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Title Hoboken Tennis Club. Directory - Season, 1915.
Object Name Directory, Membership
Catalog Number 2009.016.0002
Collection Papers of Florence G. Miller & Family
Credit Gift of Charles J. Tramer & Frank Balogh.
Scope & Content Hoboken Tennis Club. Directory - Season, 1915. Single tent fold card, 6-1/4" high x 3-1/2" wide.

Inside lists the male members with name, address, home and business telephone numbers. Back lists the female members with name, address and home phone number. Of the 125 members, forty-seven were women. Transcription of names, addresses and telephone numbers is in notes.

This copy belonged to members Florence and Madeline Miller of Hoboken. (Note: Allan W. Moore was also a member; he was Florence's fiance at the time of his death in 1919. They may have met in club activities and that could be a significant reason that this particular piece of memorabilia was retained by her. It was among several items received together that related to Moore including two letters, several photographs, obituary and condolence letters.)

Useful also to note the telephone numbers in use: exchange name plus 2 to 4 digits (except some New York City numbers with 5 digits.)
Notes Hoboken Tennis Club
Telephone --- Hoboken 1011-W
Directory - Season, 1915

JAMES L. TALLON, President
FRANK C. GOMEZ, Secretary

Name / Address/ Home Phone / Office Phone
[Men; note: space after address indicates no home telephone number]
Ahrens, P. H. 1219 Washington
Bates, R. L. 1226 Park Ave., Stuy't 4300.
Beneville, J. A., 493 Clinton Ave., W. Hoboken, Mad. Sq. 10200
Besson, H. 80 Washington St., Hob., 2106, Hob. 2030
Besson, J. W. R., 800 Hudson St., Hob. 739, Hob. 710
Bindewald,T. L., 163 11th St., Hob. 1065J, Mad.Sq.5926
Boehm, W., 60 12th St., Hob. 764W, Spring 5880
Briggs, E. F., 52 Fulton St., Weehawken, Hob. 1116
Brodmerkel, C. Jr., 1205 Garden St., Hob. 2227, Stuy't 4300
Butler, R. E., 730 Park Ave., Hob. 989R, Cort'dt. 357
Chamberlain, H. B., 664 Jersey Ave, Jersey City, Jersey 644, Cort'dt 6870
Coleman, J. G., 57 13th St., Hob. 1041M, Hob. 1966
Deppeler, J. H., 724 Hudson St., Hob. 1949 Bergen 1040
Deyerberg, W., 361 N.Y. Ave, Jersey City, Wbr 4293W, Mad.Sq. 5740
Dreher, O. H., 108 13th St., Hob. 1719, John 1908
Ebsen, C.C., 1028 Bloomfield, Hob.1224W, Barclay 5762.
Emery, R., 1214 Garden St., Hob 940
Erickson, L.O., 14 Summit St., Glen Ridge, G'nR'ge 3581, Mad.Sq. 2228
Evans, E. V., 1213 Washington St., Hob. 897 M, Chelsea 4700.
Fagan, J. J., 810 Hudson St., Hob. 1363, Hob. 44
Fisk, H. W., 108 13th St., Hob. 1719
Funcheon, E. C., 506 Garden St., Hob. 13
Gomez, F. C., 1120 Bloomfield, Hob. 373W, John 4878
Greil, O. E., 1248 Bloomfield, Hob. 1657, Franklin 3014
Grouls, J. H., 1 Newark St., Hob.1644, Hob. 710
Grouls, J. H. Jr., 1008 Garden St., Hob.1644
Grulich, A., 113 Hudson St., Hob. 510, Hob. 511
Grulich, B., 520 Hudson St., Hob. 510, Hob. 510
Grulich, D. R., 37 Pleasant Ave., Union Hill, Union 397R, Mad. Sq. 1210
Halenbeck, A. E., 1211 Garden St., Hob. 494
Hannihall, A., Jr., 602 River St., Hob. 354 Greeley 312
Jackson, M. F. Jr., 1021 Bloomfield, Hob.738W, Hob. 690
Keuffel, W. G., 805 Castle Point Terrace, Hob. 707, Hob.1100
Kroitzsch, W., 335 Hudson St.,Hob. 83 M, Gram'y 6670
Linde, B. E., 832 Hudson St., Hob.1030 R, Beekman 1940
Linde, J. F., 832 Hudson St., Hob.1030 R, Beekman 1940
Ludwig, C. H., 610 W. 116 St., New York, M'gside 3040, W'msb'g 947
Matthey, L., 335 Hudson St., Hob. 830M, Mad. Sq. 938b
McHugh, T. A., 366 4th St., Market 7000
Meyer, O. T., 700 Hudson St., Hob. 879M, John 3258
Moore, A[llan]. W., 1227 Garden St., 832 Hudson St., Hob.1193J, Jer. Cy. 2035
Mountrey, H. J. V., 60 12th St., Hob. 265M, Fr'klin 5360

