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Title Welcome to Hoboken. "Know Your City." Board of Education, Hoboken, N.J. [1969.]
Object Name Pamphlet
Catalog Number 2006.057.0004
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Collection Hoboken Board of Education Collection
Credit Gift of Jack O'Brien.
Scope & Content Welcome to Hoboken. "Know Your City." Board of Education, Hoboken, N.J. [1969.] pp. [i-vi], 1-27 plus two inserted maps (following pages 5 and 27) plus cover. 8-1/2" x 11" high leaves printed one side.

Text in English (foreword mentions a Spanish language version was to be issued.) Tiffs media archive. PDF on file. Text is in notes.

A curriculum development project created as a guide for new pupil students. Purpose was to ease the transition of these students with information on the history of Hoboken, current data about the city, schools and school resources including policies. Also ten pages on community services:

Hoboken Board of Education
Police Athletic League
Boy Scouts of America
Girl Scouts of Hoboken, Council 94
Stevens Institute of Technology
American Red Cross
HOPES (Hob.Org. Against Poverty & Economic Stress)
United Cerebral Palsy Guild
Mary Stevens Hammond Home
Salvation Army
Hoboken City Hall (including offices and departments by floor)

The fold-out map of Hoboken following page 5 was prepared for the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce and dated Oct. 15, 1930. While imaged here it is also separately catalogued as a reference record, archives 2006.057.0004.01
Notes Text of archives document 2006.057.0004


"Welcome To Hoboken - Know Your City" is a curriculum development project which emerged from a school need in our ever changing school population. In essence it is a guide and learning tool for our new pupil residents. As the sub-committee of the Curriculum committee began to draft and develop this booklet, it became apparent that the material it contained would be helpful for our newer staff members and also, to the general public as well. (To meet the changing needs of our Community and to better acquaint our new citizens with their City, this booklet will be printed in Spanish.)
I congratulate our staff who developed these materials in classroom usage these past few years, and in particular to say thanks to the sub-committee for its diligent collation of material, cogitation of context, persistence and perserverance. Their personal visitations to the listed civic areas produced rewarding person-to-person contacts with other dedicated city workers. An avenue of communication was reawakened and it is hoped this can be maintained and expanded,- particularly as it informs and educates our new citizenry.

- 1969 - "KNOW YOUR CITY"
Peter F. Vecchio, Director Title III Joseph De Palma Vincent Cassessa William Madden Claire Stickel

Melvin w\ Christie, President Thomas P. McFeely
Silvio Failla, Vice President Superintendent of Schools
Mr. Fred Bado
Mr, George Connors
Mr. Anthony DeBari
Mr. Rocco Gratale
Mr. Otto Hottendorf
Mr. Robert Reany
Mr. Jose Hernandez
Thomas A. Gallo, Secretary
James J. Bostick Business Administrator
Joseph Bartletta Business Manager
Anthony Romano Ass't Business Manager

The general purpose of this booklet Is to provide you with information about the Hoboken School System, community services and other agencies that may be of service to you while you are a resident of Hoboken. With this information you should find the transition from one community to another easier. This is your city - know it - enjoy it and help it grow.

Early History................................. 1
Location...................................... 2
Population and Size ........................... 2
Industries.................................... 3
Transportation Facilities To
Surrounding Communities....................... 3
Basic Data Regarding The Community ............ 4
II PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM ............................. 5
Composition of the School System.............. 5
Neighborhood School System .................... 5
Basic Rules and Regulations ................... 6
Innoculation Program.......................... 7
Attendance Officer and Court Action........... 8
Parent's Responsibility to the School ......... 8
Services Offered by the School................ 9
Health Services............................... 9
Special Services.............................. 10
Special Education.......................... 10
Speech Program............................. 10
Lunch Program ............................ 10
Psychological Services ..................... 11
Adult Education........................... 12
Guidance Services ........................12
Human Resource Center...................... 14
Head Start............................14
Work-Study Program......................... 14
Breakfast Program.......................... 15
Summer Program 15
III. Community Services page 17
Health Center ............................... 17
St. Mary's Hospital ......................... 18
HOPES ....................................... 20
CEP......................................... 21
City Hall................................... 21
Welfare..................................... 22
N.J. State Employment Service and Unemployment Insurance.............................. 23
Social Security Administration .............. 23
Federal Tax Information and Assistance ...... 23
Motor Vehicles Division..................o.. 23
Post Offices ................................ 24
Stevens Institute of Technology............. 24
Salvation Army.............................. 25
Red Cross................................... 25
Hoboken-North Hudson YMCA ................... 26
Girl Scouts of Hoboken...................... 26
Boy Scouts of America - Alexander Hamilton Council..................................... 26
Hoboken Police Athletic League .............. 26
United Cerebral Palsy Guild and Treatment Center...... 27
Mary Stevens Hammond Home ................... 27

