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Title Passenger list: S.S. Veendam, Holland America Line, Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne sur mer & Southampton, Wed., June 30, 1926.
Object Name List, Passenger
Catalog Number 2014.046.0018
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Collection Holland-America Line Memorabilia Collection
Credit Adriaan P.L Roggeveen Collection. Gift of Robert Roggeveen.
Scope & Content Passenger list: S.S. Veendam, Passenger List, Holland America Line, Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne sur mer and Southampton, Wednesday, June 30, 1926.

Booklet, 5-1/4" x 8" high, [8] pp. plus color lithographed covers. Front cover has depiction of the S.S. Statendam; back cover has 3 sentimental artist's vignette views of Dutch scenes. See notes for list of first and second cabin passengers and staff. PDF on file.

Provenance: Collection of Adriaan P.L. Roggeveen.
He was the former Operations Manager of Holland America operations in Hoboken, retiring in 1953 and living on the New Jersey coast.

He, along with his wife and son Adriaan, were listed as First Cabin passengers on this voyage.

This ship would be the Veendam (2). New York was Hoboken which was their American home port.

Holland-America is hypenated in this publication.
Notes Archives 2014.046.0018








OFFICERS of the Twin Screw Turbine Steamship "VEENDAM”

KROL, Commander.


BOSHOFF, Chief Officer.

WILLEMAN, Chief-Engineer. Dr. PERENYI, Physician.
BARON, Purser. TRESFON, Chief-Steward.




Berths are reserved upon payment of one fourth of the full passage money with a minimum of $ 60,— for each berth in the first class and upon payment of $ 20.— for each berth in the cabin- or in the second class. The balance on the passage-ticket must be paid at least three weeks before sailing.

When sending deposit-money, Passengers are requested to state at the same time their full names and whether the berths are intended for ladies, gentlemen, or married couples. In case, upon receipt, all berths should be engaged, the money so paid will be refunded or accommodation reserved on a later steamer, if desired.

Holders of Return tickets can apply for accommodation for the return trip upon writing to the Company to this effect, stating the number of their ticket, the names of the Passengers entitled to transportation, the name of the steamer and date of sailing.

If accommodation at the rate paid should not be available, higher or lower priced accommodation if available will be offered, and when accepted, the difference in price will be collected or will be refunded as the case may be, before the Passenger embarks.

Orders given by telegraph must be followed immediately by the deposit-money or full passage amount and confirmed by letter.

No orders for berths will be accepted, if the date of sailing is not named.

Tickets are strictly personal and cannot be transferred to others without the consent of the Company; they are valid only for the steamer and sailing named in the ticket.

Passengers wishing to cancel their passage or wishing to be transferred to another sailing, must give notice to that effect at least three weeks in advance.

Should Passengers fail to notify the Company in accordance with the above, 50 O/o of the passage money will be forfeited, unless in case of „vis major” (sickness) or in case the Company has been able to resell the accommodation, originally reserved for the Passenger, in which latter case 10 % of the passage money will be deducted for booking fee when refunding the amount paid.


Round trip tickets are issued without any reduction these tickets are valid one year from date of issue.


Baggage intended for delivery at ports in the United States other than the port of arrival, or in transit through the United States to a foreign country, may be forwarded without the assessment of duty at the port of New York, by the various railroads and express-companies, whose representatives will be found on the pier, provided the intention of Passengers to have their baggage forwarded in bond be indicated in the customs-declarations to be filled out on board before the steamer’s arrival, and provided the value of such baggage be stated in said declarations.


The Company's liability for baggage is strictly limited, but arrangements have been made whereby Passengers can have same insured against loss by sea or land.

A circular with full particulars re this insurance can be had on application at the Purser’s Office.


The steamers are provided with a limited number of deck chairs which can be hired either at the different Offices of the Company or on board at $ 1,50 for the single voyage. Such chairs must be returned to the Chief Steward on or before arrival.


Steamer rugs can be hired on board from the Purser at the rate of $ 1,50 for one trip; they must be returned to the Chief Steward on or before arrival.


Rotterdam - Boulogne-sur-Mer - Southampton - New York (via Halifax)
(Subject to change without notice)

and SOUTHAMPTONTwin-Screw Steamersand BOULOGNE-s/M.
1926 1926
Wednesd.June 30.4.45 A.M.Veendam Saturd.July17
Wednesd.July 7.12.05 A.M.Volendam Saturd.July24
Wednesd. " 14.4.15 A.M.Nieuw AmsterdamSaturd."31
Tuesday " 20.9.45 P.M.Rotterdam Saturd.Aug.7
TuesdayAug. 3.10.15 P.M.Veendam Saturd.Aug.21
Wednesd." 11.3.30 A.M.Volendam Saturd."28
Tuesday" 17.8.45 P.M.Nieuw AmsterdamSaturd.Sept.4
Wednesd." 25.2.45 A.M.Rotterdam Saturd."11
Wednesd.Sept. 1.8.- A.M. †Ryndam Saturd.Sept.18
Wednesd. " 8. 2.30 A.M.Veendam Saturd...25
Wednesd. " 15.6.30 A.M.Volendam Saterd.Oct.2
Wednesd." 22.1.30 A.M.Nieuw AmsterdamSaturd."9
Wednesd." 29.7.15 A.M.Rotterdam Saturd."16
Wednesd.Oct. 6.12.30 A.M.†Ryndam Saturd.Oct.23
Wednesd." 13.4.30 A.M.Veendam Saturd."30

†All steamers are carrying first, second and third class passengers, except s.s. "Ryndam”, which will carry only cabin" and third class passengers.

