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Title Catalog: Artistic Rustic Work. Rustic Manufacturing Co. Office: 150 Nassau St., N.Y.; Factory & Warehouse, Hoboken, N.J. N.d., ca. 1911.
Object Name Catalog, Sales
Catalog Number 2015.024.0001
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Collection Hoboken Commerce Collection
Credit Museum Collections.
Scope & Content Sale catalog: Artistic Rustic Work. Rustic Manufacturing Company. Architects and Builders of all kinds of Rustic Structures.
Office: 150 Nassau Street, New York.
Factory and Warehouse, Hoboken, N.J.
No date, circa 1911.

Printed pamphlet, 6" x 9" high, 16 pp plus covers; 25 half-tone black-and-white photo illustrations. Page [1]: inkstamp was used on the telephone number to ink out "5300 Beekman" and imprint new one, "2346 Beekman."

PDF on file. Full text is found in notes following discussion of company and dating. See related or archives 2015.024.0002 for an earlier catalog without a Hoboken address.

Address of the Hoboken factory and warehouse has not been determined. May also be considered as a trade catalog. No pricing of products are present.

advertising / promotional / furnishings / furniture / exteriors / gardens / architectural

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Notes Rustic Manufacturing Company was founded by H.I. Pinckney (known as Harry or Harold Pinckney) in 1909 as the successor to the bankrupt Rustic Construction Works which declared bankruptcy in July 1908. (Trow's 1909 listed the Rustic Manufacturing Company as a R.T.N.[Registered Trade Name] for H.I. Pinckney at 33a Nassau St., N.Y.; his name does not appear in this printed catalog.)

Rustic Construction had been founded in 1875 by Pinckney. In the printed notice for the 1908 bankruptcy, their factory in Peekskill, N.Y., was mentioned as an asset that could be sold. Auction sale was in January 1909. It is presumed that Hoboken became the factory location circa 1909, but perhaps only until 1911. On March 17, 1911, Rustic Manufacturing Company was incorporated in Edgewater, N.J. at 100 Undercliff Ave.

The printed photo on page 2 refers to "One of the recent Exhibits at Madison Square Garden" which was likely the second annual home show held in April 1911 (they were listed in newspapers as exhibitors; not found in the exhibitors of inaugural 1910 show.)

From other research it appears that Pinckney continued in business under his own name at 33 (or 33a) Fulton St. and the registered company, Rustic Manufacturing, was located at 150 Nassau.

Also telephone numbers - it has been established that Beekman 5300 was in use in 1909 and by 1911 or earlier, Beekman 2346 was the number being used.

Printed text of archives 2015.024.0001


[front cover]



[inside front cover]

THE object of this catalogue is to give an idea of the artistic beauty of rustic structures and the variety of objects that may be made of natural wood. It is manifestly impossible to illustrate or describe the many styles and forms in which rustic work may be applied, but we are glad at all times to make suggestions and submit special designs for anything in the rustic line that may be desired. The principal and most durable material we use for out of door structures is our native red Cedar (Juniperus Virginiana) and we recommend this on account of its artistic rustic appearance as well as durability, but when desired we can use Oak, Birch, Spruce or any other kind of wood. We own large groves of red Cedar and other trees and our facilities for shipping and construction are such that we can give our clients the benefit of lower prices that cannot positively be obtained elsewhere. Our work is done in the very best manner by experienced rustic builders to the entire satisfaction of our clients and we can refer to such in many parts of the country.
Prices on Application.


[page 1]

Manufacturing Company
Architects and Builders
of all kinds of
Rustic Structures

150 Nassau Street, New York
Telephone, 5300 Beekman [inked out] [inkstamp] 2346 Beekman

Factory and Warehouse
Hoboken, N. J.


2 Rustic Manufacturing Company

One of the recent Exhibits at Madison Square Garden, New York. Showing Summer House, Umbrella Seat, Pergola, Tables, Chairs, Flower Boxes, Etc.


3 Rustic Manufacturing Company

Umbrella Settee.
Where space is limited, this will take the place of a larger Summer House.


4 Rustic Manufacturing Company

Nine Foot Octagonal Summer House.
This is the most serviceable size, seating about fifteen persons.

Rustic Covered Top Table. Made in all sizes.


5 Rustic Manufacturing Company

Rustic Arm Chair. (Heavy)

Rustic Bungalow.
We build these in various styles at moderate cost.


6 Rustic Manufacturing Company

Rustic Canopy Settee.
This is a great favorite. Built double or single seat.

Nine Foot Octagonal Summer House.


7 Rustic Manufacturing Company

Rustic Fence.
Built in all heights and designs.

Rustic Settee. Made from 3 ft. to 12 ft. This is very serviceable and artistic.


8 Rustic Manufacturing Company

Rustic Flower Vase.
Suitable for Veranda, House or Lawn.

Rustic Single Pergola.
This very ornamental Fence can be covered with Vines, affording an effective and artistic screen from neighboring backyards


9 Rustic Manufacturing Company

Rustic Chair, Made of Yellow Birch

Rustic Plain Top Table


10 Rustic Manufacturing Company

Rustic Covered Porch.
This Rustic addition to a Seaside Hotel has attracted much attention.

This Covered Promenade at the Sea Shore was built of Rustic Red Cedar, and connects Hotel with Bathing Houses. Rustic tables and chairs are placed along the entire length, affording a delightful place for guests to enjoy the ocean breezes. At night the effect of many electric lights the Rustic Work is very charming.


11 Rustic Manufacturing Company

Rustic Sheep or Deer House.

Rustic Seat Around Tree.


12 Rustic Manufacturing Company

Rustic Summer House, Built of White Birch.
This house is very artistic and striking in appearance.

Rustic Pump or Tool House.


13 Rustic Manufacturing Company

Rustic Canopy Settee.
Very useful on Tennis Courts.

Rustic Pergola and Open Arbor.
This structure when covered with Wistaria [sic Wisteria] or other suitable vines forms a most charming addition to the grounds.


14 Rustic Manufacturing Company

Rustic Hanging Basket.
Made of Laurel roots, sizes 8 inches to 15 inches.

Rustic Covered Seat.
Made in three sizes, 4 x 4, 5 x 5, 6 x 6.


15 Rustic Manufacturing Company

Rustic Garage.
Built in all sizes and styles. Very artistic in country places.

8 foot Octagon Summer House,
Built of red cedar with bird house on top.


16 Rustic Manufacturing Company

Electric Fountain with Rustic Base


[inside back cover]

SOME structures and articles that may be built of red Cedar and will add to the beauty of the surrounding landscape:-Octagonal Summer Houses, Square Summer Houses, Pavillions, Tea Houses, Garages, Tool Houses, Bridges, Child's Play Houses, Pergolas, Boat Houses, Dog Kennels, Bird and Squirrel blouses, Sheep and Deer Houses, ornamental and utility Fences, Settees, Chairs, Tables, Umbrella Settees, Canopy Settees, Window and Veranda Flower Boxes, Bungalows, covering unsightly buildings with Rustic Work.


Date 1909-1911
Year Range from 1909.0
Year Range to 1911.0
Search Terms Rustic Construction Works
Rustic Manufacturing Company
Caption front cover, title: Artistic Rustic Work
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Classification Architecture
Business & Commerce
Gardens & Yards