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Title Transcript: Florence Miller 1913 Diary, second half: Apr. 20 to Sept. 21.
Object Name Transcript
Catalog Number 2001.025.0001.02
Collection Papers of Florence G. Miller & Family
Credit Gift of Frank Balogh

This record is second of two records with the transcribed text being the second half of the transcription running from entries of April 20, 1913 to September 21, 1913, end.

See primary record, archives 2001.025.0001 for images of the original diary and fuller description.
Notes This record is the second half of the transcription running from April 20, 1913 to September 21, 1913, end. See archives 2001.025.0001.01 for the first half with entries from January 1, 1913 to April 19, 1913. Primary record archives 2001.025.0001.

Transcription done by Kate Peko, 2011.

Sunday, Apr. 20, '13
Mass 7:30. Rushed home, had breakfast & dressed for riding, Ceil's skirt, Ethel's coat, Mad's hat. Got down to Hexamer's about 9:45. On our way up Hudson St at 10:05. Had a wonderful ride (Lida). I never want to ride in the ring again. Got home about 1:15 starved. Ate. Took off my things. Helped with work and read all afternoon. Allan called and asked me to the dance Friday eve. I had intended to go to Jules of Hoffernan's[?] with Etta, but I called that off. Allan couldn't understand it but he took a "wild guess" that "it was with a fellow." (Safe). He came down in the eve. Ted Henry was out from Philly for the day. No sign of life from Mayma. Mom was downstairs all day. She had to get the dinner.
Monday, Apr. 21, '13
School - In afternoon hung around with a toothache till about 5:15 when I called Ella C and we went down to Dr. Sharpless [?] - Mom got nervous and called me up while I was there. Just got home when Carl C. called me up and asked me to the dance Friday eve. I just hung up the receiver when it rang again and Charlie Bayha called & asked me. When I said I was going he asked me if I was busy for the eve. and I said "yes". Then he said he was going to ask me to go up to the Orpheum (Vaudeville). I was sorry that I told him I was busy, but I couldn't see him for a whole eve.[spieling] music. Took a walk with Mad and met Jimmie. He heard I was ill & hoped I was better. He had been inquiring two or three times. I thanked him for his thoughtfulness. Bought cream & on our way home bunked into Allan. He was going down Washington St. with some man. Mom was subpoenaed to appear in Court this morning as a witness in a case against Mr. Coyle [hip Dennis McDonghlin[?]. She can't go and Coyles are delighted. They blame Allan because the lawyers are Edward & Smith, and incidentally they think I'm responsible I guess. I don't know what I could have told Allan & he didn't mention anything to me. Bed at 10. Some day! Went around in eve. to tell Ella. I couldn't go Friday eve. She read about the dance & thought I had forgotten all about it. But I am going Wed. eve to see Madame Butterfly.
Tuesday Apr. 22, '13
School - In afternoon went to dentist - he disappointed me & I went up to Schorty's with Sadie S. & Edna J. & Ida D. Home - walked up to Ethels with her mackinaw. Loafed. Read for a while. Went to bed a little after 9.
Wednesday Apr. 23, '13
School - loafed all afternoon. Saw Madame Butterfly in eve. It was perfectly wonderful. The music very light & pretty but nothing that you can carry. Had been to dentist in afternoon & he put arsenic in my tooth. Everything I eat tastes of it. No supper so I had cream & chocolate on way home.
Thursday Apr. 24, '13
Terribly late for school.
Friday Apr. 25, '13
Sat. Apr. 26, '13
Worked in morning. In afternoon went to New York with Ella Coyle. Walked Fifth Ave.
Saw Ed. Sally in Knickerbocker. Harold Reeve was in in the evening. Silly as ever. Wanted to come in again before the dance but I couldn't see it.
Sunday Apr. 27, '13
Mass 10:30. Home and got dinner ready. Mom went to N.Y. with Mr. M. Allan called up and said he was going for a walk and would stop in. Mad went to ball game in J.C. with Mr. M & Mom went up to visit Miss Tuttle.. Miss Rivwen [?]called. It rained so hard she had to sit down & wait!!! Gave Allan my umbrella.

Mon. Apr. 28, '13
School and raining. Stopped long enough for me to go without an umbrella (No borrowing) & come home with Miss Leinkauf. Read all afternoon etc.
Tues. Apr. 29, '13
School & a walk in afternoon with Mad or rather a stroll. Eats and more reading. Mr. M. went to Balt.
Wed. Apr. 30, '13
School - went out for a walk all alone. Started up Boulevard & me Miss Roahe [?] in her car. She took me for a ride all around Boulevard and down home. Some car. Eats. Heard Carmen in eve. It was wonderful. One of the prettiest I have seen.
Thurs. May 1, '13
School - went for a walk in afternoon with Mabel & Ella. Spent aft. examining babies. Grace Barrett ? Marshall - O'Brien etc. Met everybody. Eats. Went down to Library with Mommie. Met Allan he had called for his cane and brought back my umbrella. Tried 2 or 3 times to get the house and couldn't. Going over to Shanley's with his cousin John. Read for a while. Bed.
Fri. May 2, '13
School - ironed in the afternoon & read. Allan called up & asked me out to-morrow. I'm going riding but said I'd go in the eve. Dinner & Theatre. He just rang off when Joe Lannigan called. First time in about 6 mos. Asked me out so I made it Tues. eve. To see most anything. Some rush! Walked up to get Miss Gonzales' skirt and she wasn't home. Talking to Carl Cella for a few minutes.
Sat. May 3, '13
Miss Gonzales sent the skirt down in the morning. Cleaned the halls. Had a dandy ride Eight men in the party and they were very nice. Stopped in Fairview Heights and a dandy ride home. I had indigestion & terrible pains in my side. Rushed home & dressed. Allan had to wait for me. We saw the Sunshine Girl & were not very much impressed. Went to Shandley's after. - saw Will Hanley. Got home about 2. One dandy day.
Sunday, May 4, '13
Granny's birthday. Mass 10:30 - Mother insisted. Allan went to 11:45. I walked up the Boulevard with Charlie Bayha. Loafed & tried to sleep in the afternoon but Granny's party arrived & kept me up. Allan came down in the evening. He didn't feel very well.
Monday May 4, '13
School - Loafed all day. Read in evening.
