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Title Index volume for Exempt Firemen of Hoboken with names & certificate number for period 1849-ca. 1910; creation date ca. 1908-1910.
Object Name Index
Catalog Number 2011.HFDM.0001
MULTIMEDIA LINKS CLICK HERE to view the PDF; note - please be patient while file opens.
Collection Hoboken Fire Department Museum (HFDM) Collection
Credit Courtesy of Hoboken Fire Department Museum (HFDM).
Scope & Content Index volume for Exempt Firemen of Hoboken with names of members of Hoboken volunteer firemen with certificate number. Leather bound volume with holographic ink entries. No creation date, circa 1908-1910

A record related to the Assembly of Exempt Firemen or the Association of Exempt Volunteer Firemen of the City of Hoboken.

Original volume is in collection of Hoboken Fire Department Museum. PDF on file of scanned page images & document of contents transcribed 2011; transcription on file as .rft text file. Tiffs media archive.
Warning: printing the full record will result in an over fifty-page printout.

Volunteer fire companies were founded in 1849 (township era) and the fraternal organization that this record book represents was founded in 1860.

Names were entered in alphabetical groups, but are not in strict alphabetical order. The name is followed by a number (or numbers) that was the certificate number issued to them with occasionally a reference to a page number. The dates of membership are not present here

Date entered is not present and were entered by two or three persons. Names are not a signature by the named individual.

In notes will be found the complete list in the order found with numbers. The people index will have the names only and in true alphabetical order.
Notes 2011.HFDM.0001
Index volume for Exempt Firemen of Hoboken with names of members of Hoboken volunteer firemen with certificate number. Leather bound volume with holographic ink entries. No creation date, circa 1908-1910. Membership date range from 1860 to ca. 1908-1910.

List below is in order found; see people index for true alphabetical list.
Abry, John A,217
Abry, Augustus E.303
Ackerman, Henry193
Ackerman, William1588
Acker, J.C.W.902
Adams, Thomas1489
Adams, Otto1673
Ahrens, Herman719
Aitkens, William B.201
Aives, George1337
Allison, Garrett S.83
Allison, Walter S.96
Allison, Michael S.43
Alberts, Robert H.484
Allen, Albert 513
Alexander, Smith1099
Aldoretta, Cappelia792
Allers, Charles889
Albrecht, J.1469
Amsberg, Paul921
Anderson, Daniel693
Anderson, Robert A. 725
Ansell, George1758
Antes, John C.1780
Applegate, Harrison71
Applegate, Ivin D.1117
Apple, Morris1049
Archer, Samuel227
Arratta, John1522
Arnold, William S.234
Archer, James R.1633
Armstrong, John 790
Arment, A.A.1462
Aschimann, John A. 251
Aschimann, Alfred276
Awee, George1565
Aymongo, Nestor455
Ashley, John1755

Barclay, Henry A.W.22
Banta, Michael19
Backer, Christian48
Bampton, George W.56
Baldwin, Bradley H.293
Bayles, Stephen320
Balliere, Charles 101 & 166
Barre, Frederick 263
Bauer, Charles250
Bache, George F.511
Baker, William K.592
Barrett, Richard741
Bahrenburg, John869
Barker, Thomas898
Baeder, Frank924
Baker, William G.927A
Bartels, Frederick967
Bahrenburg, Henry992
Baehr, George1002
Barry, Patrick1240
Barr, Mathew1048
Bauer, John1300
Barrett, James1067
Barry, Edward P.1067(sic)
Bartlett, John H.1090
Bandman, Julius1123
Batemann, C.1175
Badvis, C.1199
Barrett, Michael1215
Barry, Patrick1292
Barcliff, J.S.1269
Baum, Henry1128
Baird, J.1634
Barker, Abraham153
Barrille, James1456
Bagley, Patrick1682 + P78
Backer, William1708
Bauman, Emil1712 + P76
Beard, George62
Bear, Soloman111
Betje, Robert J.278
Bernard, Charles J.147
Bently, John Thomas337
Bean, Peter G.370
Besson, Robert H.491
Besson, John493
Benson, Edward 531
Beerman, John600
Berry, Pyatt 618
Benson, James766
Beberdick, Charles495
Bernett, J.G.928
Berenburg, Herman953
Beissbarth, Julius1011
Benson, Charles W.1132
Bersina, William H.1392
Bennett, Thomas1402
Berry, A.S.1442
Behrman, H.L.1445
Berry, R.F.1454
Bennett, William150
Bechtell, Thomas1479
Besse, E.W.1529
Bennett, John1672
Bender, F.W.1584

Bishop, John E.507
Bieb, Thiess987
Bischoff, J.1496
Bischoff, Henry M.532

Blair, E.W. 632
Blair, J.D.975
Blohm, Henry1298
Blackburn, Andrew1387 & P74
Blauvelt, Daniel55
Blumenberg, William1535
Bluhm, Adolph1747

Bodine, Bart93
Board, John M.117
Boose, Joseph269
Boyd, Andrew A.339
Bogert, Seba M. 362
Bowes, Michael545
Bogert, Garet573
Bowes, Francis594
Bownes, Joseph W.647
Boyle, John847
Bollinger, Jacob939
Bonner, William968A
Bowdin, Michael 1109
Bowen, George1327
Bonner, Adam1139
Booken, C.1147
Bock, William H.1246
Bostelman, H.E.1277
Borck, Henry689
Bonta, A.K.1548
Bourdonnay, Lewis1721
Bock, John1764

Brewer, Nelson58
Brundage, William14
Brower, Charles M.57
Broadmeadow, Jales [Jabez]107
Bradford, John294
Brown, John E.221
Brock, Michael230
Brush, Edgar A. 241
Bremond, Edward L.238
Brush, James K.190
Brinkerhoff, Henry G.327
Broadmeadow, Jales (or Jalez) 107
Broadmeadow, James 520
Brinkerhoff, Richard515
Breen, Thomas487
Brophy, Michael 538
Brown, Charles639
Bradbury, William667
Brazel, Andrew A.701
Bruggemann, Herman C. 803
Brennon, John824
Breslen, Michael872
Brasch, Adolph986
Brandes, Charles1058
Bruen, James1082
Brown, Henry1084
Bretzfeld, Jacob1095
Brunck, Ernest1122
Brandes, Frederick1126
Brooks, C.1216
Bradbury, Lawrence1371
Brockman, Herman1255
Brinkerhoff, J.J.473
Bramhall, Charles H.1533
Brambach, Joseph1404
Bruggemann, A.H.1473
Brodigan, Peter J.1549
Brown, Frederick L.1635
Briggs, Charles1644
Brown, Andrew1652
Brizzolasa, Ernest1678
Broadway, William1754
Bracken, Richard J.1783
Brackens, James1684

Burnham, George69
Burr, John G.66
Bushman, Philip C.189
Butts, Theophilus244
Buckard, Daniel314
Butts, Zepheniah321
Burbank, Richard C.377
Burchard, John347
Buck, Dennis M.654
Buss, Peter694
Burke, Patrick794
Burke, Walther997 & P76
Buck, John1014
Bussing, Anthony D.1036
Burke, Richard1297
Buchanan, J.1010
Buckley, Lawrence L.1138
Bunce, John1207
Bushfield, Thomas H.625
Buchanan, A.G.1467
Budenbender, Louis1528
Busher, George1626
Buehler, F.1733

Byrnes, Thomas1508

Carman, Henry G.122
Capes, John W.81
Cadmus, Michael V.195
Carpenter, Nathaniel O.270
Carman, Thomas146
Campen, Charles333
Carman, Charles B.530
Carney, William558
Carlin, Francis607
Carney, Jr., John A.850
Callahan, Charles910
Campbell, Patrick930
Carroll, William957
Castellar, John983
Cassidy, John1083
Callahan, Cornelius1124
Cassidy, F.1152
Carr, Richard1376 + P76
Casey, Patrick1380
Carr, John1386
Cavanagh, John1244
Carr, Michael1391
Carpenter, Franklyn B.144
Carlos, Thomas630
Cannon, John661
Cassidy, Lawrence1271
Campbell, John1474
Callahan, J.1499
Carroll, John J.1523
Cassel, Frederick1594
Carroll, Thomas1668
Cahill, William E.1772
Cassires, Frederick1694 + P78
Carmody, James1715
Campbell, James1742
Carter, S.A64

Ceieghino, Joseph1383

Chasmer, James141
Chamberlain, Frederick39
Childs, William H.135
Chandler, Wesley J. 521
Chamfrau, Peter F.580
Chapman, William M.1078
Chaplin, J.1429
Chaplin, Edgar1702

Ciola, Henry1604

Clinton, Charles67
Cloyd, John P.75
Clark, Stephen S.258
Clark, Charles J.157
Clayton, Peter196
Clark, Charles G.400
Clark, Christopher446
Claussen, F.449
Clark, James460
Clark, Henry J.485
Clark, George J.606
Clevene, Mathew723
Cleary, Thomas819
Clayton, John1423
Clark, P.1671
Cloyd, JamesA62
Clark, ThomasA65

Cole, Richard97 + 255
Commersail, Henry171
Cook, Ramon M.274
Conklin, Mathew297
Consmuller, Charles185
Cooper, William378
Coppers, Dennis416
Couvoissier, George518
Corwin, William T.527
Colgan, Bernard 534
Covoissier, Alexander536
Clogan, Andrew549
Coughlin, James555
Costello, Owen602
Cook, Edward684
Collins, Michael891
Costello, Owen[no number]
Coughlin, Edward919
Connors, Hugh1004
Condit, William L.1018
Cook, Abraham1326
Conlin, Timothy1353
Conrad, Henry1359
Connick, Patrick1250
Conklin, Warren682
Cohen, Charles1176 + P64
Connors, Michael J.1681
Conroy, Peter1698
Coppinger, John1716
Conway, Daniel J.1717
Coopman, Edward1461
Condon, John1600
Concannon, John1787
Corbett, Alexander1788

Crane, Morris K. 32
Crisman, Charles L.4
Cranstoun, James396
Creviere, Julien403
Crane, Bethuel N.114
Creviere, John C.579
Creviere, August E.603
Crispell, Isaac643
Croak, Edmund673
Crissey, Samuel F.1118
Crane, Edwin N.1247
Cronk, John1390
Crane, William B.1160
Craig, Thomas1590
Craig, John1724

Curry, Robert268
Curtis, William H.256
Curran, Jr., James535
Curry, Thomas556
Curdy, Robert922
Cullen, Andrew1085
Cuddy, John J.1773

Daly, William D. 1703 + P76
Daly, Frank1537
Damin, H.1470
Davidson, J.1465
Davin, John738
Darr, John1519
Davis, John129
Davis, James130
Darr, John214
Darr, John590
Davenport, Stephen1140
Davenport, John A.1285
Dewey, James H.51
Dewint, Samuel H.109
De Ivernois, Gabriel E.194
Demarest, Martin R. 7
Detloff, Charles253
Delelvryn, Henry257
Degreck, Charles335
Decker, William384
Dewey, Jr., James471
Demott, William500
Dede, George M.514
Dede, Jr., John646
Dempsey, William1394
Denny, R.A.1051
Delisle, Oscar1054
Devitt, John J.1339
Delaney, Joseph E.1355
Dell, Louis1336
Deutch, Charles121
Demartin, James1449
Dersing, G.H.H.1587
Desmond, P.W.1608
De Martini, Louis1649
Demarest, James B.A 66

