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Title Newsletter: The Academy. Alumnae Association of The Academy of the Sacred Heart, Hoboken, 1st issue, n.d., ca. Spring 1982.
Object Name Newsletter
Catalog Number 2014.025.0012
Collection Mel Kiernan Collection
Credit Gift of Mel Kiernan.
Scope & Content The Academy. Newsletter of the Alumnae Association of The Academy of the Sacred Heart, Hoboken, inaugural issue, no date, circa Spring 1982.

Single folio cover stock paper, 8-1/2" x 11" high, [4] pp, photos. Two copies.

A bi-annual newsletter. Copies of the first issue belonged to alumnus Mary Kiernan of 825 Hudson St., Hoboken, who had a signed contribution in the contents.

Editor is Mary Ashe.
Parochial school at 713 Washington St.
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Transcribed text, regularized.

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Since this year marks the Centennial [lined out: Diamond Jubilee] of our Academy and the 53rd [lined out: thirty-fifth] anniversary of the founding of our Alumnae Association, a brief history of both seems to us to be in order.

Less than ten years after the incorporation of the Sister of Charity at Convent Station the Academy of the Sacred Heart was opened as the second private academy established by the Community on property outside their original foundation at Convent. Thus, it can be seen that the history of the Academy is almost as long as the history of the Sisters of Charity in the state of Hew Jersey.

In the history of the Missions of the Community in New Jersey by Sister Mary Agnes Sharkey it is noted as "a singular fact that while there has been little, if any, change in the material aspect of the Academy, the encroachment of other buildings preventing the acquisition of property contiguous to it, and thus making enlargement impossible, yet educational advancement has kept pace with the march of time, and the Academy of the Sacred Heart ranks today as a peer of other secondary institutions in the State of New Jersey."

For many years the Academy was the residence not only of its own staff but,also of the nuns who taught in the parochial school of Our Lady of Grace whose rectors have spiritual jurisdiction of the Academy.

Maintaining the best traditions of its earliest principals the Academy offers a complete course of study in the primary and grammar grades for both girls and boys and, in its high school for girls, only a full classical course of study, as well as the opportunity to pursue scientific and commercial schedules is sustained. As of June 1966, the primary and grammar grades were phased out.

Throughout the years our Alma Mater has trained and is training men andwomen in social and civic life with a sense of responsibility and co-operation with local and Community activities. To this loyalty and interest is due the founding of our Alumnae Association in 1914 and the founding of the Mothers' Guild in 1937.

On the evening of November 2, 1914 at the suggestion of Sister M. Clarissa Flanagan, a pupil in the first class to be graduated from the Academy of the Sacred Heart and in 1914 a member of its Faculty, a meeting of graduates and former pupils was held at Academy Hall for the purpose of forming an Alumnae Association. A constitution was adopted and signed by all members present, and Mrs. James G. Wallace elected as the first president. Following the business meeting, the members repaired to the Chapel where Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament was given.

In 1937 a most successful Reunion Tea was held at the Academy as a result of which, through the efforts of two of our Alumnae members the Mothers’ Guild was established. Since a large number of students, many of them children of former graduates, attend the Academy the members of the Alumnae Association and of the Mothers' Guild are upholding traditions that the inaugurators of the institution bequeathed to later generations as a precious heritage.



In civic affairs such as the Ter centary [sic Ter-centenary] celebration of the City of Hoboken the Academy of the Sacred Heart took a prominent part and in more recent years has been represented by speakers on Brotherhood programs, oratorical contests and similar activities calling for student participation.

In December 1916, it was moved that from that date forward upon the death of a member her name should be enrolled by the Alumnae Association in a Purgatorian Society and that an annual Mass of Requiem for deceased members of the Alumnae Association should be offered in the Chapel of the Academy during the month of the Sacred Heart. Both these customs have been faithfully followed during the intervening years.

During 1917 the Alumnae raised three hundred dollars for the benefit of the War Fund of Hoboken Council, Knights of Columbus, subscribed to the Chaplains' Aid Fund and was enrolled as a Supporting Member in the Chaplains’ Aid Association.

On March 29, 1921 after a Reunion Supper the members gathered in the Chapel where the president of the Alumnae unveiled the Memorial Tablet placed in the Chapel of the Academy in loving memory of our departed members.

In October 1923 the Alumnae undertook to raise funds with which to renovate and redecorate the Chapel. Through personal subscriptions, Alumnae theatre parties, dances and numerous card parties a fund of twelve hundred dollars was collected and the Chapel was completely redecorated in time for the celebration of the Memorial Mass in June 1927.

In June 1928 the Alumnae began the raising of a fund to found a scholarship in our own Academy anf it successful completion was announced at the meeting held on June 4, 1932. Within that time a principal of two thousand dollars was raised and so invested that the annual income from it is sufficient to pay the tuition of the student who attends the Academy as the holder of the Alumnae Scholarship. This scholarship has been awarded once every four years since that time to the Catholic girl graduate of any local school who wins first place in the prescribed examination.