Tuesday May 5, '13
School - Took a sleep in afternoon. Went to theatre with Joe Lannigan. Saw Sunshine Girl & was terribly disappointed. He had seen it before but thought that I'd like it. Went to Murray's after. It was very dead.
Wed. May 7, '13
School -
Thurs. May 8, '13
School - Spent day in Coyle's. Walked in afternoon.
Fri. May 9, '13
School. Rushed home bathed, packed my case and dressed for Maplewood. Met Harold & he was in delightful humor. Went to Reeve's and dressed before dinner. Fred had a girl from Hackensack out (Louise). Had dinner & proceeded to the dance. Had a very good order. Leila was with a peach of a kid from E.O. Danced beautifully. Spent the night with Wilmena or rather that morning. Harold & Curtis came in and Wilmena made coffee. They left after four and it was half-past five when we got to sleep. Bakers have the cutest house.
Sat. May 10, '13
Fred brought my suit case down & couldn't get in, so he left it out on the porch. I went out for it in a kimona [kimono]. Just got in when Curtis McCain arrived. I unlocked the door and he waited for me to get up, before he came in. He sang and played while we got dressed and Wilmena got breakfast. We were wondering what happened to Harold & he called up. He had been to N.Y. and got back in time to have breakfast with us. We walked down to the store and as soon as we got back we had luncheon. Helped Mrs. B and then we danced awhile and went up to Reeve's to play golf. We didn't get back till 7:30 and Leila ha called up twice. I had promised to meet her at the ball game, but we thought was too cold to go. By the time we had supper and danced a while it was nearly 10 o'clock and Leila thought I had done it intentionally. She went to bed. You couldn't blame her. Charlie let me in. Mr. & Mrs. B. were out. I woke Leila and we talked some more - till about 1 or 2 o'clock.
Sunday, May 11, '13
Persuaded Leila to go down to South Orange to church with me and the whole sermon was a denunciation of Protestants. I was mortified and she was wild. She is so cynical anyhow it's a shame. We got back in time for dinner and afterward we took a walk with Harold, Mick & Stan. Terribly late getting back and I decided to stay. Camp reunion in eve. but everyone was tired and grumpy. Mick read Life. Stan entertained Mr. B. Harold had a puzzle. Leila stretched and I played for Jack & Charlie. They all left early. Leila and I talked some more but not very late.
Monday, May 12, '13
Got up at 7. Breakfast and Harold called for me. We got the 7:51 train. He came up to school with me. Met Allan and he was very much peeved. Dreamed through the morning and Mom was wild when I got in. Uncle very sick too. Changed my waist and back to school. Played tennis in afternoon with Ella C. May Rosencranz came down & saw us. Read all evening.
Tuesday, May 13, '13
All I could do to get to school. Wrote five letters down there. Mr. B. was away. Played tennis again in afternoon. (Allan called up and I made a date for him to come down tomorrow after the missions). Played with Mrs. Wyeth, Mrs. Walthour & Mae Rosencranz. Great practice. Had a date with Addie Butler. She told me all about Mayma and her peevishness. All on account of Allan. We went in Schorte's and on the way out, met Allan, so there was no agreement. Allan was horribly peeved that I didn't let him know I was going to Maplewood and I had a date to walk with him too. Talked my head off and said I didn't like the idea of calling him up - didn't think it satisfied him.
Wednesday, May 14, '13
School, played tennis with Ella. Mae Rosencranz and a Mr. Bailey came down to play. The played a set after ours and then we played all together. Allan came down after the mission. He had known what was the matter with Mayma all along. Mrs. B. told his mother etc. He was in fine humor. Had a grand laugh over it.
Thursday, May 15, '13
School - washed my head in afternoon Went to library in eve with Mary.
Friday, May 16, '13
School - loafed all afternoon. Hadn't started to dress when Etta called - told her to go on. Irene G. called later and still we weren't ready. Heard "Martha". It was one of the best. Dead tired.
Saturday, May 17, '13
Felt awful. Got out of bed at 3:30and hung around all day. To bed again about 9:30. One wild day.
Sunday, May 18, '13
Mass 10:30 Met Allan after and we walked up the Boulevard. Bought candy and rode home. Loafed all afternoon. He came down in eve.
Monday, May 19, '13
School - in afternoon stayed for the exhibit in H.S. No. 6 [cand]. Very funny. Waited for lecture. It was good. Eve. - blank.
Tuesday, May 20, '13
School -
Wednesday, May 21, '13
School -
Thursday, May 22, '13
School -
Friday, May 23, '13
No School in morning - Felt awful. Went in afternoon. Mayma had my class. Dance in eve. I wore the old green dress. Poured rain. Allan came down late - all wet. Telephoned for machine - got to club about 10. All stag dances. Allan enjoyed it. Mayma wasn't there - nor Alice nor Lil, nor Ella C. (Freutau). Had an awfully good time. Leo B. & Ed C. skipped one over on the "hillers".
Saturday, May 24, '13
Slept till one - dead tired. Loafed all afternoon. In eve. went down to library with Mary D.
Sunday, May 25, '13
Mass 10:30. Left Ethel and Agnes at gate and then promptly called for Mayma. Stayed in and fussed with camera. Allan called up at dinner time. He had been up to Lawrence's to Mass and walked up Boulevard after. Took a walk on JC Boulevard in afternoon with him. He came down in eve. with music Sat on porch for a while and he got an awful cold.
Monday, May 26, '13
School - in afternoon stayed for The Exhibit in H.S. No. 6 game. Eve. blank.
Tuesday, May 27, '13
School - supposed to keep a class in but M. D was down in afternoon and I excused them at 2:50. Eve. - blank.
Wednesday, May 28, '13
School - checks. $48. Met Mom in the afternoon and went shopping. Bought linen etc but no better off than before. Poured rain. Met Al Pels in car coming home. Eve -
Thursday, May 29, '13
School all day. No exercises. In afternoon went to N.Y. with Ella Coyle. Shopped some then walked B'way. Met Frank B. & Arthur Morris. Left them at the McAlpin. Walked some more. Visited all candy stores. Home. Joe Lannigan called up. Allan met him and told him all about the Sunshine Girl. He was wild. I thought Allan had gone to Atlanic. I hadn't heard from him and I was in awful humor. Told Joe to come up. Went in for Ella Coyle - couldn't see him alone. Father Toohey was there and was in time for a blessing. They couldn't come in. I helped Ed get out and rushed in to get dressed. Joe arrived with 2 lbs of P & [Q] - sort of redeemed himself. Insisted that I suggest some new show to see - (a week from Tuesday (10) Our Little Friend). The girls came in for a few minutes but they wouldn't stay. I was reading - Sixty First Second and he said he'd look up another book of Johnson's for me. Left early.
