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Title Transcript: Florence Miller 1913 Diary, first half: Jan. 1 to Apr. 19.
Object Name Transcript
Catalog Number 2001.025.0001.01
Collection Papers of Florence G. Miller & Family
Credit Gift of Frank Balogh

This record is first of two records with the transcribed text being the first half of the transcription running from entries of January 1, 1913 to April 19, 1913. See archives 2001.025.0001.02 for the second half.

See primary record, archives 2001.025.0001 for images of the original diary and fuller description.
Notes This record is the first half of the transcription running from January 1, 1913 to April 19, 1913. See archives 2001.025.0001.02 for the second half with from entries for April 20, 1913 to Sept. 21, 1913, end. Primary record archives 2001.025.0001.

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Pagination is not recorded in this transcription.
Transcription done by Kate Peko, 2011.

Jan. 1, 1913

Mass 10:30 - walked with Ethel and Mad till dinner time. In the afternoon Ethel & Mayma & Addie came and we played cards. Addie had to go home for tea. She went to Heath's in the eve. Fortunately, Mayma & Ethel stayed. Bud, Ed C., Harold A., Jack Moore & Bryan came in the end to make a New Year's call. They had forgotten to study their etiquette books and stayed 20 minutes instead of 15 min. After letting off some of our steam we played cards for the rest of the evening. Ethel had to go home in spite of our efforts to make her stay. A very pleasant day.
Jan 2, 1913
Slept off yesterday's rage. Had a call from Ethel that brought back some of it. She and I walked around town in the afternoon on pretext of buying tally cards for Mayma. We brought them down & and talked some more of our rage off (or on?). Couldn't eat much and dressed for the party. Wore my green & white dress. Harold & Ed succeeded in throwing somewhat of a damper over the party , and were about as disagreeable as they could be. We played "500". Ed. Coyle won the prize and I won the girl's (silk stockings
and God knows I needed them). Met Hallenbeck. Lil Lou made quite a fuss over him. Jim invited me to the minstrel, and that softened me considerably. I had a very good time, in spite of the fact that I felt like killing H. & Ed. a few times. Anna S, Ethel H., Mayma, Addie, Jim St. Hallenbeck, Bob Stouts, Erny Thomas, Eaton S., Harold. Ed. & myself played cards. Alice C. and Lillie came later. They were rehearsing for the minstrel.
Jan 3.
Got up late. Intended to go to Proctor's, but Mad stayed home from school and she went with Mom. Ethel, Mayma & I played cards in the afternoon. I had to rush home to get supper. Some meal! Addie, Mayma came in the evening & Mad played "500" with us. They went home very early. Addie was all in.
Jan 4.
Intended to go skating to St. Nicholas with Allan Moore. He couldn't go and Maryma wouldn't go alone with me, so I went to Brooklyn with Mad. She spent the night with Ella. I met Mom in N.Y. We went to the Waldorf for tea and - we had some time. We patrolled Broadway after and finding nothing we returned home only to find "adventure" at our very door. It sure was adventure. Mayma came in with candy Allan sent me. He was afraid we'd be sore because he didn't take us. Maggie W. telephoned in the midst of the confusion for Uncle. Mrs. Borstlaf [?] had a stroke. So to bed very late and slept very little.
Jan 5.
Telephone to arouse us the first thing. Our early visitor called Jimmie to wish him a Happy Birthday. Mass 10:30. Walked till 12:30 with Mayma and Allan. Had mad rush to dress & get to Brooklyn at 2. Managed O.K. Had a dandy turkey dinner at Ella's. Met Mr. Seaver and he played for the rest of the after noon. He was very interesting. Reminded one somewhat of Harley Wood. (Milford '10). Mr. Putnam and Mr. Seaver came to the station with us after tea. We had a nice meal but had to rush right out after it. I had a date at Butler's. After nearly breaking our necks, the party was called off. Addie had a reg. nervous breakdown. She was on the fair road for a long time. Mommie was around M. Maggie's. We read and ate some of Allan's candy and first got in bed comfortably when Murray W. rang the bell and startled us into a fit, to tell us Mrs. B. was dead. We were all very sorry but since we couldn't do anything, he might have kept it till morning.
Jan 6.
O, that tired feeling! Will it ever leave me? Got up late as usual and had to go to school without breakfast. A fine start for the New Year! I will never forget this day in school. Unending. Visited Miss Mount and Miss Traynor, also Mayma. Walked awhile and met Mad coming from school. The Duke paid us a visit. Went to the Columbia Minstrel. (the men's). I was fairly good. Elmer Hallenbeck took me up and was exceptionally agreeable till Jim cleaned up and came to me. Danced after the show and enjoyed myself immensely. Jim invited me to the cotillion [sic - cottilion] Feb. 21st much to my delight.
Jan. 7.
All in. Momsie the same. Decided not to go to school. Loafed all day. Allan Moore called in the evening to ask me to go to the ladies minstrel tomorrow. Asked Mayma too.
Jan. 8.
Got up early & got Mad's breakfast, Got to school early. Some kidding for being absent after a little minstrel show. Tried to sleep in the afternoon, but first got comfortable when the Duke arrived. Stayed only a few minutes but I couldn't get to sleep. Got dressed for minstrel. Allan & Mayma called for me about 8. We had the first row. Some show! Agnes P. sang "My Gal Irene" and really surprised us. Likewise, the whole show was great. Beat the men to a frazzle. Had first three dances with Jim while he was waiting for Lil to clean up. He was wishing they'd never come down. Had sixth dance with Jim & thru some mistake only had half. He asked me to informal night next Thursday. (Jan 16). Jim Seaman was there & dancing wonderfully. Allan treated me royally. Jim had a grouch all the rest of the evening. Harold A. & Ed were exceptionally friendly. We went to Coyle's after & had coffee & rolls. Ed asked Mayma to informal night & she had the extreme pleasure of refusing him. (she's going with Dan Kiely). Nearly died with cold when I got in.
Jan. 9.
Nearly broke my neck to get to school. Day seemed terribly long. Helped in office in afternoon. Made a hat for Mom this afternoon. Then took a walk with Mayma. Bumped into Jim at 11th & Washington. Bowed very graciously. I intended to ride this evening but Mom wouldn't let me. "I must make up some lost rest". Believe me. I'm anxious to lose more. The Duke has been shipped. A very uneventful day.
Fri. Jan. 10.
Mother's birthday. Helped in the office in school. Much better for a tired head than the classroom. Made a cake when I came from school. Nellie Kinlon called. Took a walk with Mad. Had late dinner. Went in Butler's & played cards for a while. Got to bed about 10:30.
Sat. Jan 11.
Got out of bed about 10:45. Wasted whole morning. Took a walk around town with Mayma and Addie. Made a hat for Mom in the evening. Went to bed early.
