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Title Program: Pre-Celebration Centennial Luncheon of the Academy of the Sacred Heart, Hoboken, N.J.. Sponsored by the Alumnae Assn. Union Club, May 6, 1967.
Object Name Program
Catalog Number 2014.025.0009
Collection Mel Kiernan Collection
Credit Gift of Mel Kiernan.
Scope & Content Pre-Celebration Centennial Luncheon of the Academy of the Sacred Heart, Hoboken, New Jersey. Sponsored by the Alumnae Association. Held at the Union Club, Hoboken, N.J., Saturday, May 6, 1967.

Printed program with menu, 5-1/4" wide x 7" high, [8] pp plus printed covers. Two copies. Full text transcribed in notes.

This parochial school was founded in 1868 and this event was part of its upcoming centennial in 1968. While this event was in 1967, the first paragraph on page [2] states: Since this year marks thecentennial of ourAcademy and the fifty-thirdanniversary of the founding of our Alumnae Association, a brief history of both may be of interest to our members and their guests.

School was located at 713 Washington Street, Hoboken, and closed in 2006. The Union Club was 600 Hudson Street.
commemorative / souvenir / 100 years /
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Notes Archives 2014.025.0009


Centennial Luncheon
of the
Academy of the Sacred Heart

Sponsored by the
Alumnae Association

Held at the UNION CLUB - - HOBOKEN, N. J.
Saturday, May 6, 1967


Honorary Patrons

Archbishop of Newark


Mrs. James Lynch ......... President

Mrs. FrancisStapleton ..... VicePresident

Mrs. GeorgeWeaver ..... Vice President

Miss Helen V. Ford ............... Corresponding Secretary

Miss Patricia Pescatore ......... RecordingSecretary

Miss Mary Kiernan ......... Treasurer


Ad Multos Annos

Since this year marks thecentennial of ourAcademy and the fifty-thirdanniversary of the founding of our Alumnae Association, a brief history of both may be of interest to our members and their guests.

Less than ten years after the incorporationof the Sisters of Charity at Convent Station the Academyof the Sacred Heart was opened as the second private academy established by the Community on property outside their original foundation at Convent. Thus, it can be seen that the history of the Academy is almost as long as the history of the Sisters of Charity in the state of New Jersey.

In the history of the Missions of the Community in New Jersey by Sister Mary Agnes Sharkey it is noted as a “singular fact that while there has been little, if any, change in the material aspect of the Academy, the encroachment of other buildings preventing the acquisition of property contiguous to it, and thus making enlargement impossible, yet educational advancement has kept pace with the march of time, and the Academy of the Sacred Heart ranks today as a peer of other secondary institutions in the state of New Jersey.”

Maintaining the best traditions of its earliest principals the Academy offered a complete course of study in the primary and grammar grades for both boys and girls and its high school for girls a full classical course of study as well as the opportunity to pursue scientific and commercial schedules. As of June 1966 the primary and grammar grades were phased out and the Academy today is a high school for girls only.

Throughout the years our Alma Mater has trained and is training women in social and civic life with a sense of responsibility and cooperation with local and Community activities. To this loyalty and interest is due the founding of our Alumnae Association in 1914 and the founding of the Mothers’ Guild in 1937.

On the evening of November 2, 1914 at the suggestion of Sister M. Clarissa Flanagan, a student in the first class to be graduated from the Academy of the Sacred Heart and in 1914 a member of its faculty, a meeting of graduates and former pupils was held at Academy Hall for the purpose of forming an Alumnae Association. A constitution was adopted and signed by all members present, and Mrs. James G. Wallace elected as the first president. Following the business meeting, the members repaired to the Chapel where Bendiction of the Blessed Sacrament was given.

In 1937 a most successful Reunion Tea was held at the Academy as a result of which, through the efforts of two of our Alumnae members, the Mothers’ Guild was established. Since a large number of students, many of them children of former graduates, attend the Academy the members of the Alumnae Association and of the Mothers’ Guild are upholding traditions that the inaugurators of the institution bequeathed to later generations a precious heritage.

In June 1928 the Alumnae began the raising of a fund to found a scholarship in our own Academy and its successful completion was announced on June 4, 1932. This scholarship has been awarded once every four years since that time to the Catholic girl graduate of any local school who wins first place in the prescribed examination.