Friday, May 30, '13
Decoration Day. Slept till 9. Got up and made beds and ate. Dressed and went out to parade. Home to bed for afternoon. Allan called up at lunch time - hadn't gone to Atlantic at all. Asked me to go down to Island. I said "Yes". He said "I'll call you up again later - we'll go at 7" O.K. I read all afternoon in bed and ate Joe's candy. Allan didn't call so I didn't bother getting dressed. He called at 7 and waited till 8. Then I sent him home for his overcoat and finally we got the last boat to the Island. He hadn't had any supper so we ate and roamed around on S.R. and into Stanch's and came on out of [motor] busses He spent afternoon in Butler's and he didn't want to use their phone.
Saturday, May 31, '13
Got up at 11. Cleaned up second floor. Mom in a rage. Washed breakfast things and loafed. Received a book by mail from Joe. Went to New York with Mom and walked our feet off for dresses. Nothing doing. Then went down to library with Mary D.
Sunday, June 1, '13
Walked up with Allan. Started up Boulevard but it was so warm we went in Schorte's and down home. He stayed a while and then I played ball with Frankie. Loafed all afternoon. He came down in eve.
Monday, June 2, '13
Tuesday, June 3, '13
School. Uncle and Mr. M. left for Atlantic City. Forgot to say good-bye. Met Mom & went to N.Y. Mrs. Morey with her. We went to Sak's and I got a tan dress. Rushed home to get supper and Frankie didn't come home.
Wednesday, June 4, '13
School. Home Awfully tired. Resting. Harold Reeve called me and asked me to meet him and go to dinner. I hesitated and finally gave in. Met him down at Lackawanna. Enjoyed it very much for I felt rotten. We walked up home and sat around out back porch and finally he went around and got some cream. Made a date with him to meet me the 14th after theatre.
Thursday, June 5, '13
School. - Telegram from men inviting us to Atlantic City and we decided to go tomorrow Mad insisted on a new coat and I met her after school & we got one, Nell Rose Chinchilla. Mom was visiting Miss Kelly with Mrs. Morey. Everyone liked the coat. I went in Coyle's & borrowed Ella's coat and bag. Allan called up early in week and asked me to a party in United Aid room. I accepted but believe me I didn't feel like it when the time came. Mom was in Jersey City to theatre. We went to the party and it was awful. We left early and I wouldn't go to New York so we got some cream and candy & came home. Mom came in just as we were serving it. Allan went home soon after.
Friday, June 6, '13
School - Rushed home at noon, packed bag, lunched & dressed. Back to school. Got off early and met Mad and Mom over at the station for 3:04 train. Got to Atlantic City and surprised men. Had dinner and took a ride in rolling chairs. Then we walked a little and I was glad to get to bed.
Saturday, June 7, '13
Got up early, had breakfast and walked. Started off with Mad, but she walked so slow and I was cold so I went off alone down to exhibit. Came back and met them at Heinz Pier. We went out and listened to lectures. Mom and I left crowd and we took a roll in the chairs. Mr. M. went off in a sweet little rage because we left him. Lunch and I went to bed. The others went down to Young's Pier. Dressed in eve. in my black dress and thought that I'd dance down at the Pier but my usual luck it poured rain and we decorated the porch for the eve. Went to bed early.
Sunday, June 8, '13
Got up early, went to Mass at 9. Got a telegram from Allan. We strolled on boardwalk after church up to Chelsea Hotel and then crossed over to Atlantic Ave. and took trolley down to Inlet. I was nearly frozen. We rode back and I stopped in for my proofs. They were awful but I decided to have one finished. Mom had hers taken, too. We had dinner and rolled in the chairs all afternoon Then we stopped in the Hygiea pool and watched them swimming. Back to St. Charles and washed up a bit and packed our bags. Mad decided to stay. As we were waiting for bus, a girl came and spoke to me. I had noticed her around and with the Olcott boys that we met at Milford. Her name was Bullare[?] and I was sorry I was leaving. Another fellow with them was Lutz a brother of Mayma's friend. The girl was staying with Alice there. Funny! We had to rush for the train and missed the porter with our bags and we started without them. Mr. M. checked them thru next day. Got in to N. Philly at 10:05 and were so delighted we didn't have to wait for a train. Better we had first the one we caught was the "Rickeltown Special". Stopped at every barn. Mom slept all the way and I had a grand time. Getting off at Manhattan Transfer I met Bob Miles and Jack Carey. They were coming from Princeton Reunion Day. We had to wait for trains and didn't get home till 2.
Monday, June 9, '13
O, that tired feeling. School and I was nearly dead. Classes in auditorium. I went up to see Mrs. Stiles and stretched for a while. Allan was down in school in afternoon. To New York in eve for bags. Allan came down and he was in splendid humour. I had lots to tell him about his friend Mrs. Lettrick, and put my foot in it.
Tuesday, June 10, '13
School - Miss Gonzalez was home with grippe. I was supposed to be in office but Kavanaugh had to leave so I took his place. In office in afternoon. Mrs. Kohler had study hall. Met Mom in dentist and we went to N.Y.for Mad's bracelet. I felt rotten. Saw "All Aboard" with Joe L. - Martin after. It was a peach and he better than usual.

Wednesday, June 11, '13
Miss Gonzales still away & I worked pretty hard. Home in afternoon - helped with trimming for Granny's waist. Bed early. Allan called up and suggested meeting me in N.Y. Sat. after theatre but I promised Harold Reeve and I didn't dare break it again. He said he was going out to Country Club with Dr. Sharpless Sunday and right away I said I had to go to Baccalaureate sermon. He offered to come over to meet us & I was delighted - Mad's birthday.
Thursday, June 12, '13
School - Miss Gonzales back. We had nothing to do. The tests had started. Mr. Brandt told us to stay till half past twelve and we needn't come back. Just my speed. I ironed, trimmed my hat. Met Mom & went over to see Mrs. Morey. Her clothes are endless. Jack's ring is a beauty. She got a La Valliere at the same time. Such wealth and they don't know what to do with it. Supper for Mom & me. I watered the yard. My pictures came and they are awful. Allan called up to find out where the Church is etc. Bed early.