Dick, Charles21
Dillon, Joseph K.489

Dorcey, Thomas 223
Dooley, Michael425
Dooley, Thomas 565
Donnely, James604
Doser, William H.712
Dougherty, J.R.717
Donnovan, Michael727
Dorsett, Timothy W.822
Doherty, John896
Doorley, John900
Dougherty, Charles901
Dollard, James1023
Donohue, Simon1098
Donnelly, M.1262
Dooley, John. H.1581
Doublebee, Henry1539
Donaldson, Samuel1645
Dower, George W.1685

Drescher, Frederick480
Drews, Frank1316
Driscoll, P.1511

Dubois, George310
Duckwitz, Charles512
Duffy, Patrick411
Duyrea, Jacob668
Durlacher, Louis 751
Durlacher, Max1091
Duffy, Owen1130
Dunn, J.J.1231
Duryea, Eugene1374
Duddy, M.1493
Duff, Owen1514
Duryea, John H.1697 + P78
Duffy, P.H.1704 + P78

Dwyer, Edward854

Dykeman, Frederick710
Dykeman, Albert A.376

Earle, Henry173
Eagan, Bernard648
Eagan, Patrick700
Eagan, Dennis708
Eagan, Daniel793
Eaves, John M.998
Eagan, James1028

Eberhart, John631
Eckerman, Gustave1203

Edmonsl[or t]oun, Samuel S.510

Egler, Ernest E. 962

Eichorn, Ernest1566
Eisengardt, John E.343
Eichner, Theodore C.613
Eichner, Ferdinand1038

Elston, Oscar860
Ellis, William873

Emerson, Napoleon E.1707

Engard, Joseph S.595
Engle, George L.742
Engel, Charles995

Erion, Henry1625
Erbeck, Henry1647
Erdman, Henry281
Ernest, William1389
Ermisch, Charles F.1784

Esser, Godrey1403
Esser, Herman1589

Evans, William R.112
Evans, John1163
Evener, James1579 + P76

Faas, W.1674
Faber, Henry1628
Farrell, John1450
Fash, Jessie28
Falce, Alexander(A207)
Farmer, Gordon232
Faasch, Henry F.254
Farrell, Patrick546
Farmer, James771
Fallon, J.J.969
Fagan, Lawrence1135
Farran, James H.1399
Farrell, James1739

Fenton, D.1500
Fennell, Christopher1478
Feickert, Charles
Fehrns, William1663
Feyh, Alexander 608
Featherston, John787
Fenton, James855
Fenton, Patrick1096
Feddermann, G. H.1170

Fitzpatrick, Richard1531
Finlay, John1475
Fink, Louis669
Fitzpatrick, Joseph713
Finkenstaid, Rudolph746
Fink, John1021
Fincken, Frederick1065
Fitzpatrick, J. B.1675
Fitzpatrick, Michael[no number]
Fitzpatrick, Thomas1127 + 1512
Fields, Jr, Thomas1195
Fischer, John1059
Fields, James H.1541
Fitzpatrick, John T.1572
Fields, Thomas A.63

Flowers, George W.180
Flowers, James W.181
Flattery, John548
Flynt, Lyman C.612
Florh, William696
Flattery, Owen704
Flynn, Michael1143
Flagg, James1234
Flemming, John M.1241
Flaherty, Michael1272
Flock, George W.1406
Flynn, Peter1487 + P70
Flynn, John J.1728

Ford, Charles550
Forst, Joseph569
Fox, William706
Foster, Robert801
Foley, Timothy834
Foley, Terrance1501
Forbes, Charles H.960
Foggerty, Peter1328
Fox, C.1144
Foerster, Frederick1369
Fowler, J.F.1228
Fosdick, William1428
Forbes, C.E.1468
Ford, William1639 + P76
Foley, James1654
Foley, M.1718 + P78
Fowler, Robert1743

Fredericks, Samuel R.87 + 124
Francis, John M.140
Frickell, Lepold1578
Frudden, Frederick1621

Funcheon, Martin593
Futterer, Valentine1237
Futterer, Henry H.1362
Furst, William1455
Fussell, George1751

Gaskins, Henry G.139
Gardner, James H.199
Gardner, Daniel L.300
Gardinor, John M.282
Gardner, George B.183
Garrabrant, John H.609
Gallagher, Patrick670
Gaertner, Adam716
Garrison, William B.752
Gallagher, James835
Gardner, William H.903
Gahagan, William A.1079
Gaynor, Thomas1194
Garbade, Henry1414
Gallagher, Daniel1606

Geer, George G.160
Gelston, William1117 (or H17)
Geer, Warren G.264
Geer, John G.137
Geayer, James A.581
Geiger, Jacob680
Georgeot, Charles827
Gerken, C.940
Geery, John 955
Germann, Charles994
Gebhart, George1397
Geiger, Frank1719 + P76
Geisler, Herman 1726 + P78
Gebhardt, George W.1686

Gilmore, Noah118
Gibson, Samuel 426
Gelfillian, Archibald734
Gelkyson, Elias 802
Gelfillian, John929
Gillen, John1007
Gilloon, W.C.1204
Gilday, John1567
Gilloon, MIchael T.1219
Giblin, Michael1648

Glashoff, J.1334
Glander, John1407
Glynn, P.1513

Gopil, William80
Gossenberger, W.38
Goodspeed, Arthur29
Gordon, James464
Goreman, Rodger733
Goble, J.R.769
Goehner, Sebastian1291 + P70
Goerig, Theodore W.1017
Godfrey, J.M.1463
Gonzales, J.1504
Good Sr., Thomas1618
Golden, Philip1713

Grischell, Julius70
Grady, James541
Griffen, James544
Green, John622
Gregg, Edward737
Gross, Charles932
Grimm, Herman1022
Grey, Joseph1087
Griffen, John1343
Grater, William A.1248
Graun, F.895
Grady, John1546
Graves, Louis1545
Gronan, J. T. W.1616
Granbdunkel, Henry1782

Guinnan, Michael665
Guinan, James766 + 776
Guinan, Daniel843
Guihan, John1595

Havens, Rensaler77
Harring, John W.84
Hatfield, James T.20
Harris, William M.108
Havens, Samuel R.187
Harring, Richard208
Hagan, Charles876
Havens, John H.290
Hartung, William 316
Havens, Charles G.156
Havens, William H.159
Handen, John356
Hausch, John341
Hassard, Richard375
Hankins, Henry H.417
Havens, Thomas161
Hall, Thomas H.562
Hanrehan, James542
Hartung, William561
Hainning, William577
Hart, John651
Hampe, Adolph691
Havens, Richard R.750
Hagan, James799
Hanify, Frank841
Hagan, Charles158
Hanlon, James913
Havens, Edward W.905
Hamann, F.941
Hart, Louis982
Harriott, D.H.1003
Haw, Walter1008
Harrison, William H.1026
Hachmann, Edward1295
Hanlon, Edward1050
Hanger, Oscar1060
Harksen, James1307
Hartnett, Lawrence1310
Hayden, Patrick1320
Hagerty, Henry C.1132
Hartell, A.B.1179
Haniquett, William H.1183
Haughey, Francis S.1190
Havens, John W.1233
Hammill, John1268
Hawley, Mathew167
Hastings, John188
Havens, John463
Hanrehan, Alexander836
Hagen, John W. 865 1169 + P66
Hagen, Barney1476
Harrass, William1421
Hansen, Ernest C.1562
Hasselbrock, William1573
Harrison, Christopher1641
Harksen, A.J.1661
Haff, P.1735 + P78
Harrigan, J.P.1696 + P78
Harrington, George1714
Harrigan, James M.1727
Haggerty, Joseph1756
Hassett, Michael1786

Hersee, William5
Heller, Paul292
Herring, William A.318
Hemenover, William H.298
Hemken, Otto203
Hedges, Erastus383
Hedges, Charles461
Hester, Henry568
Henry, Robert628
Heffernan, Michael640
Heffrin, Edward681
Heine, F.W.745
Herman, John770
Heinson, William H.767
Hess, John F.881
Heffernan, William690
Herwig, Jr., Frank952
Helms, Charles1000
Heeney, Francis1027
Heffernan, Thomas1073
Hertler, [n/a]1146
Hearn, David F.1356
Hecking, Edward1253
Hedges, James H.1265
Heagan, Charles885
Herte, William F.1349
Heinsohn, Frederick1352
Heckt, August1448
Heinsohn, George1442
Healy, J.J.1516
Henry, William1582
Heinson, John H.1574
Healy, P.J.1705
Henkel, Frank1665

Higgins, Aldolphus100
Higgins, John106
Hill, James R.224
Higgins, Francis H.123
Higgins, Charles 207
Hilke, Philip365
Hilzheim, Samuel346
Hilliard, P.C.488
Higbee, William523
Hines, John H.773
Higgins, William 795
Hicks, Charles A.1006
Hill, Frederick1061
Higgins, David1064
Hilpert, A.1440
Hicks, Nathaniel 1164
Hilpert, John1520
Hill, Thomas J.1521

Houseman, James49
Houseman, Cornelius B.31
Howard, John272
Hollman, Charles440
Horton, Daniel B.560
Holleran, Patrick599
Holleran, John763
Hopkins, Henry805
Houseman, John B.829
Hogan, James823
Horrigan, John909
Hoffmire, Theodore963
Hourigan, John T.1119
Hoffman, Conrad1136
Hotham, August1167
Howe, John A.1220A
Horrigan, Joseph1422
Holstfeller, Edward1417
Hourigan, James F.1426
Hoops, D.D.1466
Hoeble, August1605
Hoffman, Frederick1792
Hoffman, C.1738

Hull, George L.68
Hughes, Edward 271
Hunt, George W.191
Huncke, John202
Hutchinson, Mathew 453
Hutchinson, Henry605
Huesman, Louis A.1030
Hunt, James574A
Huff, Cornelius839
Hull, John1200
Hurley, James1656 + P76
Hughes, Patrick1755

Idell, James C.162
Idell, George H.443
Ingleson, Isaac976
Ireland, John89
Irwin, Robert249
Irwin, William[no number]
Irmirsch, August 747
Irwing, Samuel1185

Iseral, Louis1055
Isral, Joseph934
Iselton, Charles63

Iverling, Henry656

Jacob, Charles E.205
Jacobson, Warren A.350
Jacobus, Albert564
Jagels, J.H.1313
Jann, Charles1102
Jackson, Henry1222
Jaeger, W.1739

Jessup, Silas H.37
Jewett, Edward G.360
Jeager, Albert958
Joralemon, William304
Johnson, Augustus317
Johnson, Francis331
Jordan, Thomas635
Johnson, John C.658
Johnson, D.981
Joeckel, George 1031
Johnson, Edward105
Johnson, John1145
Johnson, S.J.1180
Johnson, John1276
Johnson, August1640
Johnson, G.F.1460
Joyce, Martin1629
Jones, Tustin164
Jones, Thomas165

Jurgens, Ferdinand1370
Judge, Mathew899
Judge, William P.404
Judge, Jeremiah 405
Jurgensen, Julius1451
Jungerman, Carl E.1569