Early History
Although Hoboken celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 1955) the history of the ground as a place of habitation by white men goes back more than 300 years. Even before 1682, when the first Dutch settler made his home here, the area had been a place where the Indians had been visiting for countless centuries.
Originally this spot on the Hudson was the Indian territory of Hobocan Hockingh, or land of Tobacco Pipe. In 1635 it was bought by the Dutch West Indies Company for $1,040 and was settled by the Dutch of New Amsterdam. The Indians laid waste to the territory in 1643 to avenge a ruthless massacre of their people by the Dutch. Everything was burned except .one building; the first brewery in America built by Aert T. Putten. Peter Stuyvesant bought the land back from the Indians in 1658. Hoboken fared much like other towns in the 18th century until Colonel John Stevens, inventor and financier, bought the whole area for $90,000. In 1804 Stevens laid out "The New City of Hoboken", and auctioned off lots in New York. For the next 35 years it was a pleasure resort for literary and artistic celebrities as well as society.
In 1846 the first game of organized baseball took place on the Elysian Fields when the Hoboken Knickerbocker Giants played against New York.

The first ferries to run between Hoboken and New York were the rough-hewn row boats of the Dutch. By 1811 Stevens started the first regular steam ferry service. By 1824 he was arguing railroad possibilities with skeptical capitalists. They gave in and this time his dream became a reality. Stevens built a locomotive which completed the first run on a circular track in the United States.
The extravagant but imaginative Colonel also conceived of an "academy for the training of the young". And Stevens Institute of Technology opened in 1867 with 21 students and one building.
Hoboken became officially a city in 1855. Industrialists were attracted by the water-front and by easy communication with New York, and the city thrived and grew towards the end of the century.

Hoboken is located in the Northeastern part of New Jersey within the boundaries of Hudson County. It begins at the Hudson River; runs due west to the Jersey City and Union City line and runs North and South to the Weehawken and Jersey City line. 4
Population and Size

As of the I960 census the population of the City of Hoboken was 48,441. More recent (1965) CAP surveys indicate the population is now 49,451The size has been surveyed at 1.3 square miles.

Hoboken is best known as a transatlantic port. However, Hoboken has made notable strides in the manufacturing field. Hoboken's geographic location has in no small way made this possible. This becomes evident when one considers the following list of products from industries in Hoboken:
1.Bakery products
2.Paper boxes
3.Leather and Leather goods
4.Musical instruments
6.Ship propellers
7.Food stuffs
8.Chemical products
9.Venetian blinds
10.Wire and Wire products
Transportation Facilities To Surrounding Communities
The communities neighboring Hoboken may be reached by Public Service Buses and the PATH tubes.

Jersey City: Public Service buses #7, 8, 31, and 15
Orange and Black #5
PATH tube (terminal at River and Hudson Streets)

Union City:
Public Service Buses
#19, 26, 22, 17
Public Service buses
Orange and Black'#5
West New York: Public Service bus #21
New York City: PATH tubes
Public Service bus
Basic Data Regarding The Community
1. Hoboken is an urban, Industrial community.
2. The majority of the population is in the low middle income group. A large segment is in the poor or lower income bracket.
3. Almost one half of the total population is of foreign stock, mainly Italian and middle European. In addition there is a large and growing Puerto Rican group who presently constitute almost one fourth of the total population.
k. A foreign language is spoken in more than half of the homes in the city.
5. The occupational status of the adults in the community is as follows:
Occupation Male. Female,
Professional, Managerial 11.5 % 12.8 %
Operators, skilled 42% 36.0 %
Service, clerical 21.0 % 28,0 %
Laborers 16.0 % 8.0 %