Friday, June 13, '13
School till 2:30
Saturday, June 14, '13
Got up at 12:30 and so broke an appointment with Dr. Sharpless. Combination breakfast and lunch. Dressed for theatre. Grace Hurley called for me - late as usual. Saw "Peg of my Heart" and it was one of the cutest plays I have ever seen. Met Harold Reeve after. We went to the McAlpin for tea and I was wild that he didn't suggest something for the evening so I conveniently said I had a date for eve. He was wild. Had a little to eat tho' I wasn't hungry and went down to church with Mabel Coyle. Walked up to Parparts' etc. with Mabel & Ella. Stopped in Millers & Ed came in - [blue] us and carried my truck. Mom and Mrs. C. had gone to movies. Ed kept me company for a while and I had to stay up till they came home. Bed 11:30,
Sunday, June 15, '13
Mass 10:30. Home and then over to Morey's with Jack's gift. Met Allan and he came over with me - He had business in Jersey. Came home with him. Hung around all afternoon and had a wild eve. At the Manhattan Baccalaureate Sermon. It was a little out of the ordinary. Allan met us and Mr. & Mrs. Morey said that they never saw such a handsome man. Stopped at Duke's House on way home. We had no supper and it was a life saver.
Monday, June 16, '13
School - out with Ella C. for a little while. Had a hurry message to go down with Mrs M's insurance. Met Mom on Mrs. May's porch on way home. Sat there for a while. Harold Reeve came to dinner and he insisted on washing dishes (a' la campe). Mom went to see Mrs. Danberg [?]. Stan called up and wanted to come up. Of course I told him to come and I couldn't help paying more attention to him than Harold, he's so much more interesting. I think Harold was peeved. Mom got home at 1:30. She had a fine party.
Tuesday, June 17, '13
School and went up to tennis courts in afternoon with Ella Coyle. Got home after six. The tribe was home from Atlantic City and Mom was wild that I didn't have time to dress up. I was sick as a dog but I went to the Commencement and nearly died, nothing to eat all day. Met Miss Henry and she's a pill. Jack had a front seat again. Thought I'd never get home. Met cousin Ed Moriarty - he's some boy.
Wednesday, June 18, '13
School - worked all day, ripped the lavender dress. Ella came over. Allan was to come down but he was very late and I was wild. He called up and said he was detained. I was furious but he told me it was a secret in the Consular Service. Made a bet that he'd patch up the quarrel between Mayma and me.
Thursday, June 19, '13
School - off at 12. Finished ripping the dress. Mom and Mr. M were out. I had to get supper. Went up in the eve with Miss Gonzales riding habit. Walked down to Schorte's and home to bed at 10:30.
Friday, June 20, '13
School till 3:30. Worked very hard. Allan called up and asked me to "Chinese Honeymoon." I was very anxious to go. Jack Mac Dougall called and I made a date with him for Tuesday eve. No word from Harold. Mabel C. was out with Charlie Egan last night. By the way, my J.C. summer job looks pretty good. Academy Commencement. Met Sr. Helen and walked up with her, went to Schorte's - caught in a peach of a storm - brought Mary D. and Ella McC. Home - they had to stay for supper and that with the rain kept Mom from going. The show was great. Mayma wasn't in it Fri. Lucy Eidler [or Endler] was the worst of the whole crowd. Alice danced wonderfully - she looked like a picture too, a nervous smile but it lit up her whole face - she was a dream. Harry Unkles[?] dances wonderfully at all times. Jack MacDougall called up and I made a date with him for Tuesday eve.
Saturday, June 21, '13
Slept late.
Sunday, June 22, '13
Mass. 10:30 - met Allan but I had a date with Ella Coyle to walk up to the Tennis Courts and she made it very plain that she didn't want the Judge; so he took the hint and left. By the time we got up there, they had stopped playing. We had a soda and home to dinner. In the afternoon Ella & I went over to see Dottie Heath. She likes it very much but is blue and lonesome. Her family are treating her raw. Got home about 8:10 and Allan called up (he knew I was going and he came down a few minutes after). Left Dillon at the gate. Nerve right there.
Monday, June 23, '13
School and worked in the office Mr. Tim Hanley[?] found dead. Tough for Grace supposed to graduate Wed. Hung around all afternoon and evening. Mom shopping with Mrs. Morey.
Tuesday, June 24, '13
School - In the afternoon I went over to Jersey City with Jack's bag. He was home and we had a "jolly afternoon". Met Mrs. Moore on the way over and she told Allan. He called up and said he saw me but specifically to tell me he won his case against the Erie. Went up to Hanley's but found I couldn't do anything. Jack Macdougall came in and we wasn't half bad. Harold went up to Hanley's about 11 o'clock and brought Grace down. Ruth C., Gene Aesch. & Joe Pelus were there, so they had to come too. We had coffee and the boy got some awful rolls. Jack had to run for the 12:15 train.
Wednesday, June 25, '13
School and we worked. Mom was to see Peg o'my Heart. She must have enjoyed it because she was in one rare rage when she come home.
Thursday, June 26, '13
School and thru a mistake in Connors register we worked till 6:10. I was never so exhausted. No lunch either. Fell into bed but mother's rage had not subsided and she got me so nervous I had to get up. Met Mabel, Ella & Greta Keresey and we went up to the Airdrome. It was fine. Many familiar faces etc. Allan called to invite me to dance.
Friday, June 27, '13
Worked in school till 1:30 straight. Allan had called up twice again to invite me to the dance and when he couldn't get me he thought he wouldn't bother to come down. Went to ball game in the afternoon with Mr. M. Jersey City vs. Montreux [? - Montclair?], rotten game. Hung around all evening with Mom. Uncle sick again. - very bad - may have to be operated.
Saturday, June 28, '13
Bed till all hours - felt rotten. Puttered around all day. Busy but not doing anything. Dressed and went errands. Supper and more loafing. Allan didn't call up nor did Harold. Walked down to Glasers with Addie Butler. They are going to the Gap on Wed. and the Coyles are going Monday. I guess I'll stay home as usual for the fourth. Hung around in eve.
