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Title Proposed Classification Plan for the Hoboken City Service. By Charles P. Messick & Associates, Trenton, N.J. Dec. 31,1952.
Object Name Report
Catalog Number 2005.062.0003
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Collection Hoboken Government & Politics Collection
Credit Gift of the City of Hoboken, Office of the City Clerk
Scope & Content Proposals of the Classification of Existing Positions in Hoboken City Service. For the Consideration of the Board of City Commissioners.
Prepared by Charles P. Messick & Associates, Trenton, N.J. December 31,1952.

See notes for text of first seven pages including table of contents and explanation of the study. PDF of page images on file.

This report is referred to in a related 1952 report by the same company: Organization Reports on a Study of the City of Hoboken (archives 2005.062.0002).

Carbon typescript, 8-1/2" x 11" high, punched on top edge for metal prong report cover. Irregular pagination of the 124 leaves; while some leaves have a typewritten page number, many have been crossed out and re-numbered in holographic ink; see pagination below. Numerous annotations in ink with a few in pencil.

Note that the cover title varied slightly from the title page. Although dated on cover label as December 31, 1952, pages 1 and [98] have City Clerk's received stamp dated May 6, 1952 which is the same received date as a related report submitted by the same firm, archives record 2005.062.0002.

Scanned as found. Pagination: 1 - 21, 21A, 22 - 77, 77A - 77F, 78, 78A - 78H, 79, 79A - 79E (note this sequence includes two leaves numbered 79C; they are not duplicates), 80, 80A, 81, 81A, 82, 82A - 82C, 83, [84] - [90] (these unnumbered leaves were numbered in pencil when scanned 2005), 1 - 8 (presumably an inserted memo that was separately numbered - they were numbered [91]-[98] in pencil for scanning collation).
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Notes Archives 2005.062.0003
Text of first seven pages
[page 1, cover]

Proposals of the Classification of Existing Positions in Hoboken City Service.

For the Consideration of the Board of City Commissioners.

Prepared by Charles P. Messick & Associates, Trenton, N.J. December 31,1952.


page 2

Cover ------------1
Contents -----------2
Explanation of the Proposed. Classification Plan 4
Department of Public Affairs - - - - -6
Central Office --------8
City Clerk - -- -- -- --9
Law ----------- 10
Assessors Office -------11
City Engineer - -- -- -- -12
Heath - - - - - - - -13
Public Health Hursing ------15
Baby Welfare Station ------16
Welfare --------17
Free Public library -------18
Building Maintenance -------20
Department of Revenue and Finance 22
Central Office - -- -- -- -22
City Accountant and Assistant City Treasurer - 23
City Tax Collector -------24
Recreation Unit - -- - 25
Street Maintenance and Cleaning — 29
Water System Maintenance ------33
Water Services - -- -- -- -34
Parking Meters - -- -- -- ---35
Building at 86 River Street - - - - -36
Department of Safety --------37
Central Office - -- -- -- -37
Police ---------- 33
Central Office and Commanding Officers or Uniformed Force -38
Squads 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 - - - - -39
Squads 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 - - - - -41
Squads 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 - - - -43
Squads 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 ---44
Squads 21 and 22 - — - - -46
River Front Squad - - - -47
Traffic Squad - - -48
Motorcycle Squad - - - -49
Bank and Payroll Detail - - - -50
Criminal Investigation - - - -51
Police Athletic league - — - -53
Miscellaneous Group - — - ---54


page 3

Fire -----------------55
Engine Company #1 ------------57
Engine Company #2 ------------53
Engine Company #3---------- - -59
Engine Company #4 ------------60
Engine Company #5- — - -- -- -- - - -61
Engine Company #6------------62
Truck Company #1 ------------63
Truck Company #2 ------------64
Truck Company #365
Men on Extended Leave ----------66
Police and Fire Signals -----------67
Safety Repair Shop - -- -- -- -- -- -68
Building Inspection - -- -- - - -- -- -69
Garage — — — — — —70
Municipal Court - -- -- -- -- -- --71

Department of Public Works --------- 72
Department of Parks and Public Property ------74
Definition of Classes of positions as proposed for the City Service ---------- 76
Definition of Classes occurring only in the Department of Public Affairs - -- -- -- 77
Definition of Classes occurring only in the Department of Revenue and Finance - 78
Definition of Classes occurring only in the Department of Public Safety ------- 79
Definition of Classes occurring only in the Department of Public Works ------- 80
Definition of Classes occurring only in the Department of Parks and Public Property 81
Definition of Classes occurring in more than one Department82
Proposed Personnel Rules and Regulations - - - - --33
Proposed Draft Ordinance to provide for the Adoption of a Classification and Pay Plan ------- 84
The Content and Provisions of the Draft Ordinance - 35


page 4


There are submitted herewith the proposals of Chas. P. Messick and Associates for the proper classification of the existing positions in the service of the City of Hoboken, other than those in the Board of Education. These proposed classifications have been carefully worked out in accordance with the provisions of resolution 6732, adopted by the Board of City Commissioners on November 20, 1951 and the classification sections of the civil service law and rules. The following explanations are included to facilitate ready understanding of the classification proposals:

1. In accordance with the requirements of the civil service law and rules and with accepted classification practices, the proposed classifications are of positions and not of persons.