1. Composition of School System: The Public School System of Hoboken consists of one Senior High School (10-12), two Junior High Schools (7-9) and six Elementary Schools (K-6). A central switchboard may be reached by dialing 659-1966. You may ask to be connected with the following schools;
Hoboken High School
9th and Clinton Streets
A.J. Demarest Junior High School
4th and Garden Streets
J.F. Brandt Junior High and Elementary School
9th and Park Avenue
David E. Rue School
Garden and 3rd Streets
Daniel S. Kealey School
Adams and 5th Streets
Wallace School
11th Street and Willow Avenue
Sadie P. Leinkauf School
7th and Jefferson Streets
Thomas G. Connors School
Monroe and 2nd Streets

2. Neighborhood School Policy: The Hoboken Public School System operates under a local neighborhood school policy. The school your child attends will depend upon your local address. Determine the school your child will be enrolled in by referring to the map on the following page. Your local street address will determine the proper school your child will attend.

3. Basic Rules and Regulations:
A. A child must be 5 years old by October 31st for enrollment in September.
B. Enrollment dates will be announced in your local paper and school. Bring your child with his birth certificate, vaccination, immunization and polio certificate.
C. On the first day of School Kindergarten children will be dismissed as soon as enrolled. All other grade levels will be dismissed on the basis of the particular school program for 1st day attendance.
D. Your children should be in attendance at school on time. The bell schedule for the Senior High School, Junior High Schools, and Elementary Schools is as follows:

Hoboken High School Report 8:30 8:20 dismissal 3:00
Junior High Schools 8:40 3:10
Elementary Schools 8:40 3:30
E. In case of severe storm, the closing of the Hoboken Schools will be announced over the city's loud speaker and the following radio stations:
Station Time*
WRCA - 660 7-8 A.M.
WPAT - 930 7-8 A.M.
WMGM - 1050 7-8 A.M.

F. In case of absence, a note stating the reason for absence is required when your child returns to school. The parent's of the High School students should call the School prior to 8:25 A.M. to report, an absence.
h, Innoculation Program: The Board of Education urges the parents of all Hoboken Public School and pre-kindergarten children to have them vaccinated against smallpox, polio and immunization from diptheria and whooping cough. It is recommended that parents take their children to the family physician for these tests. If unable to do this, parents are advised to take the children to the Health Center, 914 Garden Street, conducted by the Board of Health. This clinic is open every Monday and Friday morning at 9:00 A.M.

In order to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and to insure rapid recovery with a minimum of after effects, parents should keep children at home when they show evidence of any of the symptoms listed below:
b.sore throath.swollen glands
c.earachei.running nose
d.feverJ.headache eruptionk.pain t or discharging eyesl.chill
In case of communicable disease, no child will be admitted after quarantine without a certificate from the family physician or Board of Health.

Attendance Officer and Court Action
A. Each school has an assigned attendance officer. The classroom teacher reports daily absence to the guidance department. Absence in excess of three days necessitates a home visit by the attendance officers. In the event that no one is home, the attendance officer leaves a form requesting that the parent notify the school principal as to his child's absence. Court summons will follow unless this notice is given prompt attention. At this time a legal notice is sent to the parent or guardian to send the child to school or else face court action.
B. Working Papers: Working papers may be obtained at the Administration Building at 5th Street and Park Avenue. The minimum age for receiving working papers is fourteen. At this time the child may work for 23 hours. However, factory work and mechanical work is restricted.
Regular working papers may be obtained between the ages of 16 and 18. Between the ages of 18 and 21 an age certificate obtained at the Administration Building must be presented to the employer. Parent's Responsibility To The School: The staff of the Hoboken Schools is desirous of having a close working relationship between the school and the home. Several


means are employed to acquaint the parents with school policies and activities. It is hoped that parents attend:
1) Parent-Teacher association meetings - (monthly)
2) Parent Night (held once a year, usually in November)
3) Special Parent-Teacher conferences (arranged at the discretion of the parent or teacher)
4) Assemblies and School Programs.

7. Services Offered By The School;
A. Health Services; Each of the schools in the Hoboken School System have the service of a full time nurse. The nurse plays a very important part in our health program. They prepare confidential health records of individual students based on the physician's examinations and report adverse findings to the parents. Vision screening tests are conducted on all pupils early each year. The Tine Tuberculin test, in addition to other tests, is administered by the nurse during the school year.
Parents are requested to notify the nurse in writing when additional immunization precautions have been taken. This will enable the nurse to keep the records complete and to have this information for an annual state report.
Our school physician gives complete examinations at the beginning of each school year.