The many interests of our Association are known to our Alumnae who support them through affairs such as this Reunion Luncheon. We realize “that while much has been accomplished, much remains to be done.”

As the Academy enters upon its second hundred years, may we ask your continued participation and cooperation in furthering her work and her ideals.

Ad Multos Annos.



Louis De Pascale

Thomas A. Gallo
Stephen E. Mongiello
Bernard Scrivani
Rudolph N. Ranieri
William Matthews
Steve Cappiello
Louis Francone
Francis Finnerty
John J. Palmieri


John D. McAlevy

Melvin W. Christie

Rocco Gratale
Fred L. Bado
Otto Hottendorf
Robert F. Reany
Silvio J. Failla
George J. Connors
Frank Weeks

Thomas A. Gallo
Asst. Secretary



Mothers’ Guild of the Academy of the Sacred Heart

Sister Mary Aquinas, O.Carm.

Class of '57

Mrs. L. A. Brennan

Mrs. Salvatore D. Bottini

Mrs. Frank J. Boyce

Marguerite Cannon

Maria Cannon

Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Casassa

Dorothy Cawley

Patricia M. Connors

Mr. & Mrs. John D’Alessio

Mary A. Delaney

Mrs. Charles J. Dougherty

Dr. & Mrs. William Dougherty

Frances Klem Feely

Mr. & Mrs. James Finizio

Helen V. Ford

In Memory of

Helen Carlotta Fugazzi

Mrs. Daniel F. Gaven

Jule D. Gellner

Mrs. Robert V. Hayes, Sr.

Mrs. J. Burr Herron

Mrs. William R. Hogan

Mrs. Clarence P. Howley

Mrs. B. M. Jackson

Eileen M. Kelly

Mr. & Mrs. Norman L. Kennedy

Mary Kiernan

Mrs. Eileen Kitchen

Estelle P. Kusch

Mary E. Loftus

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Losito

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lynch

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Lynch

Mr. & Mrs. John Lynch

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lynch

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lynch

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lynch

James V. Lynch

Rose A. Lynch

Sharon A. Lynch

Jane V. Malone, In Memory

Margaret E. Malone

Mrs. Frank Marnell

Gertrude Bach Moore

Rita Murray

Virginia Moore Murray

George Nelson, Jr.

Marie E. O’Brien

Mrs. Joan Poggi Perna

Mrs. Stella Peters

Al Radulic

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Razzetti

Mr. & Mrs. T. W. Richmond

Mrs. James J. Ronan

Kathleen T. Ronan

Mrs. George B. Weaver

Artie Williams

Laura Wintrich

Marie Wintrich

Helen Woltmann



Elaine Buchanan Adamkiewics

Mrs. Harry F. Boyce

Jacqueline Choffiotte Connelly

Agnes Crosby

Mrs. Michael D’Amico

The Joseph Fichters

Marie G. Ford

Catherine Z. Hintelmann

Mrs. James A. Kilduff

Mrs. F. A. McDonnell

Mrs. Edward J. McNeil

Ann Materek

The Magri Family

Mrs. Edward Ortega

Marilyn Sommers



Sister Angela Marie

Louis J. Casazza, III

Virginia C. Casazza

Frank D. Chiocco

Joseph Colaneri

Joan Berke D’Alessio

Seton Mary D’Alessio

Therese Angela D’Alessio

Mary Gilbarty

Margaret G. Glover

Mrs. Victor J. Irmiere

Marie A. Kern

Mrs. Patricia Ullrich Martelliti

Mrs. Fouise Mitchell Kraus

Helen McCourt

F. A. McDonnell

Kevin McDonnell

Katherine McLaughlin

Virginia McLaughlin

Mrs. Nora McVicker

Mrs. George Paproth

James J. Ronan

Michael J. Ronan

Mary Rose Saulnier

Linda Schlegel

Mrs. Marian Schroeder

Mrs. Warren R. Schubert

Mrs. W. Stiles

Mrs. G. S. Texido

Joseph D. Totaro

Mrs. C. R. Vogt

Adeline C. Zitani


Date 1967
Year Range from 1967
Year Range to 1967
Search Terms Academy of the Sacred Heart
713 Washington St.
Union Club
600 Hudson St.
Sixth St.
Hudson St.
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