2.The positions regarding which classification proposals are made are those found actually to exist on the basis of the information supplied by City officers and employees, supplemented by reference to payrolls and to department records.

3. Each position is identified by the statement oi four significant facts:

a. The name of the incumbent.

b. The present civil service title of the position and its incumbent.

c. The present rate of pay of the incumbent.

d. The number of hours the incumbent reported he was on duty in a selected week.

4. The proposed classification of each position, indicated in the column following the statement of the four significant facts, is based upon tne actual duties, responsibilities, and organisation relationships of such position. These basic facts as to any position, with a few exceptions, were ascertained and recorded on the form filled out by the incumbent of each position and verified by his superior oiiic«rs. In addition, in many cases, personal inquiries and inspections were made and additional information collected from supervisory officers, laws, ordinances, annual reports, and other sources.

5. In indicating the operating agency and sub-division thereof for any position, the governing factor has been the actual supervision exercised over the incumbent and the unit in which he actually works, not the payroll on which his name appears or the formal


page 5

or informal authorization of the position as a part of some operating unit. In a number of cases where some position was found to be "out of unit," action has already been taken to transfer [the position] to the unit designated in this report or to provide the supervision through the unit indicated herein.

6. The classification proposals have been informally discussed with the Directors of the five departments and their administrative and supervisory assistants. In most cases there is complete agreement as to the legality and propriety of the proposed classifications. But as to the proper classification of some positions, no such agreement was reached. In addition, the proposals have been discussed informally with the President and the Chief Examiner and Secretary of the State Department of Civil Service and it is believed they will approve generally the proposed classes, titles, and allocations if the Board of City Commissioners sees fit to submit officially such proposals.

7. In some cases, and particularly in the Recreation unit, where one person holds a position of one type during part of the year and a position of a different type during another part of the year, it was considered necessary to use "double" titles. (This has the disadvantage of making the class title cumbersome but it indicates unmistakably the dual nature of the work done in the course of the year and eliminates the difficulties and paper work which would otherwise occur at least twice annually when the employee concerned shifts from one position to the other.

8. The status of the incumbent of any position whose title is changed must be worked out in collaboration with the State Department of Civil Service. As to most positions, the informal conferences with Dr, Clee and Colonel Russo indicate tte incumbents may, by administrative action, be given the same status in the positions as reclassified that they now have in their respective positions. Some, however, would have to take promotion or other examinations to obtain permanent status in their positions as reclassified.

9. The classification changes proposed, if effected, would make it necessary to set up rates and scales of pay for the new classes. This matter can be taken care of in the ordinance mentioned in paragraph 10 following.


page 6

10. The formal adoption of the classification proposals, with or without modifications, can be effected only by ordinance and by formal action of the State Department of Civil Service. In a later report the draft of an ordinance considered suitable for this purpose will be submitted to the Board of City Commissioners. When such formal action has been taken, or concurrently therewith, it is suggested that the classification proposals, as adopted by the Board of City Commissioners, be submitted to the State Department of Civil Service on the form it has prepared for the purpose and that some authorizedrepresentative of the Board of City Commissioners be present when the State Department of Civil Service considers the classification proposals in order to supply detailed information and to make any needed explanations.

11. The City service is not static. As a matter of fact, changes are constantly being made in the duties and responsibilities of existing positions due to changes in
personnel, in operating programs, in operating procedures, and in internal organization. Such change, often, though not invariably, call for changes in the classes recognized, in class titles, and in the allocations of positions to classes. No greater mistake could be made than to assume that the classification plan, when once worked out and adopted, should remain unchanged and unchanging. The administrative machinery needed to effectuate future changes is indicated in the draft of an ordinance to be submitted later providing for the adoption of the classification plan.

12. Definitions for the several classes of positions are being prepared and will be submitted in a later report.

13. It will be readily perceived that the submission of this report is only the first of a number or steps necessary to assure in the City service the recognition of proper classes, the use of descriptive titles, the proper allocation of individual positions to their respective classes, and the effective use of the classes, titles, and allocations in carrying on the personnel operations of the City, It is a part of the obligation of Chas. P. Messick and Associates to give such assistance as may be desired


page 7

in the further development and adoption of the classification plan tor the City service and a staff member will be available at reasonable times to provide the technical services requested.


People Messick, Charles P.
Malone, Arthur C.
Date 1952
Year Range from 1952
Year Range to 1952
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