Our school dentist examines the children's teeth once a year. Notices are sent home regarding the children's teeth and we encourage parents to take care of the defects.

B. Special Services:
1. Special Education: Classes for our a-typical children are located at the Daniel S. Kealey School and the Sadie F. Leinkauf School. At the present time we have eight educable classes and three trainable classes located in the Kealey School. The Sadie F. Leinkauf School has three classes for the socially maladjusted and emotionally disturbed. One class is devoted to the neurologically impaired children.
2. Speech Program: Speech correction is provided for youngsters requiring special attention. Referrals are made by the teacher to the principal and processed by the Director. An evaluation
is made to determine the severity of the problem. Some children are referred to the Mt. Camel Speech and Hearing Center for additional diagnostic workup.
3. Lunch Program: Free lunch is provided for our Special Education Youngsters who are bussed to Daniel S. Kealey School and the Sadie F. Leinkauf School. The School program utilizes the lunch

program as a learning experience for these children with supervision provided by the teachers.
4. Psychological Services: This department is presently housed at the Sadie F. Leinkauf School and utilizes the tear; approach in providing special services to our a-typlcal children. This inter-disciplinary team consists of a Learning Disabilities Specialist, Social Worker, Psychologist and Consulting Psychiatrist.
a) Testing Program: Testing in grades 1,3,6,8 are administered to all pupils in order to determine the child's level of functioning and the skills he has mastered.
b) Psychological Evaluation: Evaluations are considered on a referral basis, usually from the teacher to the principal. Special referral forms are available in each school for this purpose. Upon completion of the diagnostic evaluation by the team members, a staff conference is arranged with the parent of the child and in some cases the teacher. At the staff meeting future planning for the child is considered and the school is notified of the disposition. It becomes necessary at times for the team to recommend therapeutic help outside of the school for some emotionally disturbed children. This is arranged with the family's approval.

5. Adult Education: The opportunity for any adult over sixteen years of age who dropped out of High School before completing their four years has the opportunity of acquiring a High School Diploma by attending the high school classes conducted at Dickinson High School in Jersey City. There is no expense to the student as the Hoboken Board of Education pays the usual tuition fee for Hoboken residents.
To attend these classes a student must receive an admission card from the Director of Adult Education in Hoboken. These may be obtained on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings at the Demarest Junior High School between 7:00 P.M. and 9:00 P.M., or any school day in the office of the Superintendent of Schools. The students are first tested and interviewed before being placed in their proper classification. The High School Equivalency course will be offered for High School drop-outs whose job or application for one is required and in some cases to be upgraded in their work.
This course aids the High School drop-out to achieve a High School Certificate issued by the New Jersey Department of Education. 6. Guidance Services:
a) Junior High School: Each of the two Junior High

Schools in Hoboken staffs two full time guidance counselors. Since he has special competencies in understanding the growth and development of early adolescents and in counseling techniques and procedures he can be of inestimable help to the classroom teacher. A few of the duties of the Junior High School guidance counselor are:
1. he can help the teacher with severely maladjusted children
2.. he can help prepare schedules and advise students as to curriculum choices
3. he can administer achievement tests
4. he can place the students in the proper homogenous group.

Senior High School: At Hoboken High School guidance counselors are available to advise students and parents. These counselors may be consulted on academic, personal, or social problems, interpretation of test results, and about vocational and educational planning.
Guidance services include: group and individual counseling, testing, record keeping, scheduling, follow-up studies, career conferences, referrals, reporting academic progress, writing recommendations.

7. Human Resource Centers The Human Resource Center is located in the Sadie F. Leinkauf School at 7th and Jefferson Streets in Hoboken. In our Human Resource Center all in-coming Puerto Rican and Foreign born students are assessed, tested and evaluated with individual instructional programs developed to meet the immediate and long-range needs of the child. With a team approach consisting of a psychometrician, guidance counselors and bilingual teachers, the child is tested and given a brief but intensive period of instruction in English at the Center. Social interaction and orientation to the school
and community are stressed. At the appropriate time the student is returned to his neighborhood school.
8. Head Start; Head Start is an educational program for pre-school children. Application for this program is made through HOPES. Parents may make application for their children at the end of the school year in June. Schedule time for the program is from 8:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. Children are supervised in activities which teach them to cooperate with one another. It also accustoms them to being instructed and directed in preparation for school attendance.
A hot lunch is served under this program.
9. Work-Study Program: The work-study program provided on-the-job work experiences for high school students.