Sun. Jan 12.
Mass 10:30. Walked a short while but it started to rain. Killed the morning. Played cards in Butler's in the afternoon with Mayma, Addie & Anna. Came home to supper. Mrs. Lucken & Elmer were here. Mabel C. came in for a few minutes with a ticket for the tea. Charlie Cella brought down cap I loaned G. Heath. Bed.
Mon. Jan 13.
Back to school, Ugh! Went to New York with Mom after school. Called on Mrs. Davis. Very cordial reception. Circle No. 4. Euchre in the evening. Delightful church Euchre time. Won prize - games carver donated by Mrs. A Kennedy. Charlie Bayha looked out for me very well. Mrs. Butler took crowd of us down.
Tues. Jan 14.
Somewhat tired in school. Managed to get thru day. Alice had Miss Hecher's class in H.S. Called on Coyle'is and walked down to Orphanage with Mabel & Ella for things. Came home & washed my head. Spent evening drying it. Mom went to [Coun].
Wed. Jan 15.
School to pass the day as usual. Classes most annoying. Royal grouch. Went to New York with Mom. Just got home in time to eat a little and rush to get ready for riding. First lesson in a month. It was some dandy ride. (la da). Mary & Hannah Carroll were here when I came home. Just finished helping Mad with lesson. Pain. Ready for bed and it sounds good to me.
Thurs. Jan. 16.
School as usual. Mended my lace suit and green dress in the late afternoon and then went to bed. Slept until 7. Informal dance at club with Jimmie. Had a dandy time. Jimmie had a fight with Charlie Bayha & Addie had one with Carl Cella. Jimmie invited me to the drama next Thursday for the talent. (minstrels) Had a fine time with Allan & Frank.

Fri. Jan. 17.
School and a desperate bore it was. Lived thru the day and went to N.Y. with Mom to see Mr. [Levison] again. Walked from 72nd St. & Bdwy to 33rd. Dead tired. Addie came in for music, Lolita and Mayma were entertaining us Butler & [Henniskes]. Bed.
Sat. Jan.18.
Got up about 11 a.m. Helped around. Mayma & Lolita came for a few minutes. Embroidered some in the afternoon. Allan called up about the tickets. Loafed all evening.
Sun. Jan. 19.
Mass 10:30 - Walked after church with Ethel & Mad. Mayma came out for a while. Jim was in church but I didn't see him after. Dinner and a little walk. We decided it was too cold and we bought candy and went in Butler's to play "500". Came home to supper. Mom went to Morey's in the eve. Mad had to study & Granny went out, so I couldn't go in Butlers as I promised. Addie came in and when she saw the lay out, she brought Anna & Mayma some candy in. We played "500" and later Allan came in. He played with us for a while & then took Anna home. He came back and we had general roughhouse till Mom came home. Didn't mention the tickets.
Mon. Jan. 20.
School as usual, and not as tired as usual. Walked with Mabel & Ella in the afternoon. Inspected the new field club. Came home early to get supper and Mrs. Burke (Mamie Shanley) was at the house. I made a grand get-away with the supper. She stayed till 11:15. Also Maggie Woodhouse. I nearly died with sleep.
Tues. Jan. 21.
Most awful tired feeling. Studay classes again in auditorium this afternoon. I took them down to "4". Perfectly awful. Girls team Hitt. B TS. B. played West Hoboken High. Funniest thing I ever saw. (May Mooney and "Marie") Marieta [Marietta?] Stackhouse played a dandy game. Met Sophie & Mary D. Told them I'd go to the Alumni dance in Montclair March 7. Got a letter from Allan with the tickets. Took a walk with Mad and Addie after dinner. We met Allan. Bought cake & cream and went down to Butler's and made coffee. Some party! The cake was blue molded, - Duke returned.
Wed. Jan. 22.
School as usual. Classes in auditorium. Stayed in after school & read the Red Books. Walked down Washington St. with Mad. Rode with Ella & Greta. (Lida) Went to Shorts and later to Coyle's for pie. George B. was with Ed. Bed. Almost 11:30. Charlie can go to the Charity!! - (forgot its all-important)
Thurs. Jan. 23. School - Tests in H.S. I helped in office. One session. Went to N.Y. for green stockings. Forgot to get hair ornament & had to run all over Hoboken. Finally got spun glass aigrette. Saw Stanley Geddy [or Gedny?] on the train coming home. Didn't even bow to him. He was with an old man probably his uncle. Ate & got ready for the dance. Had one dandy time. About six dances with Jimmie, two with Allan & "peewee" Hawthorne. Met the famous Milton Hatfield. Though he would be a terrible love bird he seemed very nice.
Jim borrowed Milton's hack to come home. If Agnes knows that! He seemed afraid to ask if I was going to the Charity Ball. Nat Hicks "entertained" at supper - (an imitation of Joe Welch). I never was so bored. Down in the parlor after there were many repetitions of the minstrel songs. We had fun kidding them. Strange crowd. Home about 3:30 A.M.
Fri. Jan. 24.
School - but I was in the office so I didn't mind it. Terribly tired - "Malaria" Slept all afternoon - Called for dinner. Mom & Mr M went to the theatre & Mad went to bed. I played solitaire till after 10 and then went to bed.
Sat. Jan. 25.
Got up about 11:30. Helped around the house had lunch and went to New York about 3 o'clock. We rode on the Fifth Ave. bus and walked down. Home. Sat eve Florence [Sturnans] (Roselle) came in. (She was staying on the block with her aunt) and Mayma & Ethel Regous[?]. We played cards & Mayma & I went for cream. They went home about 11. - Bed.
Sun. Jan 26.
Mass 10:30. Met Charlie Bayha on way down. Had to stand in the back. Walked with Mayma after. Dinner and I made a cake. Mad., Mayma, Anna, Addie & myself walked on the Boulevard. Mom and Mr M. went out. Mayma & I got tea for Mad. & Ethel, Voilet Davey & Florence Stevens. We fooled around for a while & then they went home. I went in Butler's. Allan was there & I was introduced to Milo Burke (Allie McDermott's fiancé). He seemed very nice. Allan came in with me to get some music. They went downstairs to eat & Mayma, Addie & I played "500". Allan came up & started to play too, but Ceil couldn't see it. Some "rough-house" and I got to bed about 12.
Mon. Jan. 27.
Still working in the office. Thoroughly enjoying it. Met Sophie & Mary & talked for awhile. Heard A. Patterson's verdict about Florence Stevens. Ate some crackers & jam. Mayma & Addie & I played "500" and about ten o'clock took a walk to get "air" before going to bed. Got a letter from Harold Reese inviting me to a dance in Maplewood Feb 7. It's at the Field Club. I couldn't quite get the connection so I sent a "special delivered" letter to Leila & told her to send the answer with Charlie on Tuesday. Charlie called up to make arrangements about the Ball.
