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Title Handbill: notice for D.L. & W. R.R. suburban commuters about new train locator lights; Erie trains; service changes at Lackawanna Terminal, Hoboken, March 14, 1957.
Object Name Handbill
Catalog Number 2013.005.0016
Collection Hoboken Railroad Collection
Credit Museum Collections. Gift of a Friend of the Museum.
Scope & Content Handbill for Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad suburban passengers about new train locator lights and service changes at Lackawanna Terminal, Hoboken, March 14, 1957.

Printed paper, two sides, 6" x 8" high. Full text is in notes.

As part of the consolidation process of transferring Erie Railroad passenger service from Jersey City to Hoboken, this handbill is guide to a colored light system placed at the head of tracks to guide passengers to the appropriate line for their commute.

Side 1: photo of Train Locator Light board along with a guide to the scheme.

Side 2: dated March 14, 1957; discusses how Erie rush-hour trains will add more than 10,000 passengers to the terminal; augmented ferry service and schedule for such.
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Notes Archives 2013.005.0016

[side 1]


Vertical Row of Lights for D L & W Trains.

Horizontal How of Double Lights for Erie Trains.

In order to assist regular Lackawanna Suburban Passengers to locate more quickly the track on which their train is placed, the following colored lights are displayed on the train indicator boards in Hoboken Terminal.

Lights designating Lackawanna trains are displayed in the vertical row as shown above. Double lights in the horizontal row designate Erie trains.

RED LIGHT ..............Indicates Montclair Branch train.

YELLOW LIGHT..........Indicates Main Line train to points Roseville Avenue to South Orange, inclusive.

BLUE LIGHT .............Indicates Main Line train to points beyond South Orange.

GREEN LIGHT............Indicates Gladstone Branch train (either through service or by change at Summit.)

WHITE LIGHT............Indicates Boonton Line train.

The following are a few examples of how the system works as applied to certain individual stations:

To Bloomfield .............On Board displaying red light.

ToRoseville Avenue........On Board displaying either red light or yellow light.

ToEast Orange............On Board displaying yellow light.

ToMaplewood.............On Board displaying blue light.

ToSummit or Morristown . . . On Board displaying blue light.

ToBernardsville ...........On Board displaying green light.

To Lyndhurst or Boonton .... On Board displaying white light.

ToDover .................On Board displaying white light or blue light.

Please note that the display of lights is for general territorial information only. The indicator board in connection with each track shows the stations at which any individual train stops.


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[side 2]

March 14, 1957


On March 25th we will bring into Hoboken passenger terminal Erie rush-hour trains, which will mean more than 10,000 additional passengers passing through our station morning and evening. In preparation for the greater passenger load certain changes have been made at Hoboken with which you are familiar and, in addition, an augmented ferry schedule will be provided as shown below. To assist in locating the track on which your train is placed we are showing on the reverse side our train locator light system with an explanation which you will find useful. May we also suggest that Hudson Tube riders will expedite their movement through the terminal if they have the correct change available (two dimes) on arrival at Hoboken.

NEW FERRY SCHEDULE — Ferry service will be augmented effective March 18, 1957, and intervals between boats shortened during the morning and evening rush hours. The new morning and evening rush-hour schedules to and from Barclay Street are shown below. There will be no change in the present schedules during non-rush hours, nor on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

Lv. Hoboken

Effective Monday, March 18, 1957
7:30A.M.8:09A.M.8:36A.M.9:06 A.M.
7:46A.M.8:14A.M.8:42A.M.9:14 A.M.
7:52A.M.8:20A.M.8:47A.M.9:22 A.M.
7:58A.M.8:25A.M.8:52A.M.9:30 A.M.

Lv. Barclay St., New York Effective Monday, March 18, 1957
4:00P.M.4:50P.M.5:19P.M.5:50 P.M.
4:15P.M.4:58P.M.5:25P.M.6:00 P.M.
4:30P.M.5:04P.M.5:30P.M.6:15 P.M.

PROMPT TRAIN AND BOAT DEPARTURES—It is highly important that boats and trains be dispatched on time, and trains leaving Hoboken between 4:30 P.M. and 6:30 P.M. cannot be held for delayed ferry or tube passengers. Fifteen minutes is a reasonably safe interval to figure from boat departure from Barclay Street to train departure time from Hoboken under favorable river conditions, provided passengers proceed promptly from boat to train at Hoboken.

Your cooperation and understanding will be appreciated, to the end that congestion and delays may be avoided.


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Date 1957
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