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Title Organization list: Community Y.M.C.A. Campaign Organization, February 10th -18th, 1941.
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Catalog Number 2001.126.0084
Collection Hoboken Societies & Organizations Collection
Scope & Content Community Y.M.C.A. Campaign Organization, February 10th - 18th, 1941. Max Z. Hurwitz, General Chairman. Fred L. Broad, Executive Secretary. Mimeographed leaves. [6] pp. plus covers.

The organization list of people working on the 1941 fundraising campaign. Besides the Initial Gifts people listed, there are twenty-one teams in five divisions. Women and men with names, addresses or business plus phone numbers. A very few were from outside Hoboken.

Full text in notes.
Notes archives 2001.126.0084

Community Y.M.C.A.
Campaign Organization,
February 10th -18th, 1941.
Max Z. Hurwitz, General Chairman. Fred L. Broad, Executive Secretary.

George G. Raymond, ChairmanTietjen & Lang Dry Docks 17th St. & Park Ave., HobokenHo. 3-0700
Louis Schelling Vice-Chairman 754 Willow Ave., Hoboken
Carl W. Keuffel, Vice-Chairman 300 Adams St., HobokenHo. 3-7337 Ho. 3-1100
Fred L. Broad, Executive Secretary YMCA Ho. 3-2670
Anne Parsek, Sponsor5709 Hudson Ave., West New YorkUn. 3-8495
Max Z. Hurwitz416 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-2963
Carl Ahrnke17 Bonn Pl., WeehawkenDo Not Phone
John B, Applegate1 Newark St., Hoboken Ho. 3-0383
Eugene H. Magee56 Newark St., Hoboken Ho. 3-2861
Louis Meyer Hob, White Lead & Color Works 15th & Adams Sts., Hoboken Ho. 3-0050
Dr. R. B. Nattrass204 11th St., Hoboken Ho. 3-0245
John D. Pierson 84 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-1560
Anthony J. Volk, Jr.653 Washington St., Hoboken Ho 3-0820
George Reilly51 Newark St., Hoboken Ho. 3-1114
John L. Lewis524 Park Ave., Hoboken Ho. 3-1966
Edward J. MurnaneCity Hall, Hoboken Ho. 3-0157-?
John Soltman, Mgr.1 Newark St., Hoboken Ho. 3-0500
Paul Schulz, AideYMCA Ho. 3-2670
Mary Pappas, Sponsor1412 Park Ave., HobokenHo. 3-2761
Edward A, Driscoll, Capt. 615 Washington St, Hoboken Ho. 3-7000
M„ L, BeastyThomas J. Lipton Co., Inc. HobokenHo. 3-3300
John Crothers615 Washington St„, Hoboken Ho. 3-7000
Dr. M, R. Olinger326 Washington St., HobokenHo. 3-0750
Philip J. Reilly1400 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-0690
Charles Wester615 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-7000
Philip Bernheim, Capt.R. Neumann Co. 300 Observer HighwayHo. 3-3400
Hally Hatcher1400 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-0400
Otto LeimbacherAlco Gravure Co., 9th & Monroe Sts.Ho. 3-3800
Fred Janssen109 Grand St,, Hoboken Ho. 3-2110
Arthur C. Stout47 Newark St., Hoboken Ho. 3-3000
Theodore Furman, Capt,Seaboard Trust Co., 95 River St,Ho. 3-4200
James CreeseStevens Institute of Technology Ho. 3-7700
Herbert Snyder61 Newark St., Hoboken Ho. 3-8740
Joseph A. TigheSeaboard Trust Co., 95 River St. Ho. 3-4200
Guy Trisolini, Capt.521 Washington St., HobokenHo. 3-1311
Arthur Geismar222 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-6666
Max Barondess416 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-9797
Thomas J. King618 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-2990
Edward Schroeder640 Washington St., HobokenHo. 3-3713
Frank Basso„ Capt.Continental Baking Co., 14th & ParkHo. 3-7481
James Connell84 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-0942
Peter Daghlian151 3rd St., Hoboken Ho. 3-5923
David Corcoran1708 West St., Union City
Bruno Omori715 New York Ave., Union City
Harry Ritter116 68th St., Guttenberg
Franklin Verasco, Mgr.204 Clinton St., HobokenHo. 3-5664
James T. Hatton, AideY.M.C.A. Ho. 3-2670
Mary Hausman, SponsorBethlehem Steel Co., HobokenHo. 3-2070
Charles R. Welti, Capt.119 Lorraine Ave. Uppor MontclairVe. 8-0890?