Westbound all steamers call at Boulogne-sur-Mer and Southampton for the embarkation and landing of passengers from and to France and Great Britain.



Mr. A. L. van Ameringen.
*Mrs. G. O. Andrews.
*Jhr. M. M. van Asch van Wijck.
*Mrs. M. M. van Asch van Wijck.
*Jonkvrouwe M. C. van Asch van Wijck.
*Jonkvrouwe C. H. van Asch van Wijck.
†Mrs. B. W. Awde.
*Mr. Bingham.
†Dr. Th. L. Blanchard.
†Mrs. Th. L. Blanchard.
*Mr. F. Brandenstein.
*Mr. Brown.
*Mr. A. Buxtorf.
*Miss E. H. Clark.
Col. L. V. Coleman.
†Dr. H. J. Combs.
†Mrs. H. J. Combs.
*Mr. Couiteas.
Mr. A. E. van Court.
Mrs. A. E. van Court.
Mast. A. E. van Court Jr.
*Mr. Crabites.
*Mrs. Crabites.
*Mrs. C. Curtin.
†Mr. H. T. Cusack.
Miss M. G. Daveis.
Miss M. S. Daveis.
*Mr. Dole.
Mr. E. Douglas.


Mrs. E. Douglas.
Mr. G. A. Dunlop.
Mrs. G. A. Dunlop.
†Miss W. M. Ellison.
†Mr. H. Eloesser.
†Mrs. H. Eloesser.
*Mrs. W. H. Fain.
Miss E. H. Flynt.
*Mr. W. C. Ford.
*Miss E. Golde.
†Hon. H. C. Grice.
†Miss E. E. Grice.
Mr. M. S. Hall.
†Miss L. A. Haynes.
*Dr. P. Hirzel.
Miss L. Jacoby.
Miss M. Jacoby.
†Mrs. W. G. Johnston.
†Mr. P. K. Karberg.
†Mrs. P. K. Karberg.
Mr. P. van Klaveren.
Mr. K. Kwiatkowski.
Mr. A. L. de Leeuw.
Mrs. A. L. de Leeuw.
Miss A. de Leeuw.
Miss C. de Leeuw.
Mr. L. Lowenfels.
Mrs. L. Lowenfels.
Mr. M. Maazel.
*Mr. M. J. Mandelbaum.
*Mrs. M. J. Mandelbaum.
†Miss A. McDonald.
*Mr. Megroz.


FIRST CABIN - Continued.

*Mrs. Megroz.
Mr. J. C. Miller.
Mrs. E. C. Miller.
Mr. A. S. Miller.
Miss N. Morison.
Mr. T. L. Mulheirn.
Mrs. T. L. Mulheirn.
Miss H. L. Mulheirn.
Miss R. L. Mulheirn.
Mr. D. L. Newman.
Mrs. D. L. Newman.
Mr. E. M. Parker.
Mrs. G. M. Parker.
Miss S. Parker.
Mr. G. S. Parker.
*Mrs. Parker,
*Mr. Th. A. Quan.
*Mrs. Th. A. Quan.
*Miss M. Quan.
Mr. E. R. Reno.
Mrs. E. R. Reno.
Mr. F. L. M. Richardson Jr.


†Miss M. Richardson.
Mrs. M. Roeg.
Mr. J. W. Roels.
Mrs. J. W. Roels.
Mr. A. P. L. Roggeveen.
Mrs. A. P. L. Roggeveen.
Mast. A. Roggeveen.
†Mrs, G. C. Sherman.
†Dr. Ch. A. Shields.
†Mr. I. J. Shrier.
†Mrs. I. J. Shrier.
*Mr. J. Stanton.
*Mrs. J. Stanton.
Mr. J. Vromen.
Mrs. J. Vromen.
*Miss M. A. West.
Mr. I. G. Whitney.
Mrs. I. G. Whitney.
†Miss R. G. Whitney.

* Embark at Boulogne sur Mer.
† ""Southampton.



Mrs. W. Albregt.
*Miss A. Aldrich.
Mrs. M. Bekicr.
Mr. W. Blaak.
*Miss L. Bruckman.
Miss H. Dorgelo.
Mr. J. A. Eggen.
Mr. Fr. Hacquebord.
Mr. J. C. A. v. d. Heyden.
Mr. J. A. Hondius van Herwerden.
Mrs. J. J. M. Hoogendyk.
*Miss K. Kelly.
Mr. G. J. Kroes.
Miss I. Ophoves.
Mr. G. Ott.
Mr. H. Pekelsma.
Mrs. H. Pekelsma.
Miss Cl. A. Pekelsma.
Mast. H. Pekelsma.
Miss M. Ringelstein.
Mr. H. W. Schreurs.
Miss C. M. J. Sens.
Mr. Fr. Slickers.
Miss V. van der Woude.


Mr. G. v. Zanen.
Mrs. G. v. Zanen.
Miss J. v. Zanen.
Mr. H. Zoet.
Mr. M. Zoet.

* Embark at Boulogne sur Mer.


People Roggeveen, Adriaan P.L.
Date 1926
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S.S. Veendam
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