Tuesday, Jan. 28.
School as usual. In the afternoon I talked with Mayma for awhile and then went to bed. I slept till seven and then got up, ate and proceeded to dress for the Charity Ball. Charlie called about 9:15 and we went right up. I was over by there a short while before the Coyle & Butler faction. Frank & Allan looked out for Charlie very well. I had a dandy order. Only one dance booked with Jim and two with Allan. I went in a circular motion & met Jim and we didn't finish it. Made a date for him to come down Sunday eve. They rang in an extra after the 20th dance & I had it with Allan. We had a very enjoyable supper party except for the fact that I was planted directly opposite Grace & Alice Carr. We had a good feed tho and Mayma was alongside of me. Charlie is purely one peach. I felt guilty keeping him out so late on account of his illness, but he didn't seem to mind it.
The salad was too thick but I managed it with the ham & sweet butter. Mayma was wild at Eaton for not sending her flowers and I'm sure he'd never know it. She's so tactful. I had one dance with Ed. And he seemed to be having one wonderful time. He had a keeper with him. Ella was particularly sarcastic. After the supper it was funny, the way different one had to be propped up. When the dancing was all over we went down in the grill and everybody drank some more. Lemonade began to taste "sloppy". We had sandwiches & left the club about 5:15 a.m. Some time! Charlie brought a note from Leila telling me it was O.K. with Harold and by all means to accept the invitation.
Wednesday Jan. 29.
Dragged myself out of bed at 7:45. Got to school earlier than any day this term. Have talked nothing but Charity Ball. Ted Henry is still in Butler's. Mr. Cold has had a very bad spell, and they are very much worried. Wrote to Harold and told him I'd go to the dance, and made a date for him to come in Saturday eve. Expect he'll be wild, when I suggest staying with Leila. No riding this evening. It sounds too strenuous. Bed about 9:30.
Thursday. Jan 30.
School - in office and nearly worked my head off till 3:30. Took a walk with Mayma & Ethel. Came home early to help with supper. Allan called up & asked me to K. of C. Ladies night to-morrow eve. Mayma too. Delighted of course. Got a letter from Harold Reese trying to change the date from Sat. to Sun. eve but I couldn't exactly see putting Jim off, even tho I did consider it for a few minutes. Charlie Barker called me up & talked for quite a while. He said he was in Hoboken but hadn't time to come up. Said he enjoyed himself immensely at the Charity Ball & I'm inclined to think he meant it. Tried to show me why I ought to stay at his house instead of Reeses. I think so, too, but Harold asked me first and I don't know what to do. Just going for a walk Ella Coyle came in for me to walk down to…..
Friday. Jan. 31.
Worked in office and stayed in school for lunch. Sent to Fitzpatrick's for chowder & Miss Gonzales had sandwiches. Stopped work at 2 and went up to Exit Day exercises. Left at 2:30. Called Mayma & found Mr. Callahan had been sent to the hospital. Ella C.
wanted me to walk down to Hexamers but when she found Mayma was going to walk with me she wouldn't come. Called Ethel up but she was out. Ella had some tea & crackers with me and after she left Mayma & Mad & I took a wlak. We met Ethel & walked till dinner time. Mrs. B. wouldn't let Mayma go to the K. of Columbus Ladies night. At first, I thought I wouldn't go either but later I changed my mind and decided not to call Allan up. He called for me about 8:45 instead of 7:45 and even at that we were early. It surely was a rotten show. We had fun laughing at it and after I had a few good dances in spite of the hill. A fellow named Murphy asked Ed. Coyle to introduce him to me and I had a dance with him. He danced exceptionally well and seemed very nice. One of the "Park Club" crowd I imagine. Had a dance with Jack Moore but couldn't enjoy it on account of the crowd. On the way home we decided to have coffee so Ella & I came in & started things while Allan & Ed went for "rolls". We were surprised and disappointed when they returned with the most awful looking cake from Keller's. They left here about 2:30 A.M. Mom & Mad. Were down to the ball too, but I didn't see them. Mad insisted on leaving right after the show. (She must have had a wild evening).
Sat. February 1.
Telephone call to wake me out of a peaceful slumber at 11:30. Jack Mac Dougall called for Charlie & Mickey to know if they could come in Sunday eve. The Gods are tempting me, but Jimmie won out and I put them off Jack said Charlie told them what a wonderful time he had at the Charity Ball. I got dressed & proceeded to clean up the basement after our party of last night. Worked till about 3 or 4 o'clock. Called Mayma, and Ethel, hung around the house till bed time.
Sun. Feb. 2.
Mass 11:15. Was up in time for 10:30 but decided not to go. Jimmie passed the house. Met Allan at church and he walked up with me. Had no time for walking after church. I had to go round to Hoyt's about Mom's hospital corps. After dinner I went to Poggenburgs and Mrs. O'Brien but the latter was out. I was also pushed to see Mrs. Hopf & Mrs. Brandt. I felt as if I owned the guild. Mabel & Ella & Mad & I took a walk on the boulevard. Met Mort Roberts and Joe McGuinness. We gave them our grand freeze-out. We went to Percy's and afterward stopped at Boyles. Joe Cole arrived there for supper while we were there. We stopped @ Mrs. Wedins[?] and couldn't get in. No one was home when we arrived and we went in Coyle's to tea. I was allowed home after they were satisfied with whom I had my date. Jim arrived laden with a box of Park & Tilfords. He was very amiable and we had a delightful talk. I brought him downstairs & we made coffee. Mad was working in the dining room and gave us a very frosty reception. While we were eating Mom & Mr. M. came in from E.O. Jim was very particular to leave early and I invited him to the Montclair Alumni Dance set for Mar. 11. He accepted very gracefully. Mayma called me up to invite me to the theatre while Jim was posing in the parlor. Some bluff!!!
Monday. Feb3, '13
Back in my own little room #4. Weather perfectly awful & my feet were soaked. Sadie Simon had Jim Richmond's class and we walked up home together. It was so cold & damp that I suggested coffee. She came up & we had a hot party. She left about 5:30. We were just at supper when the telephone rang - Harold Reeve to know if I could see him Monday eve. He was ready there, to come up I guess but I couldn't see inviting him to supper. He told me afterward that he expected I would. Well he must have told Mickey in the morning that he intended to come up because he was only here about 20 minutes when Mick arrived. They had a lovely time kidding each other & we had some roughhouse as usual. They were trying to outstay each other. But Harold was willing to miss the last train. He started for the 11:45. Some call! Well he decided to meet me at the station Friday. I persuaded him there was no necessity for coming up for me, I am going to stay with Leila but he wants me to have dinner with him at his house. (I can't just see it). Mickey was delightful but curse the luck he isn't going to the dance. Jack was worried to know if Harold Reeve was to come here Sunday eve.