Sunday, June 29, '13
Mass 8:30. Home and helped a bit. Allan passed after church but didn't stop. He went in B's. Hung around all day - felt rotten. In the eve. Walked up to Dr. Farr's and out with Mable Coyle with a few leaflets. Came back (blistered heels) and Allan was on B's stoop with Gus Sr and Ethel & Agnes etc. They were having a wild time judging from the laughter. The doctor told me he'd be down early to operate on Uncle and besides hearing this etc. Granny went under. We have some hospital. Had to wash towels for morning.
Monday, June 30, '13
Got up feeling rotten - and all there was to be done for operation. Mag. W. came around. Mrs. C. came and such excitement with Granny in Mom's bed. They worked on Uncle an hour and a half. We were nearly crazy. Mr. M. helped and Dr. Chile's was the assistant. I was all in and Mad worked like a Trojan. Work all day. Allan called me up during the operation and we were trying to agree about Friday but nothing doing. Finally we agreed that he'd come down in eve. And we had it all out i.e. we agreed to disagree. I'm right you're wrong.
Tuesday, July 1, '13
Got up with the greater part of my "malaria" knocked out of me. Mad in bed with tonsillitis (3 beds). Of course we had to wash every day. Mag came around "to see how Uncle was" on her way to Kate's. She couldn't do anything. We had some day. Jack MacDougall came in the eve. and I dragged him up to the movies. It was a relief to get out. He is going up the river Sat.
Wednesday, July 2, '13
Mad and Granny still in bed. Uncle getting along nicely. Annie K. came over. She heard in Jersey that Uncle was sick. She certainly helped some. Cleaned G's kitchen and dining room. I washed a boiler of clothes and Mommy did another besides all the regular running and sick-room work. Allan came down in the eve. to say Good-bye. He was going to Atlantic City over the Fourth. Mad came down on the stoop for a while and
Marieta sat with her all eve. Grammy pulled a trick on Mom with Annie K.

Thursday, July 3, '13
Work! Work! Work! All day. Annie K. came over in the afternoon for a while and Granny had been up for a parade and fell. She bruised her arm and stained her back. Uncle is getting along O.K. Mad was up all day. "Nothing to do till to-morrow." No word from Allan. Ella came over & I walked to the ferry with her.
Friday, July 4, '13
O, Happy Day! It sure was some day. After cleaning up dishes etc. etc. and getting the invalids fixed, I ironed, Mom washed as usual. We heard the parade and it sounded pretty good. I was anxious to go up to the games but Mad didn't feel like getting up so I had no one to go with. Marieta came down in the eve. and we went up to see the fire-works. They held them off so long that my feet got tired and I had to come home. They followed shortly and we went up for cream. Met Ethel, Mayma & Florence A. They were very friendly. The North Pole is warm compared with them. Ceil Butler is home from the Gap. I'll have to get to the bottom of that.
Saturday, July 5, '13
Up with the chickens and working like a beaver. Usual program: Wash dishes and clean up kitchen. Sweep dining room. Clean halls & bathroom and that sure is one neat job. I finished the whole thing about 5:30. - Many stops in between, of course for running to the top floor etc. Granny very hard to take care of. Mad went down to see Marieta. I had to do the marketing. Met Gran'pa and talked with him about 20 min. on 6th and Wash. Anna Fitzp. was keeping Mom company. After she left we went around for cream for lunch and met Etta Hoyt. She treated us and then we were talking to Velma & Kenneth. Home and after all that excitement I had to go down Washington St. again for Mom's glasses. May Mooney walked down with me. Bed & I surely needed it.
Sunday, July 6, '13
Up and down but not as hard as usual. Mass 11:15. Met Ed Coyle and congratulated him (his birthday). He asked me to take a walk and believe me I was glad of the opportunity. Met Bryan and they surely are a team. Had a soda and home in time to get dinner. I got it but that finished me. I went to the ball game with Mr. M. Newark vs Jersey, double header but we saw only one game. Jersey won both & the crowd was wild. May Kislow over to see Granny and Uncle had company all day. We had tea very late and walked up a little way with May. No word from any of those Lenny lovers. Harold Reeve must be horrible peeved or is he just busy. I should like to know.
Monday, July 7, '13
In bed with a wonderful case of tonsillitis. As sick as I can ever remember. Mom down with it too. Poor Mad had her hands full. Allan called as soon as he got in.
Tuesday, July 8, '13
Felt a little better but stayed in bed till about 2:30 Just got up when Allan called. Made a date for him to come down to-morrow eve. Hung around and started a petticoat.
Bed early.
Wednesday, July 9, '13
Still feeling rotten. Up all day but in my own way. Sewed some. Allan came down in eve. He seemed tired and I was all in. We had a grand time
Thursday, July 10, '13
Usual program. Joe Lonnigan called up but I couldn't see him. Too sick. Cards from my friends but none from Harold. Walked down with Marieta met Mary D & Grace Hanley. Talked till U. Edd came along - pickled. Sewed and bed.
Friday, July 11, '13
Puttered around nothing serious. Mad & I spent the day "preserving". Mom and Mr. M. went for an outing & Mad & I spent the day "preserving", some job. (Mrs. Morey called in our muddle) Went up to Doctor's for Uncle & he wasn't in. In my travels killing time to go back I met Grace Hanley & May Mooney. We took a walk but in the end I came home without the medicine. Met Allan. May blew us.
Saturday, July 12, '13
Worked my head off. Swept dining room - my room, hall & stairs, scrubbed the basement hall and kitchen & the joke was I didn't feel a bit tired. Washed my head - sewed some while it was drying, went errand and then to confession. Met May Mooney - we had cream & a little walk and I turned in. Nothing to do till to-morrow. No call from my friend.
Sunday, July 13, '13
Mass - 6 - Perfectly beautiful morning - wishing for a canoe on the Delaware. Helped with breakfast & the trays. Prepared vegs for the dinner. Allan stopped in after Church for a few minutes and invited me to Palisades Park. Ella came over - spent afternoon. Poured rain. Allan came down about 8:30 but we couldn't go. It stopped raining and we walked a little. Jerry & Jennie Quinlan stopped in on their way home from Moore's. We were out on the porch & they thought it was grand.

Monday, July 14, '13
Up bright & early and carried all my trash up to Grammy's. Cut & sewed my Dolly Varden dress. It looks pretty good. The machine on the top floor broke down so I had to go down to basement to sew. Quit about 6:30. Sat on stoop all evening minding Uncle. Bed 11.