Katenkamp, Henry20
Kayser, William 812
Kaufman, Charles880
Kaiser, Frank1303
Katz, Charles1325
Kaufman, Otto T.1107
Kammel, Frank1120
Kane, James1173
Kammerer, Herman1354
Kammerer, Leo1394
Kamena, John379
Kayser, J.W.1433
Kane, Alfred 1598
Karle, William1651
Kattaw, H.1732
Kaufman, Frederick1693 + P76

Kennedy, Patrick1785
Kennedy, James P.1790
Kelly, Theodore1700
Kelly, Thomas1597
Kennedy, John148
Kennedy, Lawrence229
Keim, Otto328
Keiser, Adolph352
Kennedy, Edward456
Kenny, Peter586
Keifer, Frederick663
Kennedy, James721
Kennedy, Thomas755
Kelly, Simon761
Kearns, Michael 762
Kemp, Joseph807
Kelly, John838
Kenny, James933
Kennedy, John964
Kennedy, H.F.966
Kerr, Edwin972
Kealy, R.980
Kelly, Patrick1116
Kerrigan, Peter1360
Kearns, James J.1236
Kerrigan, James F.1385
Keirnan, John1110
Kennedy, Alfred1602
Kenna, J.E.1667
Kelly, James1690 + P78
Kealy, P.J.1741

Kirk, Edwin R.218
Kimmel, Albert251
Kilmer, Harvey325
Kirk, Edward386
King, Henry S.394
Kimball, Hazen435
Kivlon, Patrick483
Kilmer, Moses516
Kivlon, Michael497
Kivlon, John 629
Kirkpatrick, James731
Kivlon, Edward F.1024
King, Theodore1072
Kieley, Edward1104
Kiernan, John1110
Kivlon, Charles1125
King, John1093
King, Charles1192
King, C.H.1342
Kilkenney, Thomas1261
Kieswetter, Ernest1178
Kieswetter, R.1734
Kisshauer, E.1737

Klattenhoff, George402
Klansecker, George1016
Kluscker, George1001
Klein, Jacob 1754
Klune, Herman1279
Koldt, William1749

Kniffen, James H.528

Kohler, Silvester R.361
Kost, William209
Korbett, Louis216
Koop, Frederick K.E.235
Kotzberg, Albert351
Kohler, Henry373
Koff, Henry862
Koch, Frederick943
Koehler, William938
Koenig, Henry1315
Koch, Charles1314
Korbett, George1111
Koelhew, Henry1363
Koch, C.G.1229
Kronk, John1390
Korn, Emil P.1459
Koehler, George1615
Koyne, Thomas1515

Krabrowsky, Henry406
Kruger, John492
Krollman, Andrew783
Kroog, Bernard884
Kruger, Charles993
Kreiner, William1161
Kruse, Julius C.1664
Krapels, Louis1762

Kumast, Augustus306
Kucks, C.H. 1379
Kupper, J.E.W.1267

Lansen, Charles 82
Lancey, Charles 104
Lawrence, William B.76
Lawrence, Nicholas T.115
Landry, Paul175
Large, Samuel225
Lange, Valentine267
Landseidel, Charles1073
Lannigan, John1318
Layburn, Robert1333
Layburn, James1375
Larkins, William1259
Lang, Henry1286
Lannigan, James1382
Lang, Patrick1630
Lally, Michael1662

Lee, Newton P.174
Lewis, John1112
Letts, William246
Lemon, Samuel312
Luerssen, George358
Lemon, Walter458
Levering, Franklin T.645
Lee, John655
Letts, William H.954
Leonard, Edward991
Leitzeiser, Henry1308
Lewis, John222
Lee, William1396
Lewis, Richard P.1365
Lennon, A.J.1544

Little, Andrew W.206
Lipps, Joseph582
Lindner, Nicholas C.615
Lindeman, August624
Livesey, John649 + 743
Lievre, Eugene728
Linn, Philip959
Linn, Jacob1019
Lipple, Charles1331
Liffers, Apollo1532
Lindeman, Albert1577
Linz, William1631

Lloyd, Thomas1075

Logan, Thomas566
Louer, Philip G.168 + 245
Lozier, Cornelius399
Logan, James588
Logan, John781
Loeffler, Louis1311
Long, Stephen M.626
Love, John A.1420
Loftus, Thomas1507

Luhrs, Herman237
Ludwig, Charles308
Lutenschlager, Joseph334
Lutge, Adolph434
Ludwig, William 554
Lutkins, Andrew 897
Lundregan, Patrick779
Lutz, George1748

Lyons, Edward J.289
Lyons, Joseph1757

Luhra, Herman237
Ludwig, Charles308
Lutenschlager, Joseph334
Lutge, Adolph434
Ludwig, William554
Lutkins, Andrew 897
Lundregan, Patrick779
Lutz, George1748

Lyons, Edward J.289
Lyons, Joseph1757

McAllister, John280
McArdell, Joseph657
McAffee, William749

McBride, James 540

McCullough, James8
McCullough, John9
McCague, Robert252
McCarthy, Michael25
McCloskey, John338
McCullough, John R.391
McCune, William419
McCague, Jr., Robert459
McCann, Samuel724
McCarty, James 811
McCullick, James816
McCormick, Daniel791
McCourt, Thomas1377
McCormick, T.H.1209
McCulloch, William P.1043
McConnell, John888
McCarty, Richard830
McCormick, Jeremiah473
McCllough, J.1494
McCabe, John1711

McDonnough, Francis M.46
McDermott, William1150
McDougall, Henry398
McDermott, John1699 + P78

McGeough, Edward1412
McGuire, Nicholas797
McGovern, John 363
McGavisk, Peter433
McGrath, William B.1722
McGlade, William J.1788

McHugh, Jeremiah1157

McIntyre, Michael777 + P64
McIntosch, Joseph236
McIntire, John[no entry]
McIhargy, John438
McInness, David 990

McKenzie, Frederick233
McKay, Francis128
McKenna, Charles634
McKay, Niel 477
McKeon, Thomas1659
McKenna, James1720

McLaughlin, Thomas1506

McMahon, MIchael849
McMahon, John 912
McManus, James E.1695

McNamara, M.F.1097
McNabb, Frank1274

McQuade, James828

McShane, John1287

McWhorter, John E.287

Mathey, John L.212
Maynard, Francis L.215
Mathey, Augustus E.286
Macy, William A.275
Maxwell, Henry291
Mansell, Napoleon326
Maires, Lewis H.328
Matilie, Edward439
Malpas, Henry432
Maitland, Robert486
Madden, James J.478
Maxon, William479
Madden, Thomas504
Maynard, Francis S.559
Mabery, J.W.574
Mansell, J.P.575
Mack, Patrick678
Magrane, Henry S.687
Maloney, John707 + P64
Mager, John739
Mackey, Alexander764
Mahew, George B.774
Mahon, William786
Maloney, Patrick821
Mahon, William863
Marsh, Charles936
Martin, Peter949
Martin, David1015
Maher, Michael1042
Maloney, William1329
Max, David1134
Maddis, Christopher1340
Mahnken, D.H.1345
Mahon, William1191
Mahde, Charles1351
Madden, James1225
Mansette, James1220
Manderville, Edward1372
Madden, James736
Madden, Francis1223
Maloney, Patrick1368
May, Arthur1669
Mare, William1624
Maginiss, J.1497
Magedorn, R.1490
Malley, J.J.1483 + P76
Martin, Lawrence1637
Mansfield, Isaac1632
Markus, Morris1750
Madden, William T.1769
Martin, John (B207)
Maloney, Patrick1688

Meredith, Charles L.155
Meredith, John L.178
Merrill, Henry302
Merrill, George303
Merritt, Henry A.D.142
Meyster, Louis392
Melle, August355
Meystere, Daniel261
Mehan, Peter650
Merle, Adam664
Meyer, Frederick W. 833
Meyers, William 877 + pages 64 & 72
Meyer, Ernest C.868
Mechler, George M.804
Mertens, Henry950
Mehan, John920
Mehl, John1039
Mehan, Peter1077
Mehan, John J.1101
Meyer, Henry1591
Meicke, William1357
Meike, A.1427
Meyer, John D.1217
Mehan, Patrick1221
Meeks, F.M.1278
Megie, B.G.44
Merritt, John47
Meyer, J.F.1607
Mendel, J.H.1439
Meyers, H.J.1446
Meister, Albert J.1599
Meeks, Joseph1765
Meyers, Louis1683
Meyer, William1450A

Mickens, Thomas18
Miller, James248
Miller, John252
Minerley, Charles213
Minuet, Charles W.340
Miller, Eben390
Minthorn, John441
Mitchell, John W.430
Mills, A.S.431
Miller, Charles578
Michels, Gustave686
Mink, Frederick814
Miller, William871 + P72
Miller, Frank P.1676
Mitchell, WilliamA60
Miller, William1657

Mott, John74
Mount, Andrew79
Mount, J.D.P.15
Morton, Rutledge94
Morton, Edward R.143
Mortimer, George228
Morton, William D.219
Moller, Ch (Charles?)395
Montague, Horrace [Horace]412
Monk, Edward418
Moss, George A.415
Mortimer, Thomas672
Moore, John T.697
Moltz, Joseph908
More, William W.1041
Moyer, George1070
Moller, Henry J.1108
Morrisette, Joseph[no number]
Moltz, Henry1432
Moltz, Frank[no number]
Mohn, C.A.1613
Mossenger, J.1614
Moor, Henry [no number]
Moots, J.W.1527
Moorhead, F.1502
Moran, John 1710
Moest, Louis1774
Montanye, Charles S.1791

Mumford, Thomas88
Murphy, Michael329
Murphy, Michael498
Murphy, Moses 598
Mueller, Ferdinand693
Mullen, Peter740
Mulvanie, Owen1400
Mulvey, Thomas1238
Murphy, George1092
Murphy, Patrick918
Mullon, Anthony 571
Murray, A.H.813
Murphy, Michael864
Mullin, Owen1434
Mulvanie, John1486
Murphy, J.J.1509
Murtagh, Patrick C.1576
Murray, Peter J.1777
Muller, Anton1680 + P76
Mutchler, William H. 1730
Mulvaney, P.1740
Mumford, Pierson L.1416

Nafey, John42
Nafey, Aaron K.45
Naegeli, Rudolph714
Nagle, Samuel702
Nafey, Theodore1056

Neupert, Christopher 1526
Newman, Frank1068
Neveille, Thomas1768
Newton, T.S.1071
Nelson, John1177 + 1398

Nicholson, Robert636
Nicklausen, Nick1330
Nichols, John277 + 448

Norris, Eugene1518
Norris, John P.1585
Nodyne, Simeon W.1770

O'Brien, Daniel1670
O'Brien, Edward1436
O'Brien, Edward 906
O'Brien, James1270
O'Brien, Williamj1051 A
O'Brien, John J.1761
O'Brien, Daniel J.1770

O'Connors, William875
O'Connors, Richard[no number]
O'Connors, Michael J.1687

Ogden, Frederick B.116
Odell, William G.260
O'Donnell, John505
O'Donnell, Hugh T.601
O'Donnell, John722
O'Donnell, William J.1025
O'Donnell, James1040