Tuesday Feb 4, '13
School & lots of it. Registration of new students. Plenty of work in the study hall. In the afternoon Ella Coyle & I took a walk. She had a lot of errands to do. She was to get tickets for the evening and invited me to go with her and Joe. I gracefully accepted and must confess it was better than I expected. DeDoyn was very good although Joe complained all the time that the whole crowd was "mis-cast".
Wednesday. Feb 5, '13
School again. When I got home in the afternoon I just felt like cake and I made molasses muffins. Some fine beginning for Lent. Well Mayma came in and Ethel called up but I didn't go out. Just as I finished my job, Allan called up and invited me to the dance at the Club Tuesday. On Feb. 11. I was delighted because it was gotten up in a hurry and I didn't expect to be invited. Mayma was "awfully glad" he did. I told him I was making cake so he called for some on his way home. He was still talking when Ella Coyle came in for me to ride. Allan said he'd meet us down at church and then left. It never took me so long to get ready and we were terribly late. Rode Lida again. Gretta and Ella & I went down to church and we were only in a few minutes when Allan came in. We heard none of the service and came very near being killed in an attempt to get ashes. We lost Ella & Gretta. They decided to sit down and wait for the crowd to leave. Outside we waited for Mrs. Moore & we were nearly frozen. She was with Mrs. Stack and Mrs. Moore asked us to walk down with her. After that I walked up with Mrs. Moore & then Allan came down with me. Allan told me all about the jobs up in the county and Mayma's effort thru Uncle Tom.
Thursday, Feb 6, '13
After school I met Mom down in the station and we went to New York shopping. I bought a pair of gray gloves but that's about all. Thursday eve. I went in Butler's to play cards. We just got started when the telephone rang. It was Walter McGiel and Ceil told him to come right down. Well Mayma beat it and I fairly ran home, so I got to bed early.
Friday, Feb. 7, '13
The thought of school till 2:30 and not a thing really for me to take to Maplewood. At noon time I rushed around to Heideureich's and she manicured my nails and I got back to school 12:59. At 2:30 I rushed in Coyle's for the bag and Ella's coat. I started throwing things in that. Then I had to fix my slippers and mend the stockings, and iron the dress I was going to wear. In the midst of it all, I couldn't get in the bathroom. Mr. M. was painting it. Grandma heated her kitchen and I bathed up there. Mad went in to Mayma's for my gloves (Mayma very kindly cleaned them for me.) I met Harold down at the station at about 5:30 and we had just enough time to take things easy. I went up to his house for dinner and they treated me perfectly lovely. Sadie dressed before we got there so I could have the room. We dressed before dinner because it was rather late and we would have had to rush after. I wasn't a bit hungry going up on the train but I ate like a pig. Jack McDougall was on the train but he was in the smoker. He walked up from the station with us. I packed all my things and we stopped on the way to the dance and left them at Barker's. Leila had gone. I had a dandy time at the dance. A few [lemons] that Harold had to give dances to, but I had a fine time. Charlie Barker wasn't there, rather he wasn't dancing. He was bowling in the new room. Had two dances with Stan and sat out the "lesson" with him. Met Jimmie Carrington (fellow I met @ Olympic Park dance) but curses, I didn't have a dance. Met Hugh Jones Harold's great friend in the circular two-step. Had one dandy time. Stopped at Barker's. Harold, Stan & Jack Schwartzkopf (he's a peach). He stayed at Barker's too. After the boys left, we went upstairs and sat in our nightgowns talking till about 4 o'clock. Then we went to bed and talked some more. It seemed as if we talked all night.
Sat. Feb. 8, '13
We got up about 10:30 and loafed a bit and then went to Newark to Proctor's. On the way down we lost Leila's pocketbook and didn't discover it till we were on the car. We got off and rushed back and found it at the trolley station. We were so delighted we took the train. The show was rotten. After it we walked a little on Broad. So, shopped in Hahne's and had a soda in Huyler's. I called Mom and told her I was going to stay over. We got the same train home that I went up on. Jack was on the train and he walked up with us. By the way, we met Stan in the afternoon when we were waiting for the train. Well, in the evening Harold & Stan came down and Jack blew in too. He went upstairs & talked to Gen most of the time. We made coffee and were just having some when Mr. and Mrs. Barker came in. The boys left in a hurry, then. I was nearly twelve. Charlie & Campbell Dixon had gone to NY to meet Mickey. They went to the Harvard-Princeton hockey game at St Nicholas. They got in a few minutes after we went upstairs. We were very tired so didn't have very much to say. We went right to sleep.
Sunday Feb. 9. '13
Got up about 8:30. Mr. Barker & Stubs called us. Rushed to get dressed and pack my things. Had breakfast with the family except Gen. Just had time enough to play a few tunes and got my things leisurely. Charlie came down to the train with me. He wanted to come in Tuesday eve. But that's the night of the dance. Didn't see Mickey at all. I was rather disappointed but I couldn't help feeling that way. Got the 10:10 train and left my things home and went to quarter past eleven mass. Met Mary D on the way down. Jimmie came in a few minutes after & jumped in the seat with me. At about quarter to twelve, Allan crept up the aisle. They walked up after with me and Mayma was just coming out of the house. We talked a few minutes and I left them. It was dinnertime. Made arrangements to go for a walk with Mayma on the Boulevard. After dinner I nearly died with cold and pains in my back. And was fairly delighted when Addie came in to say Mayma had gone to Ridgewood with Erry[?] for a skate. I loafed all afternoon, made fudge an decided to go to bed early. Addie called me and asked me to go in for awhile. She was all alone & anxious to hear about the dance. I stayed there till nearly ten o'clock and when I got in, Mad was sick. A touch of the grippe and more of her nervousness. Well we had some excitement moving the cot for Mr. Meda. Dr. M. gave her some medicine & talk and we all went to bed.
Monday, Feb. 10, '13
Mad decided not to go to school. That didn't let me out however and I got there 10 min. late. Mad was lots better and the Doctor told her to get up. She didn't till she got damn good & ready (5:30P.M.) I spent the afternoon running errands & the evening helping Mad with Study Methods exams[?]. I went in Butler's for some papers and found Mayma getting ready to go to Lil's. Jim & Hal were to be there. She is taking the breath from me. Ed. Coyle asked her to the dance to-morrow.
Tuesday Feb. 11, '13
School and Mad went too. I'd have died if she hadn't after I racked my brain for hours helping her. Allan called me Sunday eve to tell me he wouldn't be able to call for me to-night till after 9. Got a note from him this afternoon telling me Ed. Coyle would call for me. I didn't like the idea very much but I went with Ed. He made out Allan's order and gave us a dance with Walter Settle. He gave Charlie Bayha an extra but fortunately they didn't work them in. I had a very lovely time.
