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Title Ad, Cocomalt: This precious bone-building Vitamin D... Ad by R.B. Davis Co, Hoboken; in Good Housekeeping, June 1929.
Object Name Ad, Magazine
Catalog Number 2012.001.0183
Collection Hoboken Manufactured Products Collection
Credit Museum Collections.
Scope & Content Cocomalt ad: This precious bone-building Vitamin D ... in this delicious natural food.

Full-page color magazine ad by R.B. Davis Co., Hoboken, N.J., as published in Good Housekeeping, June, 1929, page unknown. Clipped leaf, 8" x 11-5/8" high. Copyright R.B.D. Co. '29.

An ad in a series with artistic graphics and gentle selling style. See notes for text.

See archives 2012.001.0184 for a differently formated version of the same ad published in an unknown magazine probably in June or the summer of 1929 (copyright is also stated as '29.) Text is the same except for the coupon: "Send me booklet C-4..."

"You may get Cocomalt at your grocer's in half pound, one pound or the economical five pound family size."

Coupon promoted sample size can and a free booklet "Children of the Sun" with a small reproduction of the cover
Notes 2012.001.0183
Cocomalt advertisement, Good Housekeeping, June 1929

This precious bone-building Vitamin D... in a delicious, natural FOOD

It is really a very simple matter to understand why the fact that Vitamin D is contained in Cocomalt is so important to mothers ... to doctors ... to nutritionists.

We know that children must have this precious vitamin — for without it, the milk minerals (lime and phosphorus) in their diet which go to make strong bones and teeth are not utilized by the body.

Cod-liver oil is one source. The direct rays of the sun are another . . . But Cocomalt offers a further advantage: it brings to your children not only the actual vitamin but the necessary milk minerals (lime and phosphorus) as well—in a delicious natural food that youngsters really love.

You see, milk is particularly rich in mineral salts. That's an important reason why doctors say children should drink plenty of milk. And Cocomalt not only increases the milk minerals by over half, but it also furnishes the Vitamin D which puts the minerals to work in a way that builds bones, develops sound teeth, prevents rickets (soft bones, bowed legs) and assures the steady symmetrical growth of the whole body.

More than that, Cocomalt is a completely balanced food. It is so rich in proteins and carbohydrates that it adds 70% more nourishment to milk and combines, in scientific proportions, the nourishing elements ideally suited to children . . .


It is a particularly happy circumstance that so vital a factor in health and vigor should be found in a balanced food and in a truly delicious drink.

For children do drink Cocomalt because they like it. It has a delightful chocolate flavor. You can give it to them hot or cold — for breakfast, supper and after school lunch. And mothers who ordinarily find it difficult to make their children drink the daily glasses of milk they need have discovered in Cocomalt the perfect answer to this problem.

Cocomalt should, without question, be a part of every child's diet.

copyright R.B.D. Co. '29

You may get Cocomalt from your grocer in half-pound, pound and five pound cans. The half-pound size is 25 cents (30 cents west of the Mississippi). If your grocer cannot supply you, take advantage of the sample offer.

Adds 70% more nourishment to milk
June 1929 Good Housekeeping

R. B.DAVIS COMPANY, Hoboken.N.J. • Makers of Davis Baking Powder

A generous sample and booklet • Send 10 cents (to cover the cost of mailing) and we will forward you a generous sample can of Cocomalt—together with a fascinating book entitled "Children of the Sun." This booklet was prepared for the R. B. Davis Company by specialists in the field of medicine and nutrition, based on their own comprehensive research work on Coco-malt and Vitamin D, the sunlight vitamin.

R.B.Davis Co., Hoboken,N.J. Enclosed find 10 cents. Send me booklet C-4 and sample of Cocomalt mentioned at left.


Date 1929
Year Range from 1929
Year Range to 1929
Search Terms Davis Baking Powder Company
R.B. Davis Company
Caption Cocomalt, full page ad, Good Housekeeping, June 1929
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