Tuesday, July 15, '13
Up early & right at the sewing ready to finish it up. A letter from Mr. Snyder telling me to report a School "14" Union St. J.C. Of course I dropped everything. Called Allan & couldn't get him. Dressed & called him 'again'. He was delighted because I was. Dr. Four was here and I asked him where Union St. was. He said he was going over near there & he'd take me. O, joy! The job was right there, but alas, a seventh grade. I nearly fainted. Taught about 45 min. Allan came up for me & took me down to the Duke's House for lunch - celebration. Didn't feel a bit like sewing when I got back. Wasted the whole afternoon. Annie Leveru was over. That put a crimp in my gap trip and Leila invited me out too. Card from Jack MacD.
Wednesday, July 16, '13
School - Everything O.K. almost enjoyed it. Started to sew but Leila telephoned and I met her down at the station. We talked our heads off. Left her and met Allan in the Washington St. car. Sat on the stoop with Uncle. Mom and Mr. M. went to movies. Made half my petticoat etc.
Thursday, July 17, '13
School and they are some proposition. Allan met me & came down with me. I decided to go to the Gap to-morrow. Home and sewed for a while. Went down to see Dr. Miller & up to Keresey's to borrow Greta's skirt. Sewed on my petticoat etc. Washed up a bit, went up to Palisades Park with Allan. Brought home half the park. He decided he wouldn't go up to the Gap. Didn't dance at all.
Friday, July 18, '13
Up at 5:30, packed my bag etc. dressed for school and planned some work. Thought the blame morning would never pass. Allan met me - he thought I'd have my bag with me. We got down to Hob. And Mom was waiting for me with the bag. Allan brought us over to the Duke's House for lunch. We had very little time and Friday - a wonderful combination. Mr. M. came down to meet Mom. We left them & Allan put me on the train. He wouldn't come up. Got a Pullman and read nearly all the way up. No one at the station. Went right up and Anna & Mabel met me. Addie & Ella came up later. Roomed with Addie & Anna. They are perfectly wonderful. Put on my M. Mouton lingerie. We started to dance after supper & I had the first dance with a fellow named Scarreti. He was a peach. The nicest one up there. After that dance, Mr. Alberts announced there would be no more Turkey Trot or Glide. A whole crowd of us went up to the Gap House. (Mabel & Ella didn't) and there was no dancing. We met Ed Coyne. I was with a fellow named Scott. (a cute kid from Phila.) Then we went down to the Kit. And had a glorious time. Had a dance with Ed Coyne & all the rest among our own party. Sat around for a while & then back to bed.
Saturday, July 19, '13
Woke up very early - rode at 7 o'clock, an awful horse - didn't enjoy it a bit. Thought I'd have to walk the blame animal home. Breakfast and wash. Watched the tennis for a while. Played croquet till dinner. Scaretti boys & the Hoboken crowd. Dinner and we went over to watch the ball game. It was so slow that I decided a sleep would do me more good. Slept until 7. Rushed to dress and had supper. Standing in the office after & Anna S. came over to announce that Allan was up. I thought I was [shot] but it was absolutely true. M& E gave him a most cordial greeting. He should worry. We had a dance and then the fellow he was rooming with asked Addie to go up to the Kit. The four of us went up. We met John Lawrence & Lottie Butcher. Hung around with them all evening. They stopped the trotting up at the Kit. Allan had no supper and he was starving. He was ashamed to eat where nobody else would. Finally he gave in. On the way home we stopped and got some candy. Addie went up and I followed in a little while. Ella & Mabel & Anna were up waiting for us. They were about to get off some bright ones, but I hit them with the candy. They went to bed and so did we. One wonderful night. Funny to meet John.
Sunday, July 20, '13
Some rush for Mass. Anna went off without breakfast. Addie & I just caught a car. Frank Dunn held for us & then paid our fare. (Billy Dunn was up there & Jansy Smith & Thomas a whole crowd of the old ones) Tommy Coane was along side of me in church. Allan arrived late. After church we went over to Stroudsbury. I had promised the girls to go motoring with them Sunday afternoon, but when Allan arrived decided I wouldn't. Some luck. They had a smash up. Allan and I went to Portland. Got back about 5:45 and walked out in the glen. Had supper, paid my bill & dressed to come home. Mabel was shocked to think A..was coming home on the same train. Addie & Anna came down to the station with us. We had a wonderful trip. Allan is a peach. He heard some snide remarks about my dancing. Met half Hoboken on the way up (with our bags). Some party for the neighbors. Mrs. Coyle was on the stoop etc. Allan came in for a few minutes. I was dead tired.
Monday, July 21, '13
Exhausted - wished I'd never reach the school. After I got started I worked hard all morning. Met Mr. Boyle in the car. He got off at Palisade Ave. & Allan got on He was working hard. Went over to the office from the station. Lunch, went in to see Mrs. B. Went to bed, but Mrs. McC was up to see Granny & I couldn't hear my ears. Dressed. Corrected papers. Mad helped. Walked up to Eleventh St. Bed.
Tuesday, July 22, '13
Nearly died I was so tired. Worked hard. The class was awful. Didn't see Allan. Lunch
And hung around. Went out for a walk with Mad & Mom. Started for movies but met so many people I was tired out at 11th St. and we turned back. Took up 2 hours to get home from there. Allan called up I the afternoon.
Wednesday, July 23, '13
Started by getting "dressed up" lace linen dress, white shoes and then squeezed grape fruit juice all over myself. At half past seven had to change all my clothes. Put on the blue suit and then had to change my shoes etc. Teacher's meeting called at 12:30. Allan met me and came down and we walked to Schorte's. Tried to sleep in the afternoon but I couldn't. Allan came down in the eve. After 9 o'clock detained on B's stoop with J. Warren. I was wild. Mom & Mr. M. down to Coney.
Thursday, July 24, '13
School and we dismissed a minute early - storm approaching,. I just got on the car when it poured - came in the car and with shades down we were stifling. Allan got on at Montgomery St. Rain stopped by time we reached Ferry. He went over to the office. I sewed some in the afternoon but the dress is a bum I think. Fred Seifert came up in eve. Sophie & Mary left us etc.
Friday, July 25, '13
School - Allan met me. We walked up to Schorte's.
Saturday, July 26, '13
Worked my head off - halls, stairs, dining room & kitchen. Decided to sew but didn't. Mary D. came around and we went down to Library. School, home & bed.