Wed. Jan. 12, '13
Slept till 11 o'clock. Hung around the house till 3:30 when Mr. M & I decided to go for a walk. We walked all around the hill and down to West Side Park. Wasted the rest of the day.
Thurs. Feb. 13, '13
After school Mad & I went up skating. I took the trouble to put the skates on & then it wasn't worthwhile. Nothing to do in the evening.
Fri. Feb. 14, '13
School & had some awful time. Ethel was down in Miss Kelly's class and Edna Jensen in the office. Neither had anything to do and I was nearly crazy. Mary Delaney came around in the afternoon to go skating but there wasn't any. We talked for awhile. Then I went down for fish & came home to get supper. It was late at that after wasting a whole afternoon. Leila called up & wanted to know if I'd meet her in N.Y. Well, I had no money for lunch so I told her to come up and we'd go over after. Went to bed. 2 Valentines.
Sat. Feb 15, '13
Got up earlier than usual for a Saturday. Worked like mad till Leila came. Had lunch and I got ready for N.Y. We walked every store inside out. She was looking for a dress. She hadn't an idea for either goods or make. Of course, she didn't get anything. She bought Sheldon lace & silk to fix her blue evening dress. We met Jimmie on Sixth Avenue. He was looking for a "world almanac - bound". Marguerite Jack has announced her engagement Leila told me and we're waiting for Leonie's next. Leila missed her train and I wanted about 20 min in the station with her. She had a date with Harold in the evening and in any case I was afraid to ask her to stay. Mr. M & Mad would have had to move and I'm getting tired listening to the storms and lacings that I get. Supper all ready when I got in. Mad had a "hair in her throat" and I had to go out & do the marketing. When I came back I went right to bed.
Sun. Feb. 16, '13
Mass 11:15. Met Allan as usual. Came right in the house and helped till dinner time. Frankie M. here to dinner. Jim out walking with Lil after church. I'm afraid he's going back again. Made a cake after dinner & then had a row with the whole crowd. Mom & Mr. M went out & left me with Mad crying. She decided to go for a walk & I had no choice but to go. We walked up to Heffernan's and on the way back we met Mayma & went for another walk. Home for supper! Went in Butler's to play cards. Allan was there. The five of us played & then Allan & Mayma went for cream & Addie & I made chocolate sauce. He brought home 3 pts. from Millars and cake & candy. We were all sick. When we were going home, Ceil went in to play the piano, I called Allan. (very pointedly). I waited for a few minutes and finally decided to go. I could have kicked myself for giving way to them.
Monday Feb.17, '13
School and a walk in the afternoon. Nothing much happened.
Tuesday Feb. 18, '13
School. Washed my head in the afternoon. Sophyie & Mary came down but I didn't see them. Frankie Markey called up & asked us to the Hippodrome tomorrow. Went to bed early.
Wednesday Feb. 19, '13
School. - Walked up with Marieta and walked down to meet Mayma. I went to Ins. Comp for Granny & bought fish & [illegible] on way home. Hurried to dress after dinner. Frankie was at the house. We got over to the Hip rather late. The kid had no trouble whatever. Treated royally and had dandy seats. Mom & Mr. M were to theatre in Jersey City. We ate cake & got to bed about 12:45. The show was great.
Thursday Feb. 20, '13
School - Mag. B.W. was here when I got home. Had coffee with her in Granny's. Talked Hip. For an hour. Marieta A. came up to ask me to referee game. I was taking in clothes. Decided I would. Mayma called. Mom came in from N.Y. with a coat for Mary M. Mayma & I went out for a walk. Had supper in a rush & went down to Hexamers. Rode Silver Top & liked her very much in spite of balkiness. Came right home. Allan called up & asked me to save him some dances. He started with one raised it to two & then suggested three. He got away with two. I talked to him a few minutes & went right to bed.
Friday Feb. 21, '13
School. Exercised till 9:30 and spent the time in the office. After school I went a few errands & fixed up my room; then went to bed for a few hours. I had the black dress fitted a noon. I had supper, fixed my slippers & got dressed. I was dressed about a half an hour before Jim came. Had one wonderful time. Jim gave Allan two dances. We were sitting together at the table. Had a dance with Will Livingston & finished the circular with him. Getting Agnes' goat! Had lots of fun with him. Also had a dance with Al Pels and one with Charlie Carnioux & Bender. Lolita Z was there with Alice's friend Russ. He struck me as a lemon. Ed Coyle had Cagney & Ella was there with Allan. Surely had one peach of a time. Earl Cella also. He needs a call.
Sat. Feb. 22, '13
Washington's Birthday. Slept till eleven. Had combination lunch & breakfast & cleaned up kitchen & own room. Addie called me & suggested theatre. I begged the money from Granny & Mayma. Addie, Anna & I went over. We walked N.Y. inside out & couldn't get a ticket. We came home & went in Butler's to play cards. Ted & Ceil were in there and they decided it was tie to dress for N.Y. We played cards & sat around till 6. Had supper & hung around some more.
Sunday Feb. 23, '13
Mr. M's birthday. Mass 11:15. Met Allan & took a little walk after church. Arranged to have a little party in the eve. Dinner & Frankie came over. Allan called in afternoon to tell me he had to go in Butler's. He brought me a box of candy & was full of apology. I rather expected it so I didn't mind. Bought a magazine & prepared to spend afternoon. Mayma called & we went out for a walk. She invited me in for the evening. I graciously accepted. Had lots of fun with Carl & Frank & Ted & also Allan. Allan promised me a choc egg if he won it. Jim was going to call me up but he evidently forgot it. He wasn't to church and I heard he was sick. Suspicion he had a date with Lil. (Question - did he keep it?) He played cards up at the club with Allan & Gus & someone else in the afternoon and Gus kidded the life out of him about a pencil I threw at (Gus) him.
Monday Feb. 24, '13
Nearly died from want of sleep. All in. No time for breakfast. School & oh what a bore! Lunch & more school. Read a magazine all afternoon. Met Mom & went to N.Y. with her. She bought a hat in the Fashion where I got my brown brocaded velvet. It's a peach. Allan called at supper time on his way to the opening campaign dinner with the chocolate egg he won. It sure is a peach. He is one good-natured dear boy. No word from Jimmie. Tried to help Mad. as tired as I was but her sweet little temper asserted itself because I didn't work quickly enough! Read some more & then bed.
Tuesday Feb. 25, '13
School and in the afternoon took a walk with Mayma & Mad.
Wed. Feb-26, '13.
School. - No lunch really. The opening day of the hospital campaign fund. Gone to Mom's head. All the band called for her to go down. Went to Hackensack from school with Girls Basket Ball Team. Some reception! They forgot all about the game, and when things were finally settled, they lost. Score 15-5. Stackhouse played a dandy game but under girls' rules & they didn't know them Got home about 7:40 and left the house 5 minutes after with Frankie Markey. He was waiting for me with tickets for the "Bridal Path". The show was dandy but I was terribly tired and somewhat hungry. We had tea and toast when we got in.