Students interested in this program attend classes in the morning in order to meet requirements for graduation and have the opportunity for employment in the afternoon. Further information about the work-study program is available through the Hoboken High School.
10. Breakfast Program; The development of a school breakfast and lunch program in the elementary grades is now underway in the Hoboken School System. At the present time one elementary school provides breakfast and lunch for the children.
11. Summer Program; The Summer Program sponsored by the Hoboken School System provides a number of opportunities and services to our students.
a) Sumner School: A review program for those students who unsuccessfully completed a course during the regular school year. Classes are held at the Hoboken High School.
b) Recreation Program: The summer recreation program provides supervision in sports such as baseball, gymnastics and swimming. Free lunch is also provided. The center for the recreation program is the Hoboken High School gymnasium. The hours are from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
c) Cultural Enrichment Program: The cultural enrichment program provides an opportunity for

children to absorb the culture through organized field trips and visitations to sites in Hoboken and neighboring communities. The cultural enrichment program is housed at the Hoboken High School.

I. Health Center
The Health Center for the City of Hoboken is located at 916 Garden Street. The center is staffed by one clinical physician, one health officer, three dentists, an eye specialist, a venereal disease specialist and two chest specialists from the State Department of Health. The Bureau of Vital Statistics which handles records of birth, death, marriage, etc. is located at the Health Center. The various services of the Health Center are listed below:
A. Child Health Conference Clinic
Phone - 792-3000 Ex. 37 or 38
Health Officer - Dr. Milton R. Silon
Clinic Physician - Dr. James Ortolano
Serves - Hoboken - 9:-4 Thursday
Function - Health appraisal, Immunization,
health aspects, home visits by the public health nurse as needed, tuberculosis clinic, diabetic clinic, referral services.
B. Hoboken Public Health Nursing; Service
Phone - 792-3000 Ex. 117
President - Miss Margaret Corbett
Director - Miss Patricia M. Mitten, R/N.
Serves - Hoboken - 9:-4 Monday thru Friday
Fee - $2.50 - no charge for those unable to pay
Function - General nursing care, health instruction,
communicable diseases and investigations,
maternal and child care.
C. Immunization - (For all children of school age) Serves - Hoboken - Tuesday and Wednesday

D" Eye Screening; Clinic,
(Predominantly for senior citizens)
Serves - Hoboken - Thursdays beginning at
9:00 A.M. by appointment Function - Screening only, no prescriptions.
Eo Ear Screening Clinic (Audiometer Testing)
Serves - Hoboken - Thursdays beginning at 9:00 A.M. by appointment
F. Diabetic Detection Clinic (By appointment only)
G. Dental Clinic. - (For school children)
H. Venereal Disease Clinic - (Wednesdays)
I. Tuberculosis Clinic
Tuesdays and Friday after hi00 P.M. By appointment only.
St. Mary's Hospital
St. Mary's Hospital is located at Fourth Street and Willow Avenue. It was founded by the Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis who came to Hoboken on January 11, 1863. It is a non-profit, voluntary hospital. For more than one hundred years, it has provided the best medical care possible to all patients which now average 10,000 admissions annually.
Health Services:- St. Mary's Hospital has a total of 324 beds in general medical-surgical, Intensive care unit, pediatric, maternity and psychiatry. In addition other services are also offered.
A. Out-Patient Department: The clinic is located on the ground level of the main building with the

entrance near the corner of 4th Street and Willow Avenue.
A series of 18 clinics are held every week of the year. This area of the hospital serves more than 7,200 clinic patients and over 13,500 emergency patients during a one-year period. Clinics in operation are: Surgical; Medical; Pediatrics; Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat; Diabetic; Urology; Cardiac; Gynecology; Orthopedics; Tumor; Dermatology; Pre-Natal; Vascular; Rectal; Dental; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
B. Emergency: The emergency entrance is located on 4th Street. (Clinic Entrance)
C. Psychiatric Unit: A 24 bed unit set up in the main building provides voluntary short term care for patients needing psychiatric treatment. The unit serves a state-wide area with a total of 400 out-patients during a one year period.
D, Intensive Care Unit: This area, with eight beds, utilizes the most modern equipment and employs nursing care around the clock. It is provided for patients requiring constant attention..
E. St. Mary Child Guidance.......Centers This service provides an out-patient psychiatric center where diagnostic and treatment services are available to

emotionally disturbed children and adults. Any
resident of Hudson County may apply. Fees are
charged in accordance with the family or individual's
ability to pay but no one will be refused because
of inability to pay.