Sunday, July 27, '13
Mass 10:30. Met Allan - he walked home with me and came in for a while. Then he went in B's and Agnes P., Lil, & Alice etc, the whole crowd to furnish amusement. Sewed Sunday afternoon. In evening he telephoned and asked me to meet him. I was all gotten up in Nell Rose. I met him and then came home & put on my linen dress and we went up to Pal. Park. Had a dance and came right back. Met Grace M. - she told Mrs S. so the neighbors all knew that I met Allan.
Monday, July 28, '13
School. Met Allan and went to lunch with him in Duke's House. May K was at house when I got home. Rained in afternoon. Walked up to Ferry with May. Took a walk with Mom in eve.
Tuesday, July 29, "13
School - Allan met me down at Station. He was on his way to the office. Had been in bed sick all morning. He couldn't sleep. I sewed in afternoon and couldn't fix anything so I telephoned for a Betty. Called Allan up to see how he felt. Mary D. came around in eve. Took a walk with her.
Wednesday, July 30, '13
School - finished my register and last class for the morning. Alan didn't meet me and I thought he was sick. I sewed for a while. The Betty didn't come. Called Allan and he was fine. Had been working in the City Hall. Sophie came. Loafed all eve.
Thursday, July 31, '13
School - worked hard - felt rotten. Allan met me. He had been out evening before with Lil Courtenay, instead of going to a Turkish Bath as he intended. He was going to meet his mother and get tickets for us and she nailed that too. Altho he managed to get our tickets. Laughed my head off at him. Finished my dress and wore it in eve. Saw "Excuse Me" at the Hudson. Went in & had something to eat after.
Friday, August 1, '13
School - lost another of my kids. Allan was down to Sea Girt to Govs. Luncheon. They didn't endorse any candidate so he doesn't know yet whether he'll run. He called me up when he got in. I slept all afternoon & went to bed early.
Saturday, August 2, '13
Worked hard - cleaned halls, stairs, bath, my room & dining room. Mad was out for a good day's work & Dr. Farr called up & asked her to go to Bloomfield in the machine. She just had time to dress & didn't get back till 2. (4 hrs) Mom & Mr. M went out and when I finished working, I sewed. My Betty arrived. [fed hurried on]. I dressed & walked down to meet Mad ( library) went to store with Granny and let her blow me on way home. Walked up to Brook's and then down with Marieta.
Sunday, August 3, '13
Mass 10:30. Met Allan and he came in for a few minutes. He had to get shaved and went to Butler's to dinner - his mother's away. Sewed all afternoon. Allan came down in evening. We took a walk. He went home early - working hard.
Monday, August 4 '13
School - checks ready. I went home for lunch and then over to the City Hall for the check. I couldn't cash it and telephoned Mad. She met me in N.Y. and we did considerable shopping - as far as the money went - tired out.
Tuesday August 5, '13
School - Allan met me at Palisade Ave. - he was in wonderful humor - worked to death. Walked up from Station with him. Hung around all afternoon & evening.
Wednesday, August 6, '13
School - no sign of his highness. Sewed all afternoon - Mom & Mad went to N.Y. Mom bought velvet for me. Nothing to do so I went to movies on 13th. So with the bunch - Mom & Granny rode up & Mr. M., Uncle & I walked. Mad was out with Marieta.
Thursday, August 7, '13
School - saw Allan when I was in the Washington St. car. Sewed all afternoon on my hat. Got a letter from John Scott with pictures (Water Gap). Mom & Mad & Mr. M went for a ride. I walked down Washington St. with Granny and met Mary D. I bought a chute for my hat and we walked up to Eleventh St. Met Allan & his cousin John - also Mr. Moore and Mr. Cheeseman. Mary kept me company till 11:30 and I was dying to go to bed.
Friday, August 8, '13
School - a teacher's meeting called and I didn't get out of school till 1:00. When I got home, Allan had called but when Mad answered the phone, Mr. M. was annoying her and she couldn't understand him. I called the office but he wasn't there. Went to the ball game with Mr. M. Buffalo vs. J.C. - 12 innings - a good game. Went to movies with Mrs. B. and Addie. Saw Cleopatra. Mayma is away. So is Frand and Allan is with him.
Saturday, August 9, '13
Slept till 9:30 - Got up at 10:30. Had breakfast and sewed till lunch time. Got the lunch & cleared up. Then started to sew till a man came to see Mr. M., and broke up my party. I bathed and dressed. A few fights as usual. Mary Dempsey called me up. Nothing serious - just to speak to me - (Oh joy!). Walked down to library with Mad. Mrs. Holmes called to see Granny. Mr. M., Uncle & I beat it. We rode over in the Grove St. car & back to Schortie's. Mom & Mad caught us in there.
Sunday, August 10, '13
Mass 11:15. Caught in [movies] coming out. Met Dave Walsh and walked up with Grace Farley. Sewed, in afternoon. Put on my Dolly dress and went out for a walk. Caught in the rain. Home and to bed.
Monday, August 11, '13
School and our first test. Geog. - No sign of Allan. When I got home he had called up and there was a card from him. Mom and Mad went to N.Y. He called up again about 5 o'clock. I was in rotten humor correcting papers etc. and I was fiendish. They didn't come home to supper and I didn't eat till 8:30 & then went to bed.
Tuesday, August 12, '13
School - 2 tests - Lang. & Spell. Only 5 passed Geog. Allan met me and we walked up from Ferry. I corrected papers all afternoon altho' I was dying to go to the ball game. (Missed a record game too (20 innings). Allan came down in evening. We walked down to Kamlahs - he wanted to see some fellow and he bought some awful candy. He went home a little later than usual. Expects to go down to Atlantic Friday or Saturday.
Wednesday, August 13, '13
School - Arith test - Allan didn't meet me. Corrected papers as soon as I got home. Gene Aeschiman came down to rehearse her song. She's going to sing in school for Friday. Mary D. came around and Addie B. came in with some music I asked her for. My head splitting - tests improving somewhat - Went to movies with Mary, Gene & Madeleine. Saw the pictures taken Sunday coming out of church.
Thursday, August 14, '13
School - last test - history. Allan called up school to find out what time the meeting would be over but Mrs. Aynong didn't understand him. A register wrong and we didn't get out till 3:15. I called Allan and he was going to try to come down. His client didn't come till very late. He called me up and made it to-morrow eve. I corrected my papers, made out my reports, found the prize knife and went to bed.