Thurs. Feb . 27, '13.
I never worked so hard in my life. Four teachers absent and every one filed in to me. I had to take them to the auditorium and had over a hundred every period. It nearly killed me. In the afternoon, I read & ate candy and after supper went out begging for the hospital fund with Mom, but got nixe. Leila called and told me it would be all right for Sat. Bed and I sure was ready for it. Too tired to ride.
Fri. Feb. 28, '13
No school. I was all in. Ironed all morning. In the afternoon I followed Mom down to the Armory and after that went to N.Y. for tickets. Got them for Wm Collier in "Never Say Die". Went over all alone and paraded B'way. Some baby! Neither Jim nor Allan called me up. I feel horribly neglected. Went out collecting for Fund with Mary.
Sat. Mar. 1, '13
Got out of bed about 10:30to ans. phone, Jack Mc D. Worked for a while. Mother went down to luncheon. I stopped in armory on way to meet Leila. Mayma & Mad & Leila waited for me at tube. Saw Collier and was delighted with him. I think Leila was disappointed. Allan called me up just as I was leaving for N.Y. Went in stores with Leila and Mayma & Mad went on home. Had supper and waited for Mary D. Went in Butler's and [Eatore or Esther] was there. Frank Ker. Started out with me I met Mary at the gate and we were all up to 11th St together. We only got $1. Dead tired.
Sun. Mar.2, '13
Mass 11:30. Met Allan and he walked up with me. Dragged him to dairy to try & get cream. Couldn't get any. He was raging because he had to go to Bay Ridge with his cousins. The Butlers were going to Boehm's house in eve. Mayma came in for a while and Addie. We completed our arrangements for Mont. Al. dance Friday. Had Addie invite Bob Staats. Bob Noonan called her up and asked to come down. She made a date for him for next Sunday eve and he's to bring two other fellows. She asked me in. supper. Mayma called Heuncke and he couldn't go to the dance so she asked Ed. Coyle. Allan called me. He didn't go to Brooklyn. He wanted to come down. I expected Jack & Charlie but I told him to come anyhow. He did & brought me a box of P&J. Jack and Charlie arrived a few minutes after with a box of Huyler's. Allan didn't stay long. Frankie M. came and we had a little coffee party. The boys had to run for the last train.
Mon. Mar 3, '13
School and I was all in. Study in the auditorium. Out collecting for Fund in afternoon with Mag. Woodhouse & got nothing but sore legs. Supper and I went out with Mary D. We got $12 and when we got home, Jack McD & Harold Reeve and Curtis McCain had been here and went in Butlers. I followed them in, and then came back for Mary. We finished out the night in there, and some night. They made no attempt to leave till they were almost put out about 12. We walked around with Mary and I rushed them right off. Harold was like a raving maniac, Ceil seemed bored to death as usual and she throws a damper on me. I like C. McC. I'll try Liela's place, maybe!
Tuesday Mar. 4, '13
Inauguration Day and I celebrate by being dead tired. Worked to death in that dump. Home and into bed at 2.:40. Forced out at 5:30 by Mary & Sophie making arrangements for the dance. Jim called me up and I made a date with him for to-morrow eve. Bed.
Wednesday Mar 5, '13
No school in the morning. Tried to sleep but no use. Nothing doing here but that d d
hospital work. Went to school in the afternoon. Collected in afternoon. Jim called to break date. He had some business to attend to. Of course made no difference to me. About 3 min. after Harold, Jack & Curtis called and wanted to come over (from New York) I was dead tired but so mad that I said yes. Mayma had a date. Addie was sick. Ethel H. wasn't home and I had the three of them to myself. I'm quite sure they had as little to the good and my humor added to the pleasure of the eve. It was like a morgue. Just before they arrived Allan called me up and while we were talking Mayma butted in. Half joke, whole earnest she wanted to know why A. called me up. We rang off there. The boys left for a train earlier than they expected to get when they arrived at my suggestion. Wonder when they'd call again. Made a date with Jim for tomorrow eve.
Thursday. Mar. 6, '13
Tough time in school again and Mr. Sweeney didn't arrive. Went down to Armory after school. Stopped at school for Mary D. and we went on the uptown route and got nothing. Jimmie called in eve. and I did not feel one play for him. He is a peach but that's as far as it goes.
Friday, Mar 7, '13
School & still no Mr. Sweeney. I have had his classes for over a week. Did nothing all afternoon but play cards and read. Dressed for dance with less interest than I ever had going out. Missed Mayma on the way down and we nearly died. Nearly missed train leaving directions for her and she was calmly seated in one of the forward cars. Had to walk to Club and when we got there it was a little bit of a place. Very cute but - the dressing room was small & hot. The girls made out the orders and I did that before I took my coat off. Had to help Addie too. Hoboken crowd mostly exchanged dances. When the music started there was one grand laugh. Only a piano and then the Vienna Waltz in jig time. I thought I'd go mad after things warmed up a bit tho we had a fairly good time. I'm not sure that Jim enjoyed it very much. He said he sent flowers but they never arrived. I'd like one wallop at Hendberg. However now that it's over I'll forgive him if he sends me some for Easter. Addie & Bob Mayma & Ed. & Jim & I came in and made coffee after. We stopped in Keller's for rolls & cake & it sure tasted good. Bed about 3:45.
Sat. Mar 8, '13
Slept till 12:30. Had combination breakfast & lunch & went right out with Ethel, Mayma, & Mad. We didn't get a thing but a good freezing. Had a sundae & came home & played cards. Frankie M. came in. Ethel left early & then we one stepped a bit. Had supper & Mama had a little tantrum. She has gone out now but I'm to expect something when she returns. Allan came rather late. He got lost looking for Park & Tilfords for me. He was delightful as usual. Nothing happened from Mom.
Sunday, Mar. 9, '13
Mass 10:30. Took a walk after. Lil went to 11:45 and I have my suspicions Allan met her after. Darned if that crab doesn't keep her eye on me all the time. Loafed all Sunday afternoon. In the evening had a date in Butlers. The hill boys were down. Bob Noonan & two of his friends. Awful wrecks! Ed Coyle called Butler's and Mayma asked him down. Bob is rather nice, I enjoyed him but the others ugh!
Monday. Mar. 10, '13
School till 3:15 Visit to church & stopped in to see Mary D. Home, had tea and when Mary came around we started out to collect for hospital. Got $103.00. Some experience we nearly died. Rushed home got dressed and were down to Armory for closing. We had lots of fun. Mom turned in $251.60 and it raised her total to $1007.60. Some baby! They got 15 or 16 thousand mostly from women and Mom pledged the rest. They had dancing after and I had a very nice time. The floor was oiled and my shoes were wet. I nearly died from exhaustion. Alice did the one-step and everybody was talking about her. Ed. C. started it with Marge C. and his mother nearly killed him. Danced with Ed and had to stop. Losing my record. Breakdown on Washington St. line and we had to walk home.
