degree to interfere with the freedom of action of patrons of the HOLLAND-AMERICA LINE, desire to invite their assistance in discouraging games of chance, as being likeiy to afford these individuals special opportunities for taking unfair advantage of others.

In the event of any disagreement with the Purser relative to tickets required, privileges allowed, etc. passengers should pay the “Purser’s claim”, take his receipt and refer the case for adjustment to the Company’s Office at Rotterdam or New-York, where an eventual overcharge will be promptly refunded. The Purser has no discretionary power in such matters, but is governed by rules which he is not authorized to change.



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