O'Gara [no first name]789

Ohme, T.1281
O'Hara, John F.1227
O'Hara, J.1415

O'Keefe, Edward1257

O'Niel, John A.596

O'Rourk, John925
O'Reilley, Philip1162

Ostendorff, Lewis H.279
Osborne, A. Rowe393
O'Sullivan [no first name] 806

Otto, Henry131
Owen, John B.401
Owens, James H.1293

Parrisen, Otto N.30
Parslow, William N.231
Parker, Theodore S.239
Parker, John L.311
Patterson, John M.154
Patterson, John M.627
Patrick, James784
Patterson, William E.852
Paslach, George861
Patterson, Charles866
Parslow, William N.1080
Parker, Robert F.1358
Palmer, Charles1364
Palmer, Oscar1367
Pahl, G.1251
Paasch, Henry F.254
Pardee, William1405
Pahud, Eugene1408
Patterson, Alexander1550
Paul, George C.1627
Pahl, Henry1622
Paine, Harry1660

Peterson, Victor 1646
Peickert, Charles288
Perry, Charles T.24
Pereze, Gustave249 + 429
Peckham, William H.245
Perkins, John H.364
Peele, Robert366
Peer, Adam W.508
Peer, Michael621
Peer, John J.633
Peterson, Peter800
Perry, George T.1086
Peidman, Frederick G.1129
Pennock, Samuel L.1341
Peterson, Charles1211 + P66
Peel, William H.1361

Philips, Henry P.911
Phillips, Reuben 752
Phillips, George B.1568

Piedernan, Frederick407
Pierce, Charles442
Piser, Louis F.1638

Plummer, S.S.265
Plummer, William G.240
Plummer, Charles M.[no number]

Powles, Peter J. 52
Pope, Arthur50
Pollock, David133
Powell, William533
Pope, James E. 585
Pope, William C.138
Poles, Daniel200
Porter, William H.1620

Pryor, Elias T.78
Pryor, Michael198
Pruden, Theodore F.226
Price, Benjamin583
Prichard, John H.[no number]
Pratto, John1457
Proskie, Charles[no number]
Prentice, James C.1753

Psalmer, Adolph348

Pupke, J.C.T.450
Pupke, A.1174
Pullis, J.B.1264
Purdy, C.B.1736

Pyman, John177

Quirk, Daniel916
Queripill, Edward1430
Quidore, Henry1482
Quinlan, J.F.1510

Ratz, F.W.374
Raichlen, Louis853
Rathgeber, John 867
Rabold, John1431
Rabold, Frank1677

Renner, Jacob1601
Redfern, Richard73
Reed, Robert119
Reed, William C.572
Redding, Michael414
Redmond, Thomas462
Reed, David F.472
Reed, James A.616
Reinhardt, Charles757A
Reardon, Timothy798
Reardy, Thomas 808
Reid, James T.851
Reinhold, Charles J.944
Reese, Henry P.R.[no number]
Reinhardt, George P.984
Reffelt, Julius999
Redling, Augustus1032
Reich, John 1317
Reid, Charles1105
Reynolds, J.T.1443
Reibold, Charles 1744
Rees, William1746

Riley, Patrick1525
Rimbeck, W.1471
Rittberg, Henry1453
Ritter, George369
Rigney, William482
Richards, A.S.490
Ring, Henry 576
Richards, Philip659
Richards, Alfred893
Richards, Robert942
Ritter, Charles J.1168
Riker, John 1202
Richard, Lewis P.[no number]
Richards, John H.610

Roski, William1570
Roe, Charles J.163
Robbins, Augustus99
Robert, Eugene J.250
Roe, Peter266
Rogers, Stephen247
Rowan, John[no number]
Rockwell, Franklin B.367
Robinson, John J.409
Rowald, Andrew J.445
Robinson, Thomas454
Rowald, Frederick C.481
Roarty, James551
Robinson, William557
Rogers, Thomas591
Robertson, William826
Robertson, Alexander842
Roberts, Charles1034
Robinson, James1373
Rodenberg, H.1395
Rockey, James1435
Roll, Henry1561

Rulffs, Charles1266
Ruehl, Anthony C.1235
Rusch, William FR.1332
Russ, Emil1121
Russ, Robert951
Runton, William1035
Ruland, William1655
Russ, Theodore1020
Russell, Joseph584

Ryan, John506
Ryer, James552
Ryer, John M.653
Ryan, Patrick735
Ryan, Dennis945
Ryan, Mathew931
Ryan, John1131
Ryan, Joseph1182
Ryan, William1066 + P76
Ryszczinski, Frank1560
Ryan, William1689

Saltere, James176
Saltenstall, Gilbert285
Sanford, Abraham753
Samuels, Lawrence832
Satzger, Otto1155
Salters, D.B.1009
Saxton, E.H.1603

Schultz, F.26
Schneider, Peter53
Schlosser, Henry295
Schmidt, Charles299
Schroeder, Henry F.253
Schinzel, George P.283
Schreiner, Louis 305
Schmidt, William323
Scott, Moore243
Schmidt, Conrad332
Schreiber, Louis 342
Schmidt, Francis372
Schach, Conrad 368
Schmidt, Henry444
Schmidt, Herman562
Schultz, Albert662
Schalck, Charles W.1071
Schroeder, John 675
Schubert, William709
Schmidt, Richard720
Schmidt, August729
Schasberger, August764
Shoenfeldt, Cornelius857
Schoenfeldt, Frederick859
Schaffer, William971
Schlites, Jacob937
Schultz, Louis978
Schmidt, Charles1029
Schomp, George1280
Schmidt, Theodore1283
Schreoder [sic Schroeder], Charles D.1302
Schaefer, Charles1305
Schackel, Peter1306
Schroeder, John1312
Schmidt, Franklin1074
Schultz, Louis1166
Schneider, Peter1089
Schaller, Frank1189
Schalk, Charles671
Scott, James1252
Schmidt, Ernest1256
Schimmel, Z.[no number]
Schumacher, Charles M.1413
Schell, August1517
Schoenfelder, Anthony1536
Schoeller, Anthony1547
Schultz, Herman1564
Schwetze, John1592
Schmalley, O.J.1609
Schaff, F.1623
Scudder, Edward1653
Schmidt, Thomas1691
Schott, Charles1692
Schack, L.C.1731

Seifkes, Herman284
Seitz, Arthure420
Seibert, John M. 465
Seivers, Frederick617
Seybold, Robert 870
Sebastian, August1438
Seydler, Julius1171
Seymour, George F.1158
Seguine, Alfred1149
Seibert, William1304
Sexton, James O.519
Seward, Clarence B.1752

Shippen, William W. 1
Shaler, Alexander105
Shreve, Isaac11
Shepherd, William G.103
Shapter, John F.423
Shea, Jeremiah496
Sheahan, James543
Sheldon, Horace B.563
Sheets, Jacob660
Shugrue, Christopher692
Shilling, William695
Shine, Thomas831
Sheeahan, John844
Sheeran, James886
Sharkey, Patrick1013
Shea, John1033
Sharkey, Thomas1044
Shane, John M.[no number]
Sheehy, Edward G.1477
Sherwood, Joseph G.1534
Shippen, Francis1760

Sinclare, Graham357
Silk, Freeman J.194
Silleck, Ezekiel35
Sinnot, Peter679
Sinclare, John757
Sigler, H.927
Sigler, John964
Simpson, George1193
Sinclare, James1210
Simpson, J.974
Simmons, Corydon1338
Sipples, C.1458
Simpson, Richard1484
Simmons, N.B.1542
Simmons, Apehus1571

Skidmore, George330
Skidmore, George E.985

Slater, Thomas388
Sloyan, Thomas1224
Slicker, August1725

Smith, George H.125
Smith, Caleb126
Smith, James T.170
Smisson, John J.380
Smith, James494
Smith, Patrick502
Smith, Michael[no number]

Smith, George775
Smith, William C.904
Smith, Thomas G.1309
Smith, Barney887
Smith, Nicholas509
Smith, Charles1205
Smith, James1284
Smisson, Jr., J.J.744

Snediker, Edward95
Snyder, Harry1295
Soffel, Charles1153
Sorge, Fr. Adolph313
Solferino, John1643

Spiess, Charles23
Spadone, Amida349
Spencer, Daniel644
Spear, George M.856
Spear, Jr., George1047
Spohr, G.1230
Spohr, Charles1232
Spanburgh, Leonard1709 + P78

Squires, George730

Stevens, Jr., James A.85
Stagg, David J.3
Stickler, Joseph W.98
Stodard, Charles J.C207
Stevenson, James72
Stolz, Ludwig E.242
Staderman, John307
Storie, William447
Stolz, George W.442
Steil, Henry 451
Stewart, John M.[no number]
Stevens, John R.466
Stewart, Alexander468
Stephens, E.B.525
Stephens, J. Jacob597
Stanton, Frederick E.674
Stuhr, William715
Starke, Louis726
Stuart, Eugene469
Strebel, Charles837
Stuart, William J.1524
Stack, Edward782
Stein, Louis825
Streubel, Charles F.837 + P72
Stuart, Charles926
Strain, Robert971
Stimis, C.M.977
Stumpf, Charles979
Stoeber, George1290
Stewie, Henry1299
Strums, R.E.E.1338
Stanton, William1156
Stein, Charles1165
Staab, Washington1188
Strathman, John1346
Stickler, Charles1347
Storey, William W.1213
Stephens, Irwin1260
Stanton, E.R.1444
Storrs, George P.1472
Stockman, Edward1480
Stuhr, A.1596
Steadman, David H.1619
Steinert, August1789
Stanton, William C.1729

Suckley, John H.210
Sullivan, Patrick1053
Sullivan, John[no number]
Sullivan, Patrick1172
Sullivan, Denis1381
Sullivan, J.W.1142
Sullivan, James M.1776
Sutcliff, Edwin1779
Sullivan, D.1706 + P78

Swain, Jr., Thomas E.614
Swartz, F.[no number]
Swartout, Edward359

Syms, William H.1540

Taylor, John H.13
Tanner, William91
Tallon, Jr., James537
Taylor, Henry641
Taylor, William748 [?]
Tanner, James772
Tanne, Christian809
Taylor, George1254
Tautpoes, Henry1263
Tanner, Charles1425
Taylor, Walter1766

Teirney, William452
Terry, John R.296
Terhune, Stephen R.345
TenEycke, Andrew 410
Terhune, James B.467
Tepper, Otto H.1069
Tette, Emil1447
Terhune, William1781

Thompson [no first name][no number]
Thayer, E.P.408
Thomas, Ralph501
Thall, George637
Thall, John623
Thomas, Abraham[no number]
Thornton, William H.818
Thompson, John848
Thompson, Henry914 + 1388
Thompson, William915
Thompson, Edward965
Thompson, George1723
Theirstein, J.968
Thorpy, John587
Tilbey, David G.149
Tinkey, Isaac192
Timm, Henry G.220
Timmens, James685
Tiedeman, Henry1322
Tiedjen, John1344
Thorn, George935

Tompkins, Jared211
Tompkins, Chesterfield247
Tompkins, Lafayett33
Torley, Thomas476
Totten, R.B.524
Toole, Bernard547
Tobin, William705
Topser, Henry A.810