Tuesday, Mar. 11, '13
Pushed my job off on H. Eugelke & worked in the office. Gee, it was great. Left about 2:45. Have not been introduced to Mr. Sweeney yet, I wouldn't rave about him. Took a walk down with Mabel & Ella and back with Mad. Then we walked up town a few times. Allan called me and wanted to come in on the way home Legal Aid. I consented readily. Charlie Barker was in town on business and wanted to come up for a while but I couldn't see putting Allan off. Allan came rather late and of course stayed on a short while.
Wednesday, Mar. 12, '13
School. Afternoon walked down to Crystals with Mom & Mad & ordered a suit. Bought the goods from him. A good looking blue serge. Did considerable shopping on First St.
Had to prepare all the things when we got home. Later dinner. Frankie over to dinner. Mom & Mr. M. went down to church. I washed dishes, played solitaire for a while & went to bed.
Thursday, Mar. 13, '13
School & it was rotten. Hung dining room curtains straightened my room. Dressed for riding. I was starved and just had a few mouthfuls down when Ella called, and I had to go. Rode Lida and I think I'll have her when we go out. Took a walk after with Ella. She has everything I ever knew beaten for questions.
Friday, Mar. 14, '13
School & when I came home I read the whole afternoon. In the evening I made a hat
(red) , and when I was finished I put it on & went down to Church. Saw Mary D. She asked me to take a walk down Washington St but I couldn't see. Home & played solitaire for about an hour and went to bed.
Sat. Mar. 15, '13
Got up about 10:30 Made griddle cakes for my breakfast and started in to clean. Left my room shining, cleaned the bathroom and then cleaned Mom's room. Allan called up about 10 o'clock. Talked for about 15 minutes & Mom kept talking about it all the time downstairs. Washing time, but she left the halls half finished & went into Coyles for 2 hrs. That's different! Told her I was going to confession. Have to get dressed & eat. Went to confession & stopped at hospital with team names. Went to Parparts with Mad & on way back met Allan on this block. He seemed to have a terrible grouch. He walked to the store and then home. He went up to meet Gus S. Mad went for cream and we went to bed.
Sun. Mar. 16, '13
Mass, 6 a.m. Home, had breakfast. Made bed. Prepared dinner and read till it was ready. Read some more after. Allan called up. All over his grouch. Wanted to come down in the evening. Of course I said yes. Too tired to go out & see parade. Lay down for a while but music & May Rivlon kept me up. Supper & dressed. Wore my white dress with Irish green for the occasion. Allan called about 9. He had Whitman's instead of P.& J. He doesn't like either. Sad state! He didn't leave till 11:30 & there was war. Uncle Ed I imagine started the fuse.
Monday, Mar. 17, '13
Every Jew & wop in school had green on. Worked hard. Met Mom in the station and went to N.Y. shopping & looking at hats. Felt very sick coming home in tubes. Had something to eat & went right to bed.
Tuesday, Mar. 18, '13
No school. In the afternoon, I went down to Crystal's for a fitting with Mom & Mad. Home & supper. Library with Mary D. in the evening. Took a walk and stopped in Millers. Bed.
Wednesday, Mar. 19, '13
No school. Helped all morning with work. Read all afternoon. Went to bed early.
Thursday, Mar 20, '13
No school - holidays Easter. Got up 12:30. Stayed around for a while and went back to bed. Got up at supper time. Ate something, dressed and visited Church & Fr. Hofscheneider[?], Allan called up & said he'd meet me at church but I didn't think then I'd go. I was talking to Mary & Sophie on 7th & Washington & he came along.
Friday, Mar. 21, '13
Bed till after 11. In afternoon Mom, Mad & I went to N.Y. I got a purple hat. Came home about 3 o'clock ate something and went down to Crystal's. The old Jew told me I couldn't have my suit. I was wild. Allan came down in the evening brought me some candy. Came to say good-bye. He went down to Atlantic City over Easter.
Saturday Mar. 22, '13
Church at 8. First time during Lent. I'm ashamed of myself. Mad & Mr. M. went out in morning. Mommie & I went in afternoon. Harold, Stan & Jack were in, in the eve. Mayma & Addie came in. I asked Jack to get me a masquerade suit & he said he thought Dot. Doty's would do. (Anything that will save me from buying one). Stan was delightful but not so Harold.
Sunday, Mar. 23, '13
Easter. Went to Paulist Church to Mass. 10 o'clock. Walked down Fifth Ave to Washington Sq. Then took a Fifth Ave bus up to 80th St. Came down in Madison Ave. Car over 23rd St ferry. Dinner. Went out late in afternoon for a little walk. Mayma & Addie came in the evening & we played cards.
Monday, Mar. 24, '13
Felt rotten. Didn't get up till 12:30. Moped around. Helped Mom get ready for tea.
Took a walk with Mayma & Ethel & Mad. Read all evening.
Tuesday Mar. 25, '13
School & how I dreaded it. Got my check in the afternoon. Met Mom to go to New York and of course welcomed it. Bought shoes (tan) and black pumps & a pair of good-looking gloves in Centemeri's. Rested in the eve. After I came back from Library.
Wednesday Mar. 26, '13
School - rained all afternoon. Rode with Greta in eve. (Fox) and tried stride. Really liked it. Allan was to meet me down there but as usual was late. I missed him. He called up & later came up. He did not enjoy his Easter trip. Kitty is engaged to be married (?).
Thursday Mar. 27, '13
One session. Jack Moore came home to lunch with me. Mom was in the midst of cleaning & of course was wild. Harold called up & said the performance was all off. I'd like to know particulars. Lunch like a row. Cleared up in afternoon. Went out for a walk.
Friday Mar. 28, '13
School - went down to Crystal's for my suit. It had to be fixed so he said he'd send it up. Read all evening.
Saturday Mar. 29, '13
Worked all morning. Crystal sent the suit. It looks all right. Took a walk on the Avenue with Ella Coyle. Saw Jim in Hal's machine. The dance [Com.] over for costumes. Met many people. I thought Allan would call up but he disappointed me. In the eve. Went down to Library & brought the hos. [sour] up to R. Vezzetti.
Sunday Mar. 30, '13
Mass. 11:15. Met Allan. He walked up with me & told me he'd be down in the eve. Went around to invite Mary D. to Mom's party & met A. He went around with me & on our way back Mayma was on the stoop. I have never received such a freeze out I can truthfully say, & I am wondering yet what the cause may be, Allan couldn't quite understand altho' he said he got the same reception in the morning. Ethel called up & told me the Studio Dance is all off. Allan didn't know anything about it.