William Wiebolt1248 Garden St., Hoboken Ho. 3-7841or Ho. 3-0756
N. J. Berardi605 Willow Ave., Hoboken Ho. 3-1865
Wm. P. Burhorn1 Newark St., Hoboken Ho. 3-2141
Albert Moeller419 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-3013
I. J. Pinero32 Journal Square (I.J. Kislak Co.) Jo. 2-7100
Henry Troeger302 Washington St,, Hoboken Ho. 3-3770
George G. Gunderson, Capt.Standard Brands, Inc., HobokenHo. 3-8614
E. J. FreedmanHinde-Dauche Paper Co., Hoboken Ho. 3-4400
George SchultzShulton Corp. Inc., Lipton Bldg. Ho. 3-1447
C. C. GatesMaxwell House Div. -11th & Hudson Sts. Ho. 3-2991
Dr. Wm. L. Yeaton, Capt.204 11th St., Hoboken Ho. 3-2846
Louis Meyer 1501 Adams St., Hoboken Ho. 3-0050
Arthur Lankering Tietjen & Lang Dry Docks, HobokenHo. 3-0700
A. D. Levenson, Esq.404 38th St., Union City Un. 3-6780
Bela Grulich 616 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-0510
William SmithStevens Inst. of Tech. Ho. 3-7700
A. E. Friedman, Capt.Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., HobokenHo. 3-1702
C. H. McQueen91 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-0729
Milton Meier 204 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-5454
Edward Orenge51 Newark St., Hoboken Ho. 3-7380
William Applegate225 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-0442
Vincent McDonnell90 Bloomfield St., Hoboken Ho. 3-7302
Henry J. Wessling, Capt,Havens Savings & Loan Ass'n., HobokenHo. 3-7302
William J. Duffy625 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-0300
Patrick Bucino40 Hudson St,, Hoboken Ho. 3-7900
Adolph B. ClassenDykes Lumber Co., 702 Clinton St.Ho. 3-7410
George Laiken52,6 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-0291
Walter Geismar222 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-6666
Arthur Scheffler, Mgr.Meyers' Hotel, Hoboken Ho. 3-1729
A. J. Mohr, AideYMCA
Anne Pappas, SponsorAmerican Home Products Co,
1 Pleasant Ave., Passaic Pa. 2-6900
Elsie Petersen, Ass't.
Charles Gratz, Capt.1000 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-9820
Dr. L. Ghasin322 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-2.648
Arthur McDonald
William FerberKeuffel & Esser Co., Hoboken Ho. 3-1100
J. Henry O'Brien68 Hudson St., Hoboken Ho. 3-5656
Andrew Scherer, Capt.722 Bloomfield St., HobokenHo. 3-7134
Rev. John G. BottSt. Paul Church, 8th & Hudson Sts.Ho. 3-7134
Clarence G. Meeks, Jr., Capt. 51 Newark St., Hoboken Ho. 3-6969
Emil MerzTietjen & Lang Dry Docks, Hoboken Ho. 3-0700
Wallace Marnell37 Newark St., Hoboken Ho. 3-1296
Caesar Muzzi104 Jefferson St., Hoboken Ho. 3-2267
James J. Cullen121 Garden St., Hoboken Ho. 3-7800
Edward Rathjen1000 Bloomfield St., Hoboken Ho. 3-1129
Harry E.S. Wilson, Capt.68 Hudson St., Hoboken Ho. 3-1576
James Firmin312 12th St., Hoboken
Ralph Spadavecchia 509 Park Ave., Hoboken Ho. 3-0210
Nathan J. Dix524 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-1234
Chas. H. O'Neal Hob. Post #107-American Legion Ho. 3-0299
John J. Kuehns, Capt.1215 Washington St., HobokenHo. 3-7023
John J. McGirl 1 Newark St. Ho. 3-6780
Joseph Glaser 218 First St., HobokenHo. 3-1918
Dr. A. Friedman 1108 Washington St., HobokenHo. 3-3724
Moe Aronsberg 89 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-5900
Ernest Glaesel, Mgr.509 23rd St., Union City Un. 3-6700
James T, Hatton, AideY.M.C.A.