Tryon, Edward J.40
Traverse, George W. 319
Trenor, Henry385
Travas, Joseph1151

Tucker, George529
Tumsenden, Henry1324
Tucker, Charles1141
Tully, P.1503
Turney, Frank1583
Tuthill, GeorgeA61

Twaddell, Frank1586

Updyke, John86
Unrein, Charles688
Urquhardt, Robert961
Ulrich, Geogre1745

Valleau, Charles1197
Vanderwerken, T.H.36
Vanderberg, Samuel 132
Vanderburch, Martin 134

Veith, F.D.517

Villars, Jose 1063
Villaume, Victor436

Volk, John474
Volmer, Henry1452

Van Boskerck, Lucas A.16
Van Boskerck, John W.6
Van Boskerck, Lucas J.27

Van Glahn, Charles E.1580

Van Houten, A.R.54
Van Houten, Gillam10

Von Minden, Adolph1321

Van Tassel, Theodore34
Van Tassel, Howard 248
Van Tassel, William E.611

Van Woert, Theodore1642

Walton, Isaac152
Wadden, John L.113
Walsh, Thomas1481
Walker, John120
Ward, Charles W.110
Waldron, John R.102
Wallington, Samuel315
Wagner, Henry246
Waterburg, Rufus J.127
Wallace, Henry B.381
Walters, Gustave428
Wanner, A.619
Walker, Michael 638
Watchorn, William820
Wahlers, Frederick840
Wahlers, Charles858
Ward, Patrick948
Warnecke, H.1159
Ward, Patrick1319
Walz, Adam1226
Walch, Henry1242
Wainwright, Taylor184
Warnecke, H.E.1187
Wagner, Henry J.1410
Wagner, John1485 + P76
Wagner, E.1491
Wallers, A.1495
Ward, A.1498
Walrath, Charles H.1530
Wagner, J.H.1543
Wagner, Frank1617 + P76
Walker, Michael 1679
Wasson, George1763

West, Spencer60
Wehr, William389
Westervelth, Daniel397
Weihn, Edward421
Wheyhausen, William413
Wettich, Antone 676
Weitner, Loenhard846
Weshuf, Henry892
Weaver, S.A.973
Wetlaufer, F.W.1012
Weinthall, Joseph S.1037
Weindish, Charles1301
Weinthal, L.S.1323
Wiehr, Louis1148
Welsh, Thomas1181
Werner, Henry1186
Weitz, Richard1348
Weidinger, George1201
Wettig, Christian570 + 1218
Weeks, William H.1243
Wehrner, L. 1184
Wettig, Frederick1411
Wehrman, George1437

Whiter, H.1610
White, Howard1488
Whitney, Samuel136
Wheeler, Samuel F.344
Whalen, John642
Wehlan (or Whelan), Michael718
Whiter, James907
White, Silvester1282

Winning, Robert59
Wilhelms, George336
Wilson, William H.92
Wiedermann, Louis309
Wiehn, George W.353
Wiehn, Peter H.354
Williams, Joseph422
Wilchen, F.E.427
Winkel, H.C.F.652
Winkel, Henry1401 + P74
Wiltsberger, William874
Wiltsberger, Charles947
Wilcox, William883
Willing, Charles G.894
Wiese, Peter970
Wilson, William E.989
Wiesman, Lewis1046
Witt, Henry1057
Willig, J.F.1062
Willig, William A.1081 + 499
Wilkins, Richard1088
Willd, William F.1094
Winges, William J.1115
Wilson, John1198
Wittburger, Thomas D.1366
Williams, George1239
Wischemann, Louis D.1378
Witte, William1273
Williams, Charles1289
Wilkins, Frank1418
Wichman, Henry1419
Witt, G.1464
Willig, Augustus N.1563
Willig, Frank1636

Wood, Joseph145
Wood, Newman A.172
Wood, William324
Worden, Alonzo M.522
Wood, John 553
Wolf, Ingman F. 683
Wolfel, George H.699
Woods, George W.768
Woldt-hausen, Allert 954
Wolf, Jacob988
Wolf, Otto1196
Worden, Charles1206
Woltjen, Frederick1666
Wolf, Ernest1701 + P78

Wright, E.R.V.65
Wright, Henry503
Wright, Charles539
Wright, William589
Wright, George W.1045
Wren, James1658