The main office for the HOPES Center is located at 916 Garden Street. Telephone is 656-3711. A second center is located at 117 Madison Street - telephone 656-7137. The areas of community action and social services function under HOPES;
Community Action Social Services
Supervisors Mr. Jose Hernandez Supervisor: Miss Sarah
1. Housing Smith
2. Legal assistance 1. Welfare
3. Liason to city officials 2. Hospital
3. Nursing
A number of community services are sponsored by HOPES. They are s
1. Concentrated Employment Program (CEP) Mr. V. Connors, Executive Director
2. Neighborhood Youth Corp.
3. Saturday Tutorial Program
4. Head Start
5. On The Job Training
6. Remedial Education
7. Summer Camp

IV. Concentrated Employment Program (CEP)
CEP is located at Newark and Adams Street Hoboken, New Jersey. This agency provides a full-scale, personalized help for disadvantaged groups in attaining employment. Services include:
1. Orientation and recruitment
2. Job orientation and individual counseling and appraisal
3. Personalized combinations of basic educational, vocational training and work experience
h. Job development and placement
5. Follow up, continued counseling, and assistance after initial employment to help the people CEP serves hold their jobs.
For additional information on this and other manpower
programs, get in touch with the local Employment Service
Office or write to the Regional Manpower Administrator
at the address listed below:
341 Ninth Avenue
New York, New York 10001
Area code 212-971-756^

Hoboken's City Hall is located on Washington Street between Newark and First Streets. The various services of the City Hall are as follows:

First Floor
Department Room #
Court Clerk 5
Tax Department h
Water Department 3
Violations and Traffic Bureau 2
Press Room 6
Credit Union 6

Second Floor
Department Room #
Mayor and Directors 26
Treasurer's Office 21
City Attorney
Controller's Office 25
Weights and Measures

Third Floor
City Engineer
Building Inspector
Board of Assessors
Civil Air Patrol

Ground Floor
Police Department
Chief of Police
Detective Bureau
Identification Bureau

VI. Welfare Board
100 Newkirk Street - Jersey City, New Jersey Telephone; 792-2770
Director: Sallie H. Dixon

Function: Aid to dependent children, unemployed fathers. Any additional information pertaining to application for welfare, old age assistance, disability assistance may be obtained at the Administration Building at 524 Park Avenue, Hoboken, New Jersey. Phone: 792-3000 - ask for Welfare Department.

VII. New Jersey State Employment Service and Unemployment Insurance Claims
86 River Street, Hoboken, New Jersey Telephone: 659-8310

VIII. Social Security Administration
2844 Kennedy Boulevard - Jersey City, New Jersey Telephone: 795-1900

IX. Federal Tax Information and Assistance
Hoboken is served through the Jersey City Office located at 591 Summit Avenue. January 2 - April 15 - 8:15 -Telephone: 659-9038
April 16 - December 31 - 8:15 - 4:45 Telephone: 443-4510

X. Motor Vehicle Division
The minimum age for applying for a driver's license in the State of New Jersey is seventeen.
a) Driver Qualification Center - Motor Vehicle Drivers Tests
Danforth Avenue, Jersey City Telephone: 435-9688

b) Registration and License Agencies 169 Danforth Avenue - Jersey City Telephones 435-0658
225 Montgomery Street - Jersey City Telephone; 333-5728
c) Inspection Stations
Waiting Line Time, hours, other details call 622-8022.
Jersey City: 177 Roosevelt Avenue Telephone: 434-1266

XI. Post Offices
The City of Hoboken has the service of four Post Offices. The Hoboken zip code is 07030. Post Offices are located at:
1. Main Office - 89 River Street - 659-3220
2. Uptown Station - 201 14th Street - 659-2227
3. Washington Street Station - 734 Washington Street 659-7200
4. West Side Finance Station - 502 Grand Street 656-8464