Monday Mar. 31, '13
School & report of Studio Dance being off confirmed. Shopping tour for the party. Allan called up in the eve. To tell me the dance was off. Spent the eve. shelling nuts and pitting dates.
Tuesday Apr. 1, '13
Rush home from school. Set table and dress it, make salad & all other preparations. Mabel & Ella came in and they with Mad. served the things in kitchen but I had to do all the waiting at table. Mary D. stayed until nearly 9 and I had a date with Harold Reeve. He despises Mary & I can't blame him. Ella C. came in later. Harold told our fortunes and he was really quite delightful. I called Allan & asked him to the Montclair Senior Dance, Friday eve.
Wednesday Apr. 2, '13
School - walked in afternoon with Ella & Mabel. Went down to library in eve. And had earlier decided not to go to dance.
Thursday Apr. 3, '13
School & walked in afternoon. Allan called to find out time of dance & I told him I had decided not to go. Read Thursday eve. played cards with Mad.
Friday Apr. 4, '13
School - met Mad & Mom on way home. Started to walk with them - met Sadie O'Brien & Douglas - walked up with them & I decided to leave. Came home & washed my head. Read till after ten o'clock when Mad & Mom put the light out & left me in the dark.
Saturday Apr. 5, '13
Slept till 10:30 and loafed & read the rest of the day. Went down to library in the eve. and took a little walk.
Sunday Apr. 6, '13
Mass. 11:15. Dinner. Loafed all afternoon till 5 o'clock when Mad dragged me out for a walk. Supper. Met Mayma & she is still frosty. Allan came down in eve. He thoroughly enjoyed himself talking Commission Gov't.
Monday Apr. 7, '13
Richmond asked me to go over to the 7th [ ] - told him I'd think about it. School - in the afternoon I read & fussed around the house. Went up to the Gayety in the eve. The Columbia B.B.[basketball] Team party and dance at the club after. There seems to be a great amount of feeling up the club & things were not quite as sociable as usual. Mayma wasn't there. I suppose her coolness will be worse than ever now on account of Allan taking me. Gus S. came up to the table with us and you'd imagine Frank B & Carl C. were at a funeral. At first I thought it was at me. Allan was grumpy - things hadn't run very smoothly all day. Decided not to go with Richmond.
Tuesday Apr. 8, '13
School - went to bed almost as soon as I got home and slept till 7:45. Allan called to see
how I felt.

Wednesday Apr. 9, '13
School - loafed all afternoon again. Frankie M. came over to dinner & asked me to to up to Winter Garden.; Always game. I saw the Hon. Galey. She is horrible. The rest of the show is fine. Allan called.
Thursday Apr. 10, '13
School - loafed all afternoon. Read all eve. - No sign of friendliness from Mayma. I'd love to know what's the matter. Tel. rang. It was Allan. In course of conversation I found he hadn't called me. He said that I called him. I think I froze right up. He was going to call some other no. and central connected us. I haven't recovered from the shock yet.
Friday Apr. 11, '13
Mom sick in bed. I went to school. Harold R. wanted to come in the eve. Decided I'd be finished my work then so I let him. He was in delightful mood. Wanted to make a date for Sunday eve. for himself & Mickey. I couldn't see letting them come every time they want to, so I told him I had a date. Asked me to break but nothing doing in that line. He asked me to a dance at Olympic Park May 9. Dee-lighted.
Saturday Apr. 12, '13
Worked all day. Mom is no better. She is suffering terribly. Harold called to see how Mom was & incidentally to ask me to break the date. Allan hasn't called me and I won't see him at church in the morning, I have to go to early mass & get the dinner. I guess the crowd are getting to him. Jim has joined forces with Alice. Lil is wild - "Suck it" etc. "I should worry" and a lot of others. Carl Cella was coming down, I wonder if he'll dare it. We were supposed to go riding to-day but it's raining. I couldn't have gone anyway so what's the difference. Maybe to-morrow. Went down to library in eve. and on way home met Ed. C. He was going up to see Franklyn. I went around for cream & on way home, Allan ran down 7th St after me. He came in for a few minutes. Bed -strenuous day.
Sunday Apr. 13, '13
Mass 10:30. Lots of work and worry getting things straightened & the dinner. Rained all day so no riding. Read all afternoon. Allan never called and I was getting suspicious but he ran in for a few minutes. He was on his way to Ford's to a party (he had to go). He stayed till after 9 and then I read for a while.
Monday Apr. 14, '13
Stayed home from school in morning to cook but decided to go in afternoon. Telephone worked overtime in eve. inquiring for Mom. Carl Cella called up & wanted to come down. I couldn't see letting him come just when he wanted to so I made it to-morrow. Allan called from the hill. He was up to a dinner & just coming down. I told him to stop. Got down in less than a half an hour and brought some candy too. He's a big kid
Tuesday Apr. 15, '13
Election for Commission Gov't - no returns yet. School all day. Felt rotten. Read all afternoon & it poured rain. Carl Cella came down. Little argument on C.G. - not very enthusiastic. I could cheerfully kill Carl. He's a pest. I don't wonder the fellows hate him. Had a deuce of a time getting supper to-night. Mom didn't feel so good to-night. She hasn't been up yet. It sure is a job this keeping house.
Wednesday Apr, 16, '13
School - Work at noon and in afternoon L. Hanley's wedding. Mabel C. wanted us to go up with her but nothing doing. Went to Monastery with Mad & we walked home. Fixed dinner for the Duke. Frankie came over but no theatre tickets (for me).
Thursday Apr. 17, '13
Same amount of work and school and I am getting sick of it Worked all afternoon. Just finished dishes when Mrs. Heffernan and Ethel arrived & Mary D soon after. They stayed until 10:30 & then I was glad to go to bed.
Friday, Apr. 18, '13
School - In afternoon - ironing - Eats and it was some meal. Just got finished when Charlie Bayha called up & asked me to the D of I Euchre[?]. Some party! However I had nothing to do so I decided to go. Won a prize & so did Charlie (Chinaware). Couldn't bring myself to wait for the dance. He never mentioned music & really wasn't so bad.
Saturday, Apr. 19, '13
Borrowed Layt's vacuum cleaner & wasted half the morning. Then had to start in and clean regularly. Finished everything about 3 o'clock. Then got all dressed and did my marketing. Got home at 7 to start dinner. Fortunately Granny gave Mr. M his & Mad & I ducked. Cleaned up & dressed. Harold & Mickey came in Eve. They heard I was in awful humor., probably because I was tired. Ella C. was in and she is anything but entertaining. Harold asked me to a dance May 9 at Olympic Park. Things were rather frosty for that crowd. The left for the 11:40 train. Mad fixed cream & cake for us. That finishes me with invited entertainers.

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