Name / Address/ Home Phone / Office Phone
Oswald, H. A., 39 Pleasant Ave., Union Hill, Union 1817M, Chelsea 216
Pfefferle, C. H., 918 Bloomfield, Hanover 5940
Pope, A., 160 13th St., Hob. 158W, Worth 3443
Pope, G. B., 712 Garden St., Broad 2220
Pope, H., 712 Garden St.
Pupke, A. T., 1216 Bloomfield, Hob. 397M, Hob. 1116
Quigley, F. J., 416 Morgan St, Union Hill, Union 279, Union 279
Radl, H. B., 1043 Bloomfield, Broad 6432
Raymond, W. C., 1231 Park Ave, Hob. 9461
Reade, C. H., 54 Liberty Place, Weehawken, Union 2208, Hob. 2048
Roggeveen, A., 523 River St., Hob. 1301, Hob. 1140
Sacco, A. G., 440 Clinton Ave, West Hoboken, Union 2568, Union 2568
Schinzel, H.E., 926 Hudson St., Circle 2720
Schlichting, H. W., 1031 Washington, Broad 2220
Schlichting, J.L., 1031 Washington, Hanover 6910
Schmidt, C. H., 1201 Bloomfield, Worth 4180
Schulz, F., Jr., 422 Hudson St., Hob 450J, John 2793
Schutt, C., 333 Hudson St., Union 23
Sharpless, W. H., 500 Washington, Hob. 1749
Smith, J. E., 638 Hudson St., Hob. 233, Jer. City 401
Smith, O. H., 1028 Hudson St.
Smith, W.T., 218 11th St., Hob. 1738R, Broad 2220
Soper, M. H., 803 Washington, John 6120
Stanton, J. W. R., 1206 Bloomfield, Hob. 988, Stuy't 3806
Stevens, R., 1 Newark St., Hob. 710
Storbeck. O. C., 1219 Washington, John 3887
Streuli, W., 523 River St., Hob. 1308, Mad.Sq.4430
Tallon, J. L., 700 Washington, Hanover 8070
Titsworth, A. D., 525 River St., Hob. 380R, Chelsea 800
Utz, F. W., 920 Castle Point Terrace, Hob.1997, Hob. 147
Volk, A. J., Jr., 812 Castle Point Terrace, Hob. 820, Hob. 820
Vorrath, C., 822 B1oomfield St., Stuy't 2360
Weller, E., 936 Hudson St., Hob. 230M
Weller, W., 936 Hudson St., Hob. 230M
Wilson, W. B.,1 Newark St., Hob. 710
Wordemann, B. A., 1208 Hudson St., Rector 3252
[end men]

[women members]
Name / Address / Telephone
Baur, Mrs. Hugo, 939 Washington St., Hob. 1422
Bollman, Florence A., 104 11th St., Hob. 1174W
Brodmerkel, Mrs. C., Jr., 1205 Garden St., Hob. 2227
Bruning, Marie, 934 Hudson St., Hob. 188
Campbell, A. C. M., 1210 Bloomfield St., Hob. 93W
Carr, J. Alice, 518 Hudson St., Hob. 499
Catoggio, Antoinette 921 Hudson St.
Catoggio, Marie V., 921 Hudson St.
Clinton, Elizabeth B., 1215 Bloomfield St.
Coleman, Mrs. J. C., 57 13th St., Hob. 1041M
Coyle, Eleanor G., 718 Bloomfield St., Hob. 1431W
Coyle, Mabel L., 718 Bloomfield St., Hob. 1431W
Daab, Gretchen B., 722 Hudson St., Hob. 1705
Fagan, Mrs. John J., 810 Hudson St., Hob. 1363
Garrett, Helen, 518 Hudson St., Hob. 159W.
Greil, Caroline, 1248 Bloomfield St., Hob. 1657
Harvey, Frances B., 1030 Hudson St., Hob. 255W
Hill, Irma, 194 Riverside Drive, New York, Riverside 266
Jaeger, Marie, 1031 Washington St.
Leinkauf, Sadie F., 1026 Hudson St., Hob. 324R
Lowenherz, Lillian, 52 11th St.
Ludwig, Elida, 804 Castle Point Terrace, Hob. 892
Martin, Mrs. A. M., 1026 Hudson St.
McCague, Ida, 1016 Garden St., Hob. 1015R
Miller, Florence G., 716 Bloomfield St., Hob. 1170J
Miller, Madeline, 716 Bloomfield St., Hob. 1170J
Muller, Marguerite, 1016 Hudson St., Hob. 1618
Mooney, Grace A., 602 Willow Ave., Hob. 1162J
Patterson, Agnes M., 1206 Bloomfield St., Hob. 229W
Perry, Arethusa, 1208 Hudson St.
Pope, Gertrude, 160 13th St., Hob. 158W
Pupke, Marie M., 1216 Bloomfield St., Hob. 397M
Roberts, Edith A., C 1203 Garden St., Hob. 93M
Rosenkrans, May E., 826 Hudson St.
Schmidt, Ella L., 612 Hudson St., Hob. 370W
Schuck, Mrs. E. K., 1020 Hudson St., Hob. 1782J
Sengstacke, Augusta, 1035 Park Ave.
Shippen, Frances W., 1217 Bloomfield St., Hob. 368R
Shippen, Katherine B., 1217 Bloomfield St., Hob. 368R
Smith, Marjorie A., 1225 Bloomfield St., Hob. 1439W
Stack, Tessie, 1020 Hudson St., Hob. 1199
Stillman, Anita M., Hotel Fairmont, Jersey City, Bergen 962
Tallon, Anna C., 700 Washington St.
Tallon, Mary E., 700 Washington St.
Timken, Florence B., Meyer's Hotel, Hob. 1729
Vezzetti, Sylvia, 1028 Hudson St., Hob. 1395
Walthour, Mrs. W. L., 1026 Hudson St., Hob. 2160