Wygant, John H.61

Young, Arthur182
Young, Archabald470
Ygelsias, Eugene1005

Zinner, Henry996
Zimmerman, Frederick1245
Zimmerman, Walther1575

People Abry, Augustus E.
Abry, John A,
Acker, J.C.W.
Ackerman, Henry
Ackerman, William
Adams, Otto
Adams, Thomas
Ahrens, Herman
Aitkens, William B.
Aives, George
Alberts, Robert H.
Albrecht, J.
Aldoretta, Cappelia
Alexander, Smith
Allen, Albert
Allers, Charles
Allison, Garrett S.
Allison, Michael S.
Allison, Walter S.
Amsberg, Paul
Anderson, Daniel
Anderson, Robert A.
Ansell, George
Antes, John C.
Apple, Morris
Applegate, Harrison
Applegate, Ivins D.
Archer, James R.
Archer, Samuel
Arment, A.A.
Armstrong, John
Arnold, William S.
Arratta, John
Aschimann, Alfred
Aschimann, John A.
Ashley, John
Awee, George
Aymongo, Nestor
Bache, George F.
Backer, Christian
Backer, William
Badvis, C.
Baeder, Frank
Baehr, George
Bagley, Patrick
Bahrenburg, Henry
Bahrenburg, John
Baird, J.
Baker, William G.
Baker, William K.
Baldwin, Bradley H.
Balliere, Charles
Bampton, George W.
Bandman, Julius
Banta, Michael
Barclay, Henry A.W.
Barcliff, J.S.
Barker, Abraham
Barker, Thomas
Barr, Mathew
Barre, Frederick
Barrett, James
Barrett, Michael
Barrett, Richard
Barrille, James
Barry, Edward P.
Barry, Patrick
Barry, Patrick
Bartels, Frederick
Bartlett, John H.
Batemann, C.
Bauer, Charles
Bauer, John
Baum, Henry
Bauman, Emil
Bayles, Stephen
Bean, Peter G.
Bear, Soloman
Beard, George
Beberdick, Charles
Bechtell, Thomas
Beerman, John
Behrman, H.L.
Beissbarth, Julius
Bender, F. William
Bennett, John
Bennett, Thomas
Bennett, William
Benson, Charles W.
Benson, Edward
Benson, James
Bently, John Thomas
Berenburg, Herman
Bernard, Charles J.
Bernett, J.G.
Berry, A.S.
Berry, Pyatt
Berry, R.F.
Bersina, William H.
Besse, E.W.
Besson, John
Besson, Robert H.
Betje, Robert J.
Bieb, Thiess
Bischoff, Henry M.
Bischoff, J.
Bishop, John E.
Blackburn, Andrew
Blair, E.W.
Blair, J.D.
Blauvelt, Daniel
Blohm, Henry
Bluhm, Adolph
Blumenberg, William
Board, John M.
Bock, John
Bock, William H.
Bodine, Bart
Bogert, Garet
Bogert, Seba M.
Bollinger, Jacob
Bonner, Adam
Bonner, William
Bonta, A.K.
Booken, C.
Boose, Joseph
Borck, Henry
Bostelman, H.E.
Bourdonnay, Lewis
Bowdin, Michael
Bowen, George
Bowes, Francis
Bowes, Michael
Bownes, Joseph W.
Boyd, Andrew A.
Boyle, John
Bracken, Richard J.
Brackens, James
Bradbury, Lawrence
Bradbury, William
Bradford, John
Brambach, Joseph
Bramhall, Charles H.
Brandes, Charles
Brandes, Frederick
Brasch, Adolph
Brazel, Andrew A.
Breen, Thomas
Bremond, Edward L.
Brennon, John
Breslen, Michael
Bretzfeld, Jacob
Brewer, Nelson
Briggs, Charles
Brinkerhoff, Henry G.
Brinkerhoff, J.J.
Brinkerhoff, Richard
Brizzolasa, Ernest
Broadmeadow, Jabez Partridge
Broadmeadow, James
Broadway, William
Brock, Michael
Brockman, Herman
Brodigan, Peter J.
Brooks, C.
Brophy, Michael
Brower, Charles M.
Brown, Andrew
Brown, Charles
Brown, Frederick L.
Brown, Henry
Brown, John E.
Bruen, James
Bruggemann, A.H.
Bruggemann, Herman C.
Brunck, Ernest
Brundage, William
Brush, Edgar A.
Brush, James K.
Buchanan, A.G.
Buchanan, J.
Buck, Dennis M.
Buck, John
Buckard, Daniel
Buckley, Lawrence L.
Budenbender, Louis
Buehler, F.
Bunce, John
Burbank, Richard C.
Burchard, John
Burke, Patrick
Burke, Richard
Burke, Walther
Burnham, George
Burr, John G.
Busher, George
Bushfield, Thomas H.
Bushman, Philip C.
Buss, Peter
Bussing, Anthony D.
Butts, Theophilus
Butts, Zepheniah
Byrnes, Thomas
Cadmus, Michael V.
Cahill, William E.
Callahan, Charles
Callahan, Cornelius
Callahan, J.
Campbell, James
Campbell, John
Campbell, Patrick
Campen, Charles
Cannon, John
Capes, John W.
Carlin, Francis
Carlos, Thomas
Carman, Charles B.
Carman, Henry G.
Carman, Thomas
Carmody, James
Carney, Jr., John A.
Carney, William
Carpenter, Franklyn B.
Carpenter, Nathaniel O.
Carr, John
Carr, Michael
Carr, Richard
Carroll, John J.
Carroll, Thomas
Carroll, William
Carter, S.
Casey, Patrick
Cassel, Frederick
Cassidy, F.
Cassidy, John
Cassidy, Lawrence
Cassires, Frederick
Castellar, John
Cavanagh, John
Ceieghino, Joseph
Chamberlain, Frederick
Chamfrau, Peter F.
Chandler, Wesley J.
Chaplin, Edgar
Chaplin, J.
Chapman, William M.
Chasmer, James
Childs, William H.
Ciola, Henry
Clark, Charles G.
Clark, Charles J.
Clark, Christopher
Clark, George J.
Clark, Henry J.
Clark, James
Clark, P.
Clark, Stephen S.
Clark, Thomas
Claussen, F.
Clayton, John
Clayton, Peter
Cleary, Thomas
Clevene, Mathew
Clinton, Charles
Clogan, Andrew
Cloyd, James
Cloyd, John P.
Cohen, Charles
Cole, Richard
Colgan, Bernard
Collins, Michael
Commersail, Henry
Concannon, John
Condit, William L.
Condon, John
Conklin, Mathew
Conklin, Warren
Conlin, Timothy
Connick, Patrick
Connors, Hugh
Connors, Michael J.
Conrad, Henry
Conroy, Peter
Consmuller, Charles
Conway, Daniel J.
Cook, Abraham
Cook, Edward
Cook, Ramon M.
Cooper, William
Coopman, Edward
Coppers, Dennis
Coppinger, John
Corbett, Alexander
Corwin, William T.
Costello, Owen
Costello, Owen
Coughlin, Edward
Coughlin, James
Couvoissier, George
Covoissier, Alexander
Craig, John
Craig, Thomas
Crane, Bethuel N.
Crane, Edwin N.
Crane, Morris K.
Crane, William B.
Cranstoun, James
Creviere, August E.
Creviere, John C.
Creviere, Julien
Crisman, Charles L.
Crispell, Isaac
Crissey, Samuel F.
Croak, Edmund
Cronk, John
Cuddy, John J.
Cullen, Andrew
Curdy, Robert
Curran, Jr., James
Curry, Robert
Curry, Thomas
Curtis, William H.
Daly, Frank
Daly, William D.
Damin, H.
Darr, John
Darr, John
Darr, John
Davenport, John A.
Davenport, Stephen
Davidson, J.
Davin, John
Davis, James
Davis, John
De Ivernois, Gabriel E.
De Martini, Louis
Decker, William
Dede, George M.
Dede, Jr., John
Degreck, Charles
Delaney, Joseph E.
Delelvryn, Henry
Delisle, Oscar
Dell, Louis
Demarest, James B.
Demarest, Martin R.
Demartin, James
Demott, William
Dempsey, William
Denny, R.A.
Dersing, G.H.H.
Desmond, P.W.
Detloff, Charles
Deutch, Charles
Devitt, John J.
Dewey, James H.
Dewey, Jr., James
Dewint, Samuel H.
Dick, Charles
Dillon, Joseph K.
Doherty, John
Dollard, James
Donaldson, Samuel
Donnelly, M.
Donnely, James
Donnovan, Michael
Donohue, Simon
Dooley, John. H.
Dooley, Michael
Dooley, Thomas
Doorley, John
Dorcey, Thomas
Dorsett, Timothy W.
Doser, William H.
Doublebee, Henry
Dougherty, Charles
Dougherty, J.R.
Dower, George W.
Drescher, Frederick
Drews, Frank
Driscoll, P.
Dubois, George
Duckwitz, Charles
Duddy, M.
Duff, Owen
Duffy, Owen
Duffy, P.H.
Duffy, Patrick
Dunn, J.J.
Durlacher, Louis
Durlacher, Max
Duryea, Eugene
Duryea, John H.
Duyrea, Jacob
Dwyer, Edward
Dykeman, Albert A.
Dykeman, Frederick
Eagan, Bernard
Eagan, Daniel
Eagan, Dennis
Eagan, James
Eagan, Patrick
Earle, Henry
Eaves, John M.
Eberhart, John
Eckerman, Gustave
Edmonsl[or t]oun, Samuel S.
Egler, Ernest E.
Eichner, Ferdinand
Eichner, Theodore C.
Eichorn, Ernest
Eisengardt, John E.
Ellis, William
Elston, Oscar
Emerson, Napoleon E.
Engard, Joseph S.
Engel, Charles
Engle, George L.
Erbeck, Henry
Erdman, Henry
Erion, Henry
Ermisch, Charles F.
Ernest, William
Esser, Godrey
Esser, Herman
Evans, John
Evans, William R.
Evener, James
Faas, W.
Faasch, Henry F.
Faber, Henry
Fagan, Lawrence
Falce, Alexander
Fallon, J.J.
Farmer, Gordon
Farmer, James
Farran, James H.
Farrell, James
Farrell, John
Farrell, Patrick
Fash, Jessie
Featherston, John
Feddermann, G. H.
Fehrns, William
Feickert, Charles
Fennell, Christopher
Fenton, D.
Fenton, James
Fenton, Patrick
Feyh, Alexander
Fields, James H.
Fields, Jr, Thomas
Fields, Thomas A.
Fincken, Frederick
Fink, John
Fink, Louis
Finkenstaid, Rudolph
Finlay, John
Fischer, John
Fitzpatrick, J. B.
Fitzpatrick, John T.
Fitzpatrick, Joseph
Fitzpatrick, Michael
Fitzpatrick, Richard
Fitzpatrick, Thomas
Flagg, James
Flaherty, Michael
Flattery, John
Flattery, Owen
Flemming, John M.
Flock, George W.
Florh, William
Flowers, George W.
Flowers, George W.
Flowers, James W.
Flynn, John J.
Flynn, Michael
Flynn, Peter
Flynt, Lyman C.
Foerster, Frederick
Foggerty, Peter
Foley, James
Foley, M.
Foley, Terrance
Foley, Timothy
Forbes, C.E.
Forbes, Charles H.
Ford, Charles
Ford, William
Forst, Joseph
Fosdick, William
Foster, Robert
Fowler, J.F.
Fowler, Robert
Fox, C.
Fox, William
Francis, John M.
Fredericks, Samuel R.
Frickell, Lepold
Frudden, Frederick
Funcheon, Martin
Furst, William
Fussell, George
Futterer, Henry H.
Futterer, Valentine
Gaertner, Adam
Gahagan, William A.
Gallagher, Daniel
Gallagher, James
Gallagher, Patrick
Garbade, Henry
Gardinor, John M.
Gardner, Daniel L.
Gardner, George B.
Gardner, James H.
Gardner, William H.
Garrabrant, John H.
Garrison, William B.
Gaskins, Henry G.
Gaynor, Thomas
Geayer, James A.
Gebhardt, George W.
Gebhart, George
Geer, George G.
Geer, John G.
Geer, Warren G.
Geery, John
Geiger, Frank
Geiger, Jacob
Geisler, Herman
Gelfillian, Archibald
Gelfillian, John
Gelkyson, Elias
Gelston, William
Georgeot, Charles
Gerken, C.
Germann, Charles
Giblin, Michael
Gibson, Samuel
Gilday, John
Gillen, John
Gillen, John
Gilloon, MIchael T.
Gilloon, W.C.
Gilmore, Noah
Glander, John
Glashoff, J.
Glynn, P.
Goble, J.R.
Godfrey, J.M.
Goehner, Sebastian
Goerig, Theodore W.
Golden, Philip
Gonzales, J.
Good Sr., Thomas
Goodspeed, Arthur
Gopil, William
Gordon, James
Goreman, Rodger
Gossenberger, W.
Grady, James
Grady, John
Granbdunkel, Henry
Grater, William A.
Graun, F.
Graves, Louis
Green, John
Gregg, Edward
Grey, Joseph
Griffen, James
Griffen, John
Grimm, Herman
Grischell, Julius
Gronan, J. T. W.
Gross, Charles
Guihan, John
Guinan, Daniel
Guinan, James
Guinnan, Michael
Hachmann, Edward
Haff, P.
Hagan, Charles
Hagan, Charles
Hagan, James
Hagen, Barney
Hagen, John W.
Hagerty, Henry C.
Haggerty, Joseph
Hainning, William
Hall, Thomas H.
Hamann, F.
Hammill, John
Hampe, Adolph
Handen, John
Hanger, Oscar
Hanify, Frank