XII. Stevens Institute of Technology Telephone: 792-2700
Stevens Institute of Technology is located on 55 acres of campus along the Hudson River at Castle Point -Hoboken, New Jersey. It is a privately endowed college

offering an engineering and science education to undergraduate and graduate students.
Academic Departments:
a. Aerospace Studies
b. Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
c. Humanities
d. Management Science
e. Mathematics
f. Mechanical Engineering
g. Metalurgy
h. Ocean Engineering
i. Physical Education
j. Physics
The present enrollment at Stevens is 2,749) 80% of whom live on campus, including 400 residents students, most of whom are doctoral candidates. Undergraduate programs are open to men only; graduate programs are for men and women.

XIII. Salvation Army
127 Washington Street - Hoboken
Telephone: 659-0864
Serves: Hoboken
Directors Major Everett Eccleston
Functions Evangelistic campaigns, regular religious services, pastoral counseling, character building activities for youth, and such social welfare programs as are directed by the needs of the community.

XIV. Red Cross
628 Washington Street - Hoboken Telephones 659-3828
Functions Services to military families and veterans, Volunteer Motor Service, residents in time of disaster, Staff Aides, Social Welfare aides, and Gray Ladies, sponsor Junior Red Cross Programs in the schools, foreign inquiry service for displaced persons.

XV. Hoboken-North Hudson YMCA
1301 Washington Street - Hoboken Telephone - 659-2670
President - Jack H. Wallace
Director - Wesley C. Leverick
Serves - Hoboken and North Hudson - 24 hours a day Function - Recreation, group work, physical education, dormitory rooms.

XVI. Girl Scouts of Hoboken
916 Garden Street - Hoboken
Telephone - 659-0943
President - Doroth Bon V. Seggern
Function - Informal education, character building, citizenship development for females aged 7-17.

XVII. Boy Scouts of America - Alexander Hamilton Council
Center for Hoboken is located at 4912 Bergenline Avenue, West New York. Telephone - 865-2214
Function - To train leaders, make camp facilities available, grant charter to institutions.

XVIII. Hoboken Police Athletic League
52h Park Avenue, Hoboken Telephone - 659-2500
Director - Detective Michael P. Wladich
Athletic Coordinator - Frank Cappola
Serves - Hoboken - office hours 8 A.M.- 4 P.M. Fee: 10 cents a year dues
Function - PAL helps prevent delinquency by
supplying youngsters with an opportunity to use their leisure time constructively with such activities as basketball and baseball. '
Method of application to services Investigation on student's grades and ability and parent's approval.

United Cerebral Palsy Guild Treatment Center
1005 Washington Street - Hoboken Telephone - 659-3779
President - Mrs. Vera McCormick
Director - Dr. Joseph Donnelly
Serves - All of Hudson County excluding Jersey City and Bayonne. 3:00 P.M. to 5:30 P.M. daily - Saturday 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Fee: $1.00 per treatment
Function - Physical rehabilitation for handicapped cerebral palsy children.
Method of application: Phone the Hoboken United Cerebral Clinic.

XX. Mary Stevens Hammond Memorial Home
1036 Park Avenue - Hoboken Telephone - 659-1468
President - Mrs. Virginia Cuddihy
Director - Miss Peggy O'Neil Serves - Hudson County - 2h hours per day
Fee: None
Function - The care of children from broken homes.

People McFeely, Thomas F.
Christie, Melvin W.
Failla, Silvio J.
Bado, Fred
Connors, George
DeBari, Anthony
Gratale, Rocco
Hottendorf, Otto
Reany, Robert
Hernandez, Jose
Gallo, Thomas A.
Bostick, James J.
Bartletta, Joseph
Romano, Anthony
Vecchio, Peter F.
De Palma, Joseph
Cassessa, Vincent
Madden, William
Stickel, Claire
Date 1969
Year Range from 1969
Year Range to 1969
Search Terms Hoboken Board of Education
Police Athletic League
Boy Scouts of America
Girl Scouts of Hoboken, Council 94
Stevens Institute of Technology
American Red Cross
HOPES (Hob.Org. Against Poverty & Economic Stress)
United Cerebral Palsy Guild
Mary Stevens Hammond Memorial Home
Salvation Army
Hoboken City Hall
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