In January 1935 the Sister Clarissa Memorial Fund was started and through the efforts of the committee in charge of this fund a science table for the laboratory at the Academy was purchased, installed and fully equipped. This committee also presented the Academy with an American flag and stand for use in Academy Hall.

The Alumnae Association each year acts as patron for the play presented by the student body of the Academy, and presents annually to the Grammar Department of the school a gold medal known as the Sacred Heart Alumnae Association Medal. A donation to the Library Fund has been made and an annual gift is made to the school as a replacement fund to care for wear and breakage of materials in the school laboratory.

These and other activities of the Alumnae were reviewed in greater detail in the program for the Silver Jubilee Dinner. At that time we expressed our realization of the fact "that while much had been accomplished much still remained to be done. In accordance with the ideal of Catholic Action set before us by Our Holy Father we have endeavored to continue and to



increase wherever possible our participation in civic activities and our cooperation in furthering the advance of local and Community projects.

In 1940 we contributed to the Red Cross War Relief Fund and in 1941 organized a Surgical Dressings Unit which met in the Academy every Wednesday afternoon from February 1942 through December 1944. In October 1942 an evening group was organized and through the courtesy and cooperation of Hoboken Council, Knights of Columbus, met every Wednesday evening in the Columbian Club under the chairmanship of qualified instructors who are members of our Alumnae. Through the fidelity of these groups about 150,000 dressings of all descriptions were made and a total of approximately 2500 hours of service given by an average of 45 members of our association. Besides this group effort the members served individually in all branches of the Women’s Volunteer Corps.

During that same period a Chaplains’ Aid Guild was formed in the Alumnae Association with a Chairman of Sewing and a Chairman of Religious Articles. Besides cutting, sewing,and laundering altar linens we made cincture cords and cords for religious medals, collected, cleaned and sorted hundreds of medals, rosaries and other articles of devotion, donated two complete sets of altar linens and a chalice in the name of the Alumnae. The work of our Chaplains’ Aid Guild was officially mentioned by His Excellency Bishop O’Hara as outstanding in quality and quantity.

To the Academy we have donated vestments on two occasions and when the Chapel was again renovated and redecorated during the Servantship of Sister Rose Aurelia the Alumpae presented one large window, two smaller windows as memorials to Sister Geraldine and Sister Clarissa, and two pedestals for the statues on the altar in the Chapel.

In October 1940 Sister Finan, head of the Sisters of Charity Mission Band in China, addressed the members on the needs of the Missions. As a result of Sister’s talk a Mission Chairman was appointed who, that year and every year since has raised a substantial sum for the missions. This donation is presented to the Missions through Sister Ethelberta and is made in cash so that the Missions may receive the best possible advantage of the rate of exchange.

In 1941 the Alumnae sponsored its first annual Day of Recollection under the spiritual direction of the Reverend Leo Martin. Through the generous cooperation of the Sisters the facilities of the Academy are at our disposal each year for the First Sunday of Advent The Day of Recollection was held for three years and then due to rationing and other wartime restrictions it was necessary to replace it by a Holy Hour. The moderators of this activity through the intervening years have been members of the Jesuit, Benedictine and Mercy Orders as well as secular clergy. The response by our members and their friends has been gratifying and the spiritual benefits most profitable to those who have attended.

Since 1940 our association has contributed each year to the Xavier Free Publication Society for the Blind and to The Hospital Journal. At the Academy we have sponsored another Parliamentary Procedure Course, supported the Mother Seton Fund and donated funds for the purchase of a moving picture projector, for books for the library and for the students’ annual year book.



The Alumnae Association has been an active member of the International Federation of Catholic Alumnae since 1922. It has been represented by a delegate at many of the International Conventions and has contributed to the Pace Memorial Scholarship, the Pius X Memorial Scholarship, to the Sisters' Scholarship at the Catholic University and to the Souvenir Journals. Braille classes have been conducted at the Academy and frequent contributions made to the work of the Committee for Activities for the Blind.

As a member of the New Jersey Chapter, I.F.C.A., the Alumnae has been represented at all State Conventions by a delegate, an alternate and two nuns, besides many members. Members of our Association have held office in the State Chapter for many years and have served as chairmen of many committees important in spiritual, educational and material phases of Catholic Action.

When our Alumnae Association was formed the late Right Reverend Eugene P. Carroll wished us all success and exhorted to make our daily lives such that their example for good might be felt for years to come. This is the record of the high spots of the thirty-five years of organized action since that exhortation was given. The challenge is still with us and is presented to us anew in these stirring words of Our Holy Father "Courage then, Catholic women and girls' Work without ceasing, without allowing yourselves ever to be discouraged by difficulties or obstacles. May you be -- under the standard of Christ the King, under the patronage of His wonderful Mother ¡ª restorers of home, family and society."

[end of typewritten text; continued in pencil]

The many interests of our Association are known to our Alumnae who support them thru affairs such as this Reunion Luncheon. We realize “that while much has been accomplished, much remains to be done.”

As the Academy enters upon its second hundred years, may we ask your continued participation and cooperation in furthering her work and her ideals.

Ad Multos Annos.


People Kiernan, Mary
Ashe, Mary
Date 1982
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713 Washington St.
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