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Title Lipton's Tea. Retail Trade Price List Effective Jan. 1, 1921. Issued by Thomas J. Lipton, Inc., Hoboken Offices, Hoboken Factory Terminal Building D.
Object Name Pricelist
Catalog Number 2012.001.0107
Collection Hoboken Manufactured Products Collection
Credit Museum Collections.
Scope & Content Lipton's Tea. Largest Sale in the World. Retail Trade Price List Effective January 1st, 1921. Issued by Thomas J. Lipton, Inc., Hoboken Offices, Hoboken Factory Terminal Building D. Single leaf printed two sides, 8" x 11" high.

Side 1 is the price list where all products are seen offered: tea, cocoa, jelly powder and coffee. See notes for text of both sides.

Side 2 is a listing of first class honors awarded to Lipton products.
Notes 2012.001.0107 text of pricelist side of leaf:


DESCRIPTION .....................................Blend
*Yellow Label, C. & I. Orange Pekoe .A [prices in five columns not transcribed]
Red " Ceylon and India B
Olive " Mixed ....... A
Grey " Mixed....... B
Purple " English Breakfast A
Salmon " Formosa Oolong .... A
Green " Green....... A
*Lipton's Finest Tea

Cases of 10c. size, 36 doz. to the wooden case (12 cartons, 3 doz. each). 1 lb., 1/2 lb, 1/4 lb. sizes packed straight in 50 lb. wooden cases or 25 lb. corrugated shipping containers. 5 lb. or 3 lb. decorated tins packed 10 to a case.
LIPTON'S Finest "Instant" Cocoa

1 lb. per lb. 40 c. 1/2 lb. per lb. 42 c. 1-5 lb. per lb. 44 c.
6 lbs. Free in 72

All sizes packed in 6 lb. cartons—12 cartons to a case (wood) 72 lbs., or in half cases—6 cartons to a case (corrugated) 36 lbs.
LIPTON'S Jelly Powders 95c. Per Dozen

8 Flavors
Raspberry OrangeLemonCoffee
Strawberry Chocolate Pineapple Cherry
Made from pure fruit flavors.
Packed in one dozen cartons, 6 cartons to a case.

DESCRIPTION 1 lb. per lb.
Yellow Label, Packed in Tin Only 34c.
Green " (Gossip Brand), Packed in Tin 32c.
Red " (Perfection Brand), Packed in Tin 30c.

Packed in 60 lb. wooden cases, and 30 lb. corrugated shipping containers. Bean or Steel Cut.
No package genuine without the signature of
Sir Thomas J. Lipton, thus: [depiction of Lipton signature logo]


[depiction of package]
Lipton'sTea, grown, picked, cured, shipped, blended and packed by Lipton in sealed, flavor-retaining packages.

[depiction of package]
Lipton's Yellow Label Coffee, a perfect blend for those whose tastes demand a full-flavored, aromatic cup of coffee.

[depiction of package]
Lipton's Instant Cocoa, delicious, smooth, rich and satisfying. A delightful and healthful beverage, for desserts and confections.

[depiction of package]
Lipton's Jelly Powders, flavored with the natural juices of the world's choicest fruits. Six fruit flavors, also Chocolate and Coffee flavors.

On a straight original case or shipping container (not a carton) or a 50 lb. assorted order of Lipton's products, 5% discount will be allowed retailers on receipt by Thomas J. Lipton, Inc., Hoboken, N. J., of jobbers' receipted invoices.

side 2

Lipton Products
Awarded the following
First Class Honors

San Francisco Exhibition, 1915
Gold Medals for Tea, Coffee, Cocoa and Jelly.

Amsterdam Exhibition, 1908
Grand Prix and Gold Medal for Tea.

Liege Exhibition, 1905
Grand Prix for Tea, Coffee and Cocoa.

Paris Exhibition, 1900
Grand Prix for Coffee and Cocoa.
(The Grand Prix is the highest honor obtainable.)
Gold Medal for Tea.

San Diego Exhibition, 1916
Grand Prizes for Tea, Coffee, Cocoa and Jelly.

Jamestown, Va. Exhibition, 1907
Gold Medals for Tea and Coffee. (Highest honors obtainable.)

St. Louis Exhibition, 1904
Grand Prix and Gold Medal for Tea. Gold Medal for Coffee. Gold Medal for Cocoa.

Chicago Exhibition, 1893
Highest and only Award for Tea.

Tea, Coffee and Cocoa Planter, Ceylon
Hoboken Offices
Hoboken Factory Terminal Building D

Chicago Offices352-354 River Street
San Francisco Offices 561-563 Mission Street
Toronto Offices 24 Front Street, West
Date 1921
Year Range from 1921
Year Range to 1921
Search Terms Lipton Tea
Hoboken Manufacturers' Terminal
Hoboken Factory Terminal
Fifteenth St.
Washington St.
Caption side 1: price list Lipton's Tea, Cocoa, Jelly Powders, Coffee
Imagefile 158\20120010107.TIF
Classification Tea
Business & Commerce