Florence Dato, Sponsor2305 Central Ave, Union City Un. 3-5800
C. C. Watson [too sick]509 23rd St., Union City Un. 3-6700
C.J. Ahrnke (deceased)17 Bonn PI., Weehawken Do Not Call
Frederick Bauer707 Summit Ave., Union City Un. 7-1475
Walter Boquist4104 Park Ave., Weehawken Un. 3-0500
William J. Day909 New York Ave., Union City Un. 7-9182
F. R. Hellinghausen103 Oak St., Weehawken Un. 7-5590
Julius Kaplove4700 Bergenline Ave., Union City Un. 7-6868
Robert E. Lohman4901 Bergenline Ave., West New York Un. 3-7000
O. E. Riemenschneider4201 Bergenline Ave., Union City Un. 3-6772
Fred P. Servo800 Summit Ave., Union City Un. 7-2800
Mark Vignati132 Shippen St., Weehawken Un. 7-4517
R. J. Welti23 76th St., North Bergen Un. 7-4934
Henry ReinhardtBox 24W, Union City Un. 7-0808
Arthur Einbeck6024 Bergenline Ave., West New York Un. 3-1240
Frank HannaY.M.C.A.
Rev. C. F. Petersen717 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-7363
A, D, ReesY.M.C.A.
Elaine MaierY.M.C.A.
Loretta SpeerY.M.C.A.
Rev. Wm. Cusworth1233 Bloomfield St., Hoboken Ho. 3-0711
Rev. A. Wettstein606 Garden St., Hoboken Ho. 3-8119
Rev. E. P. Hooper311 6th St., Hoboken Ho. 3-0490
Harold Grouls95 River Street, Hoboken Ho. 3-2889
Miss Sadie F. Leinkauf, Major — 524 Park Ave.- Ho. 3-1966
Mrs.Frank Crisp, Assoc.920 Hudson St., HobokenHo. 3-041
Anna Hilss Aide Y.M.C.A.
Katherine Azara, SponsorY.M.C.A.
Lenore Weil, Asst. " 880 4th Ave., North BergenHo. 3-4170
TEAM No. 17
Miss Fanny Hamilton1024 Hudson St,, HobokenHo. 3-0206
Miss Grace Pope160 15th St., Hoboken Ho. 3-1217
Mrs. Pauline Hamel204 11th St., Hoboken Ho. 3-2846
Mrs, John Repetto11 Elysian Park, Hoboken Ho. 3-3382
Mrs, Chris Bobbe935 Hudson St., Hoboken Ho. 3-8236
Mrs. Emily Alberts1209 Bloomfield St., HobokenHo. 3-5004
TEAM No. 18
Mrs, Wilbur Spiro, Capt.939 Washington St., HobokenHo. 3-1064
Mrs. Alice Porter602 River Ter., Hoboken Ho. 3-3197
Mrs. Irving Greenberg123,0 Hudson St., HobokenHo 3-1593
Mrs. William Kennedy1106 Park Ave. Hoboken Ho. 34
Mrs, Sol Gottlieb1209 Washington St., HobokenHo. 3-4449
Mrs. L. F. Blenderman, Capt.524 Park Ave., HobokenHo. 3-1966
Mrs. L. L. Lewis712 Washington St., Hoboken Ho. 3-0416
Miss Marie Jaeger1204 Hudson St., Hoboken Ho. 3-6945
Mrs, Henry Stuhrman206 11th St., Hoboken Ho. 3-2327
Mrs, Marie Notaranni631 Garden St„, HobokenHo. 3-8122
Mrs. Louis Immen, Capt.1232 73th St., North BergenUn. 3-3449
Miss Helen Crawford1307 Bloomfield St., HobokenHo. 3-1470
Mrs. Bertha Schmidt312 Garden St., HobokenHo. 3-4942
Mrs. Caroline Kreft8 William Ter,, Cliffside CI. 6-0685-J
Mrs, Helen Curci919 Park Ave,, Hoboken Ho. 3-2937
Mrs. Vincent Jankauskas1226 Bloomfield St., Hoboken Ho. 3-2451
Mrs, Bruno Bartels518 Hudson St., Hoboken Ho. 3-
Mrs, Robert Emery1018 Hudson St., Hoboken Ho. 3-6455
Mrs. John J. McGirl907 Castle Pt., Hoboken Ho. 3-6659
Mrs. N. Spadavecchia509 Park Ave., Hoboken Ho. 3-0210
Mrs. John Fife6th St. Gatehouse, Castle Pt.,Hoboken Ho. 3-1786
Date 1941
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