Haniquett, William H.
Hankins, Henry H.
Hanlon, Edward
Hanlon, James
Hanrehan, Alexander
Hanrehan, James
Hansen, Ernest C.
Harksen, A.J.
Harksen, James
Harrass, William
Harrigan, J.P.
Harrigan, James M.
Harring, John W.
Harring, Richard
Harrington, George
Harriott, D.H.
Harris, William M.
Harrison, Christopher
Harrison, William H.
Hart, John
Hart, Louis
Hartell, A.B.
Hartnett, Lawrence
Hartung, William
Hartung, William
Hassard, Richard
Hasselbrock, William
Hassett, Michael
Hastings, John
Hatfield, James T.
Haughey, Francis S.
Hausch, John
Havens, Charles G.
Havens, Edward W.
Havens, John
Havens, John H.
Havens, John W.
Havens, Rensaler
Havens, Richard R.
Havens, Samuel R.
Havens, Thomas
Havens, William H.
Haw, Walter
Hawley, Mathew
Hayden, Patrick
Heagan, Charles
Healy, J.J.
Healy, P.J.
Hearn, David F.
Hecking, Edward
Heckt, August
Hedges, Charles
Hedges, Erastus
Hedges, James H.
Heeney, Francis
Heffernan, Michael
Heffernan, Thomas
Heffernan, William
Heffrin, Edward
Heine, F.W.
Heinsohn, Frederick
Heinsohn, George
Heinson, John H.
Heinson, William H.
Heller, Paul
Helms, Charles
Hemenover, William H.
Hemken, Otto
Henkel, Frank
Henry, Robert
Henry, William
Herman, John
Herring, William A.
Hersee, William
Herte, William F.
Hertler, [n/a]
Herwig, Jr., Frank
Hess, John F.
Hester, Henry
Hicks, Charles A.
Hicks, Nathaniel
Higbee, William
Higgins, Aldolphus
Higgins, Charles
Higgins, David
Higgins, Francis H.
Higgins, John
Higgins, William
Hilke, Philip
Hill, Frederick
Hill, James R.
Hill, Thomas J.
Hilliard, P.C.
Hilpert, A.
Hilpert, John
Hilzheim, Samuel
Hines, John H.
Hoeble, August
Hoffman, C.
Hoffman, Conrad
Hoffman, Frederick
Hoffmire, Theodore
Hogan, James
Holleran, John
Holleran, Patrick
Hollman, Charles
Holstfeller, Edward
Hoops, D.D.
Hopkins, Henry
Horrigan, John
Horrigan, Joseph
Horton, Daniel B.
Hotham, August
Hourigan, James F.
Hourigan, John T.
Houseman, Cornelius B.
Houseman, James
Houseman, John B.
Howard, John
Howe, John A.
Huesman, Louis A.
Huff, Cornelius
Hughes, Edward
Hughes, Patrick
Hull, George L.
Hull, John
Huncke, John
Hunt, George W.
Hunt, James
Hurley, James
Hutchinson, Henry
Hutchinson, Mathew
Idell, George H.
Idell, James C.
Ingleson, Isaac
Ireland, John
Irmirsch, August
Irwin, Robert
Irwin, William
Irwing, Samuel
Iselton, Charles
Iseral, Louis
Isral, Joseph
Iverling, Henry
Jackson, Henry
Jacob, Charles E.
Jacobson, Warren A.
Jacobus, Albert
Jaeger, W.
Jagels, J.H.
Jann, Charles
Jeager, Albert
Jessup, Silas H.
Jewett, Edward G.
Joeckel, George
Johnson, August
Johnson, Augustus
Johnson, D.
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, Francis
Johnson, G.F.
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, John C.
Johnson, S.J.
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Tustin
Joralemon, William
Jordan, Thomas
Joyce, Martin
Judge, Jeremiah
Judge, Mathew
Judge, William P.
Jungerman, Carl E.
Jurgens, Ferdinand
Jurgensen, Julius
Kaiser, Frank
Kamena, John
Kammel, Frank
Kammerer, Herman
Kammerer, Leo
Kane, Alfred
Kane, James
Karle, William
Katenkamp, Henry
Kattaw, H.
Katz, Charles
Kaufman, Charles
Kaufman, Frederick
Kaufman, Otto T.
Kayser, J.W.
Kayser, William
Kealy, P.J.
Kealy, R.
Kearns, James J.
Kearns, Michael
Keifer, Frederick
Keim, Otto
Keirnan, John
Keiser, Adolph
Kelly, James
Kelly, John
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, Simon
Kelly, Theodore
Kelly, Thomas
Kemp, Joseph
Kenna, J.E.
Kennedy, Alfred
Kennedy, Edward
Kennedy, H.F.
Kennedy, James
Kennedy, James P.
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Lawrence
Kennedy, Patrick
Kennedy, Thomas
Kenny, James
Kenny, Peter
Kerr, Edwin
Kerrigan, James F.
Kerrigan, Peter
Kieley, Edward
Kiernan, John
Kieswetter, Ernest
Kieswetter, R.
Kilkenney, Thomas
Kilmer, Harvey
Kilmer, Moses
Kimball, Hazen
Kimmel, Albert
King, C.H.
King, Charles
King, Henry S.
King, John
King, Theodore
Kirk, Edward
Kirk, Edwin R.
Kirkpatrick, James
Kisshauer, E.
Kivlon, Charles
Kivlon, Edward F.
Kivlon, John
Kivlon, Michael
Kivlon, Patrick
Klansecker, George
Klattenhoff, George
Klein, Jacob
Klune, Herman
Kluscker, George
Kniffen, James H.
Koch, C.G.
Koch, Charles
Koch, Frederick
Koehler, George
Koehler, William
Koelhew, Henry
Koenig, Henry
Koff, Henry
Kohler, Henry
Kohler, Silvester R.
Koldt, William
Koop, Frederick K.E.
Korbett, George
Korbett, Louis
Korn, Emil P.
Kost, William
Kotzberg, Albert
Koyne, Thomas
Krabrowsky, Henry
Krapels, Louis
Kreiner, William
Krollman, Andrew
Kronk, John
Kroog, Bernard
Kruger, Charles
Kruger, John
Kruse, Julius C.
Kucks, C.H.
Kumast, Augustus
Kupper, J.E.W.
Lally, Michael
Lancey, Charles
Landry, Paul
Landseidel, Charles
Lang, Henry
Lang, Patrick
Lange, Valentine
Lannigan, James
Lannigan, John
Lansen, Charles
Large, Samuel
Larkins, William
Lawrence, Nicholas T.
Lawrence, William B.
Layburn, James
Layburn, Robert
Lee, John
Lee, Newton P.
Lee, William
Leitzeiser, Henry
Lemon, Samuel
Lemon, Walter
Lennon, A.J.
Leonard, Edward
Letts, William
Letts, William H.
Levering, Franklin T.
Lewis, John
Lewis, John
Lewis, Richard P.
Lievre, Eugene
Liffers, Apollo
Lindeman, Albert
Lindeman, August
Lindner, Nicholas C.
Linn, Jacob
Linn, Philip
Linz, William
Lipple, Charles
Lipps, Joseph
Little, Andrew W.
Livesey, John
Lloyd, Thomas
Loeffler, Louis
Loftus, Thomas
Logan, James
Logan, John
Logan, Thomas
Long, Stephen M.
Louer, Philip G.
Love, John A.
Lozier, Cornelius
Ludwig, Charles
Ludwig, Charles
Ludwig, William
Ludwig, William
Luerssen, George
Luhra, Herman
Luhrs, Herman
Lundregan, Patrick
Lundregan, Patrick
Lutenschlager, Joseph
Lutenschlager, Joseph
Lutge, Adolph
Lutge, Adolph
Lutkins, Andrew
Lutkins, Andrew
Lutz, George
Lutz, George
Lyons, Edward J.
Lyons, Edward J.
Lyons, Joseph
Lyons, Joseph
Mabery, J.W.
Mack, Patrick
Mackey, Alexander
Macy, William A.
Madden, Francis
Madden, James
Madden, James
Madden, James J.
Madden, Thomas
Madden, William T.
Maddis, Christopher
Magedorn, R.
Mager, John
Maginiss, J.
Magrane, Henry S.
Mahde, Charles
Maher, Michael
Mahew, George B.
Mahnken, D.H.
Mahon, William
Mahon, William
Mahon, William
Maires, Lewis H.
Maitland, Robert
Malley, J.J.
Maloney, John
Maloney, Patrick
Maloney, Patrick
Maloney, Patrick
Maloney, William
Malpas, Henry
Manderville, Edward
Mansell, J.P.
Mansell, Napoleon
Mansette, James
Mansfield, Isaac
Mare, William
Markus, Morris
Marsh, Charles
Martin, David
Martin, John
Martin, Lawrence
Martin, Peter
Mathey, Augustus E.
Mathey, John L.
Matilie, Edward
Max, David
Maxon, William
Maxwell, Henry
May, Arthur
Maynard, Francis L.
Maynard, Francis S.
McAffee, William
McAllister, John
McArdell, Joseph
McBride, James
McCabe, John
McCague, Jr., Robert
McCague, Robert
McCann, Samuel
McCarthy, Michael
McCarty, James
McCarty, Richard
McCllough, J.
McCloskey, John
McConnell, John
McCormick, Daniel
McCormick, Jeremiah
McCormick, T.H.
McCourt, Thomas
McCullick, James
McCulloch, William P.
McCullough, James
McCullough, John
McCullough, John R.
McCune, William
McDermott, John
McDermott, William
McDonnough, Francis M.
McDougall, Henry
McGavisk, Peter
McGeough, Edward
McGlade, William J.
McGovern, John
McGrath, William B.
McGuire, Nicholas
McHugh, Jeremiah
McIhargy, John
McInness, David
McIntire, John
McIntosch, Joseph
McIntyre, Michael
McKay, Francis
McKay, Niel
McKenna, Charles
McKenna, James
McKenzie, Frederick
McKeon, Thomas
McLaughlin, Thomas
McMahon, John
McMahon, MIchael
McManus, James E.
McNabb, Frank
McNamara, M.F.
McQuade, James
McShane, John
McWhorter, John E.
Mechler, George M.
Meeks, F.M.
Meeks, Joseph
Megie, B.G.
Mehan, John
Mehan, John J.
Mehan, Patrick
Mehan, Peter
Mehan, Peter
Mehl, John
Meicke, William
Meike, A.
Meister, Albert J.
Melle, August
Mendel, J.H.
Meredith, Charles L.
Meredith, John L.
Merle, Adam
Merrill, George
Merrill, Henry
Merritt, Henry A.D.
Merritt, John
Mertens, Henry
Meyer, Ernest C.
Meyer, Frederick W.
Meyer, Henry
Meyer, J.F.
Meyer, John D.
Meyer, William
Meyers, H.J.
Meyers, Louis
Meyers, William
Meyster, Louis
Meystere, Daniel
Michels, Gustave
Mickens, Thomas
Miller, Charles
Miller, Eben
Miller, Frank P.
Miller, James
Miller, John
Miller, William
Miller, William
Mills, A.S.
Minerley, Charles
Mink, Frederick
Minthorn, John
Minuet, Charles W.
Mitchell, John W.
Mitchell, William
Moest, Louis
Mohn, C.A.
Moller, Ch (Charles?)
Moller, Henry J.
Moltz, Henry
Moltz, Frank
Moltz, Joseph
Monk, Edward
Montague, Horrace [Horace]
Montanye, Charles S.
Moor, Henry
Moore, John T.
Moorhead, F.
Moots, J.W.
Moran, John
More, William W.
Morrisette, Joseph
Mortimer, George
Mortimer, Thomas
Morton, Edward R.
Morton, Rutledge
Morton, William D.
Moss, George A.
Mossenger, J.
Mott, John
Mount, Andrew
Mount, J.D.P.
Moyer, George
Mueller, Ferdinand
Mullen, Peter
Muller, Anton
Mullin, Owen
Mullon, Anthony
Mulvaney, P.
Mulvanie, John
Mulvanie, Owen
Mulvey, Thomas
Mumford, Pierson L.
Mumford, Thomas
Murphy, George
Murphy, J.J.
Murphy, Michael
Murphy, Michael
Murphy, Michael
Murphy, Moses
Murphy, Patrick
Murray, A.H.
Murray, Peter J.
Murtagh, Patrick C.
Mutchler, William H.
Naegeli, Rudolph
Nafey, Aaron K.
Nafey, John
Nafey, Theodore
Nagle, Samuel
Nelson, John
Neupert, Christopher
Neveille, Thomas
Newman, Frank
Newton, T.S.
Nichols, John
Nicholson, Robert
Nicklausen, Nick
Nodyne, Simeon W.
Norris, Eugene
Norris, John P.
O'Brien, Daniel
O'Brien, Daniel J.
O'Brien, Edward
O'Brien, Edward
O'Brien, James
O'Brien, John J.
O'Brien, Williamj
O'Connors, Michael J.
O'Connors, Richard
O'Connors, William
O'Donnell, Hugh T.
O'Donnell, James
O'Donnell, John
O'Donnell, John
O'Donnell, William J.
O'Gara [no first name]
O'Hara, J.
O'Hara, John F.
O'Keefe, Edward
O'Niel, John A.
O'Reilley, Philip
O'Rourk, John
O'Sullivan [no first name]
Odell, William G.