People Ahrens, P.H.
Bates, R.L.
Beneville, J.A
Besson, H.
Besson, J.W.R.
Bindewald, T.L.
Boehm, W.
Briggs, E.F.
Brodmerkel, C., Jr.
Butler, R.E.
Chamberlain, H.B.
Coleman, J.G.
Deppeler, J.H.
Deyerberg, W.
Dreher, O.H.
Ebsen, C.C.
Emery, R.
Erickson, Lawrence O.
Evans, E.V.
Fagan, J.J.
Fisk, H.W.
Funcheon, Edward C.
Gomez, Frank C.
Greil, O.E.
Grouls, J.H.
Grouls, J.H., Jr.
Grulich, Anton
Grulich, B.
Grulich, D.R.
Halenbeck, A.E.
Hannihall, A., Jr.
Jackson, M.F., Jr.
Keuffel, W.G.
Kroitzsch, W.
Linde, B.E.
Linde, J.F.
Ludwig, C.H.
Matthey, L.
McHugh, T.A.
Meyer, O.T.
Moore, Allan W.
Mountrey, H.J.V.
Oswald, H.A.
Pfefferle, C.H.
Pope, Alfred
Pope, G.B.
Pope, H.
Pupke, August T.
Quigley, F.J.
Radl, H.B.
Raymond, W.C.
Reade, C.H.
Roggeveen, A.
Sacco, A.G.
Schinzel, H.E.
Schlichting, H.W.
Schlichting, J.L.
Schmidt, C.H.
Schulz, F., Jr.
Schutt, C.
Sharpless, W.H.
Smith, J.E.
Smith, O.H.
Smith, W.T.
Soper, M.H.
Stanton, J.W.R.
Stevens, R.
Storbeck, O.C.
Streuli, W.
Tallon, James L.
Titsworth, A.D.
Utz, F. W.
Volk, A.J., Jr.
Vorrath, C.
Weller, E.
Weller, W.
Wilson, W.B.
Wordemann, B.A.
Baur, Mrs. Hugo
Bollman, Florence A.
Brodmerkel, Mrs. C., Jr.
Bruning, Marie
Campbell, A. C. M.
Carr, J. Alice
Catoggio, Antoinette
Catoggio, Marie V.
Clinton, Elizabeth B.
Coleman, Mrs. J. C.
Coyle, Eleanor G.
Coyle, Mabel L.
Daab, Gretchen B.
Fagan, Mrs. John J.
Garrett, Helen
Greil, Caroline
Harvey, Frances B.
Hill, Irma
Jaeger, Marie
Leinkauf, Sadie F.
Lowenherz, Lillian
Ludwig, Elida
Martin, Mrs. A. M.
McCague, Ida
Miller, Florence
Miller, Madeline
Muller, Marguerite
Mooney, Grace A.
Patterson, Agnes M.
Perry, Arethusa
Pope, Gertrude
Pupke, Marie M.
Roberts, Edith A., C.
Rosenkrans, May E.
Schmidt, Ella L.
Schuck, Mrs. E. K.
Sengstacke, Augusta
Shippen, Frances W.
Shippen, Katherine B.
Smith, Marjorie A.
Stack, Tessie
Stillman, Anita M.
Tallon, Anna C.
Tallon, Mary E.
Timken, Florence B.
Vezzetti, Sylvia
Walthour, Mrs. W. L.
Date 1915-1915
Year Range from 1915
Year Range to 1915
Search Terms Hoboken Tennis Club
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Classification Sports
Social & Personal Activity
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