Ogden, Frederick B.
Ohme, T.
Osborne, A. Rowe
Ostendorff, Lewis H.
Otto, Henry
Owen, John B.
Owens, James H.
Paasch, Henry F.
Pahl, G.
Pahl, Henry
Pahud, Eugene
Paine, Harry
Palmer, Charles
Palmer, Oscar
Pardee, William
Parker, John L.
Parker, Robert F.
Parker, Theodore S.
Parrisen, Otto N.
Parslow, William N.
Parslow, William N.
Paslach, George
Patrick, James
Patterson, Alexander
Patterson, Charles
Patterson, John M.
Patterson, John M.
Patterson, William E.
Paul, George C.
Peckham, William H.
Peel, William H.
Peele, Robert
Peer, Adam W.
Peer, John J.
Peer, Michael
Peickert, Charles
Peidman, Frederick G.
Pennock, Samuel L.
Pereze, Gustave
Perkins, John H.
Perry, Charles T.
Perry, George T.
Peterson, Charles
Peterson, Peter
Peterson, Victor
Philips, Henry P.
Phillips, George B.
Phillips, Reuben
Piedernan, Frederick
Pierce, Charles
Piser, Louis F.
Plummer, Charles M.
Plummer, S.S.
Plummer, William G.
Poles, Daniel
Pollock, David
Pope, Arthur
Pope, James E.
Pope, William C.
Porter, William H.
Powell, William
Powles, Peter J.
Pratto, John
Prentice, James C.
Price, Benjamin
Prichard, John H.
Proskie, Charles
Pruden, Theodore F.
Pryor, Elias T.
Pryor, Michael
Psalmer, Adolph
Pullis, J.B.
Pupke, A.
Pupke, J.C.T.
Purdy, C.B.
Pyman, John
Queripill, Edward
Quidore, Henry
Quinlan, J.F.
Quirk, Daniel
Rabold, Frank
Rabold, John
Raichlen, Louis
Rathgeber, John
Ratz, F.W.
Reardon, Timothy
Reardy, Thomas
Redding, Michael
Redfern, Richard
Redling, Augustus
Redmond, Thomas
Reed, David F.
Reed, James A.
Reed, Robert
Reed, William C.
Rees, William
Reese, Henry P.R.
Reffelt, Julius
Reibold, Charles
Reich, John
Reid, Charles
Reid, James T.
Reinhardt, Charles
Reinhardt, George P.
Reinhold, Charles J.
Renner, Jacob
Reynolds, J.T.
Richard, Lewis P.
Richards, A.S.
Richards, Alfred
Richards, John H.
Richards, Philip
Richards, Robert
Rigney, William
Riker, John
Riley, Patrick
Rimbeck, W.
Ring, Henry
Rittberg, Henry
Ritter, Charles J.
Ritter, George
Roarty, James
Robbins, Augustus
Robert, Eugene J.
Roberts, Charles
Robertson, Alexander
Robertson, William
Robinson, James
Robinson, John J.
Robinson, Thomas
Robinson, William
Rockey, James
Rockwell, Franklin B.
Rodenberg, H.
Roe, Charles J.
Roe, Peter
Rogers, Stephen
Rogers, Thomas
Roll, Henry
Roski, William
Rowald, Andrew J.
Rowald, Frederick C.
Rowan, John
Ruehl, Anthony C.
Ruland, William
Rulffs, Charles
Runton, William
Rusch, William FR.
Russ, Emil
Russ, Robert
Russ, Theodore
Russell, Joseph
Ryan, Dennis
Ryan, John
Ryan, John
Ryan, Joseph
Ryan, Mathew
Ryan, Patrick
Ryan, William
Ryan, William
Ryer, James
Ryer, John M.
Ryszczinski, Frank
Saltenstall, Gilbert
Saltere, James
Salters, D.B.
Samuels, Lawrence
Sanford, Abraham
Satzger, Otto
Saxton, E.H.
Schach, Conrad
Schack, L.C.
Schackel, Peter
Schaefer, Charles
Schaff, F.
Schaffer, William
Schalck, Charles W.
Schalk, Charles
Schaller, Frank
Schasberger, August
Schell, August
Schimmel, Z.
Schinzel, George P.
Schlites, Jacob
Schlosser, Henry
Schmalley, O.J.
Schmidt, August
Schmidt, Charles
Schmidt, Charles
Schmidt, Conrad
Schmidt, Ernest
Schmidt, Francis
Schmidt, Franklin
Schmidt, Henry
Schmidt, Herman
Schmidt, Richard
Schmidt, Theodore
Schmidt, Thomas
Schmidt, William
Schneider, Peter
Schneider, Peter
Schoeller, Anthony
Schoenfelder, Anthony
Schoenfeldt, Frederick
Schomp, George
Schott, Charles
Schreiber, Louis
Schreiner, Louis
Schreoder [sic Schroeder], Charles D.
Schroeder, Henry F.
Schroeder, John
Schroeder, John
Schubert, William
Schultz, Albert
Schultz, F.
Schultz, Herman
Schultz, Louis
Schultz, Louis
Schumacher, Charles M.
Schwetze, John
Scott, James
Scott, Moore
Scudder, Edward
Sebastian, August
Seguine, Alfred
Seibert, John M.
Seibert, William
Seifkes, Herman
Seitz, Arthure
Seivers, Frederick
Seward, Clarence B.
Sexton, James O.
Seybold, Robert
Seydler, Julius
Seymour, George F.
Shaler, Alexander
Shane, John M.
Shapter, John F.
Sharkey, Patrick
Sharkey, Thomas
Shea, Jeremiah
Shea, John
Sheahan, James
Sheeahan, John
Sheehy, Edward G.
Sheeran, James
Sheets, Jacob
Sheldon, Horace B.
Shepherd, William G.
Sherwood, Joseph G.
Shilling, William
Shine, Thomas
Shippen, Francis
Shippen, William W.
Shoenfeldt, Cornelius
Shreve, Isaac
Shugrue, Christopher
Sigler, H.
Sigler, John
Silk, Freeman J.
Silleck, Ezekiel
Simmons, Apehus
Simmons, Corydon
Simmons, N.B.
Simpson, George
Simpson, J.
Simpson, Richard
Sinclare, Graham
Sinclare, James
Sinclare, John
Sinnot, Peter
Sipples, C.
Skidmore, George
Skidmore, George E.
Slater, Thomas
Slicker, August
Sloyan, Thomas
Smisson, John J.
Smisson, Jr., J.J.
Smith, Barney
Smith, Caleb
Smith, Charles
Smith, George
Smith, George H.
Smith, James
Smith, James
Smith, James T.
Smith, Michael
Smith, Nicholas
Smith, Patrick
Smith, Thomas G.
Smith, William C.
Snediker, Edward
Snyder, Harry
Soffel, Charles
Solferino, John
Sorge, Fr. Adolph
Spadone, Amida
Spanburgh, Leonard
Spear, George M.
Spear, Jr., George
Spencer, Daniel
Spiess, Charles
Spohr, Charles
Spohr, G.
Squires, George
Staab, Washington
Stack, Edward
Staderman, John
Stagg, David J.
Stanton, E.R.
Stanton, Frederick E.
Stanton, William
Stanton, William C.
Starke, Louis
Steadman, David H.
Steil, Henry
Stein, Charles
Stein, Louis
Steinert, August
Stephens, E.B.
Stephens, Irwin
Stephens, J. Jacob
Stevens, John R.
Stevens, Jr., James A.
Stevenson, James
Stewart, Alexander
Stewart, John M.
Stewie, Henry
Stickler, Charles
Stickler, Joseph W.
Stimis, C.M.
Stockman, Edward
Stodard, Charles J.
Stoeber, George
Stolz, George W.
Stolz, Ludwig E.
Storey, William W.
Storie, William
Storrs, George P.
Strain, Robert
Strathman, John
Strebel, Charles
Streubel, Charles F.
Strums, R.E.E.
Stuart, Charles
Stuart, Eugene
Stuart, William J.
Stuhr, A.
Stuhr, William
Stumpf, Charles
Suckley, John H.
Sullivan, D.
Sullivan, Denis
Sullivan, J.W.
Sullivan, James M.
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Patrick
Sullivan, Patrick
Sutcliff, Edwin
Swain, Jr., Thomas E.
Swartout, Edward
Swartz, F.
Syms, William H.
Tallon, Jr., James
Tanne, Christian
Tanner, Charles
Tanner, James
Tanner, William
Tautpoes, Henry
Taylor, George
Taylor, Henry
Taylor, John H.
Taylor, Walter
Taylor, William
Teirney, William
TenEycke, Andrew
Tepper, Otto H.
Terhune, James B.
Terhune, Stephen R.
Terhune, William
Terry, John R.
Tette, Emil
Thall, George
Thall, John
Thayer, E.P.
Theirstein, J.
Thomas, Abraham
Thomas, Ralph
Thompson [no first name]
Thompson, Edward
Thompson, George
Thompson, Henry
Thompson, John
Thompson, William
Thorn, George
Thornton, William H.
Thorpy, John
Tiedeman, Henry
Tiedjen, John
Tilbey, David G.
Timm, Henry G.
Timmens, James
Tinkey, Isaac
Tobin, William
Tompkins, Chesterfield
Tompkins, Jared
Tompkins, Lafayett
Toole, Bernard
Topser, Henry A.
Torley, Thomas
Totten, R.B.
Travas, Joseph
Traverse, George W.
Trenor, Henry
Tryon, Edward J.
Tucker, Charles
Tucker, George
Tully, P.
Tumsenden, Henry
Turney, Frank
Tuthill, George
Twaddell, Frank
Ulrich, Geogre
Unrein, Charles
Updyke, John
Urquhardt, Robert
Valleau, Charles
Van Boskerck, John W.
Van Boskerck, Lucas A.
Van Boskerck, Lucas J.
Van Glahn, Charles E.
Van Houten, A.R.
Van Houten, Gillam
Van Tassel, Howard
Van Tassel, Theodore
Van Tassel, William E.
Van Woert, Theodore
Vanderberg, Samuel
Vanderburch, Martin
Vanderwerken, T.H.
Veith, F.D.
Villars, Jose
Villaume, Victor
Volk, John
Volmer, Henry
Von Minden, Adolph
Wadden, John L.
Wagner, E.
Wagner, Frank
Wagner, Henry
Wagner, Henry J.
Wagner, J.H.
Wagner, John
Wahlers, Charles
Wahlers, Frederick
Wainwright, Taylor
Walch, Henry
Waldron, John R.
Walker, John
Walker, Michael
Walker, Michael
Wallace, Henry B.
Wallers, A.
Wallington, Samuel
Walrath, Charles H.
Walsh, Thomas
Walters, Gustave
Walton, Isaac
Walz, Adam
Wanner, A.
Ward, A.
Ward, Charles W.
Ward, Patrick
Ward, Patrick
Warnecke, H.
Warnecke, H.E.
Wasson, George
Watchorn, William
Waterburg, Rufus J.
Weaver, S.A.
Weeks, William H.
Wehlan (or Whelan), Michael
Wehr, William
Wehrman, George
Wehrner, L.
Weidinger, George
Weihn, Edward
Weindish, Charles
Weinthal, L.S.
Weinthall, Joseph S.
Weitner, Loenhard
Weitz, Richard
Welsh, Thomas
Werner, Henry
Weshuf, Henry
West, Spencer
Westervelth, Daniel
Wetlaufer, F.W.
Wettich, Antone
Wettig, Christian
Wettig, Frederick
Whalen, John
Wheeler, Samuel F.
Wheyhausen, William
White, Howard
White, Silvester
Whiter, H.
Whiter, James
Whitney, Samuel
Wichman, Henry
Wiedermann, Louis
Wiehn, George W.
Wiehn, Peter H.
Wiehr, Louis
Wiese, Peter
Wiesman, Lewis
Wilchen, F.E.
Wilcox, William
Wilhelms, George
Wilkins, Frank
Wilkins, Richard
Willd, William F.
Williams, Charles
Williams, George
Williams, Joseph
Willig, Augustus N.
Willig, Frank
Willig, J.F.
Willig, William A.
Willing, Charles G.
Wilson, John
Wilson, William E.
Wilson, William H.
Wiltsberger, Charles
Wiltsberger, William
Winges, William J.
Winkel, H.C.F.
Winkel, Henry
Winning, Robert
Wischemann, Louis D.
Witt, G.
Witt, Henry
Wittburger, Thomas D.
Witte, William
Woldt-hausen, Allert
Wolf, Ernest
Wolf, Ingman F.
Wolf, Jacob
Wolf, Otto
Wolfel, George H.
Woltjen, Frederick
Wood, John
Wood, Joseph
Wood, Newman A.
Wood, William
Woods, George W.
Worden, Alonzo M.
Worden, Charles
Wren, James
Wright, Charles
Wright, E.R.V.
Wright, George W.
Wright, Henry
Wright, William
Wygant, John H.
Ygelsias, Eugene
Young, Archabald
Young, Arthur
Zimmerman, Frederick
Zimmerman, Walther
Zinner, Henry
Date 1849-1910
Year Range from 1849
Year Range to 1910
Search Terms Hoboken Fire Department
Fire Department Museum, Hoboken
Assembly of Exempt Firemen
Association of Exempt Volunteer Firemen of the City of Hoboken
Caption 01 Abry (first name on page)
Imagefile 102\2011HFDM0001.TIF
Classification Volunteers
Government & Politics
Social & Personal Activity