Friday, August 15, '13
Holy Day - up at 5 for 6:30 Mass. Last day of school. Passed 7 of my cherubs. They were wild. Gene Aeschiman came up to sing. Exercises were rotten. I was sorry I asked her. Starved - Mrs. Lucken and the three boys were in. Made Gene come in for lunch and her mother came down for her. Hung around for a while. She left and I went to bed. Slept till nearly 8. Dressed. Allan called up & asked me to walk up to meet him. We went to movies and I saw myself again. Walked down Washington St. to Millers. Home. Came in for a few minutes and talked - Allan is going away tomorrow. Bed at 12.
Saturday, August 16, '13
Up earlier than I expected. Sewed all day. Allan called up to say good-bye. Walked down to Church to meet Mom & Mad - bought white silk stockings in Rudolph's & white pumps in Framm's. Asked Grace Hanley to go to Gap with me.
Sunday, August 17, '13
Mass 10:30. Walked up with Ella Coyle. Met Mrs. Hanley - asked about Grace. Dinner & prepared to loaf. Stan called up and I let him come up. We took a walk around town. He didn't interest me as much as usual. Left about 6 and I loafed all evening.
Monday, August 18, '13
Sewed all day & went to movies in eve. With Gene & Mary & Mad.
Tuesday, August 19, '13
Sewed all day. Loafed in eve. - Got supper etc.
Wednesday, August 20, '13
Mom went to Asbury. Mad & I worked all morning Rushed to dress to see Allentown exhibits but missed them. Lunched and went to Jersey City for my check. Shopped on way back. Got supper for Mr. M and took a walk with him. Went to movies and over to N.Y. to meet Mom She had a wonderful day.
Thursday, August 21, '13
Mom terribly sick. Sewed in morning - had to stop & help kiddo with work. Mom had to go back to bed. Doctor. Mary Markey arrived. Mr. M. met her. I wrote to Gap for rooms for myself and Grace. Sewed all evening.
Friday, August 22, '13
Mom no better. Doctor worried. Continuous perf. of eats & dishes. Doctor came back in evening. Mary D came around in afternoon. Annie K. over. Finished my grey dress.
Mones[?] in eve - caught in rain.
Saturday, August 23, '13
Mom better. Doctor delighted. She sat up all day. Mad & I shopping in the eve. Mom went to movies with Mildred.
Sunday, August 24, '13
Mass 10:30. Met Charlie Bayha. He walked up & actually talked me into going to Asbury. He played a while and I thought about Asbury & finally wrote to Ella. He called up to see if I had decided and I told him I had written. He asked me to go out in afternoon but I decided to go in evening. Went out for a walk with Mary D. on boulevard and walked blisters on my heels. Charlie came down in evening and I took a little walk. Then went down to see his mother and hear the new victrola. He gave me some music and a dandy picture of himself. Stopped in Schorte's on way home and then went right in drank a cup of coffee and ate a hot bun.
Monday, August 25, '13
Georgie's birthday. Got a letter from him - He's coming home some day this week. Worked around house then Mom & I went to N.Y. - bought a coat and dress for the Le'd Tired. Met Grace Hanley & Gene Aeschiman - later to movies with me - no word from Asbury. Grace, Mary M. & Mary M. & Mad went to movies. Mom & Mr. M. in back of us. Tired out.

Tuesday, August 26, '13
Sewed and fussed all day. Mary D. spent most of the day with us. Shopped in afternoon. Bought shoes & nick-nacs. Took a walk with the crowd again.
Wednesday, August 27, '13
Packed, mended, sewed, pressed - busy all morning. Mary M. went to Gravesend. Got Mary D's trunk. Everything is fine. Washed my head. Fred Seifert called on phone and asked to come up. I didn't feel especially like talking to him so when he came I decided to go to the movies. He was very funny and I enjoyed him.
Thursday, August 28, '13
Up rather early - hung around. Locked trunk and straightened back parlor. Worked around and dressed and made the 3:45 train. Got off at Asbury Park and missed Mrs. Coyle. Took car up to hotel and everything O.K. - she was waiting on porch. No trunk and had to spend evening as I was. Saw nearly half of Hoboken. Went down to hear Pryor and saw Mrs. Reeve - Mrs. Baker & Whilmena - they didn't see me tho - dead tired - strain I guess from being nice to Mayma. Unpacked trunk and bed.
Friday, August 29, '13
Up early. Mrs. Coyle came up to call me. Breakfast and after some delay - down to the beach. The girls went in bathing and I held down the beach. Saw Ethel. Lunch. In afternoon Agnes called. Mayma & Agnes walked with Addie & I went down to Steinbach's for silk stockings. Watched fire races for a while & back. Dressed half-heartedly - Charlie B. arrived. After dinner, he was playing. Mrs. C & Ella went to hear Pryor. A storm came up & right in the midst of it. Allan walked in with Bryan Smith. I nearly died of heart failure. The rain stopped and we started out. Bryan & Mayma - Addie & Charlie - Allan & I. We lost the others and went down to Cooper's. It poured again & after waiting an hour or so, we took a carriage. It was soaking me thru. Commotion waiting for me.
Saturday, August 30, '13
No bathing - Allan went in. We walked and then went back and sat on sand. He sat with us a while but Ella & Mrs. C gave him an awful freeze out. Addie & I waited for him.. Mayma went off with Ethel. In afternoon, I played tennis with Ethel for a while - then went canoeing with Charlie. In evening Allan came around. There was a wild dance here. Marie Lietz called to see Mayma but she made it a point not to introduce me. I made Allan dance with Addie & Mayma & then Addie & Anna left & Mayma and I went around to the Shedford[?] with Allan. We met some fellow and he went down to Huyler's with us. A wild Saturday night. Mr. Coyle came down & Ella slept with me. We get along swell lately.
Sunday, August 31, '13
Up early for 8 Mass. Walked down Breakfast - down to boardwalk with Allan. Paraded all morning & wound up in Arcade watching procession. Dinner and read for a while til Allan came - Hung around & then we went Pleasure Bay with Mayma & Dick Hopf. A very nice time - Political gatherings. Dressed in a hurry and phoned Allan (he asked me to). Addie ordered me supper or there wouldn't have been any - Allan came around for a few minutes but he had a date with the twin from the Gap. Charlie and some other fellow each asked me to go out and I refused & then he pulled that game I could scream. I sat on the porch with Mr & Mrs C & Joe till 11. And then Allan came back . We took a little walk.
Monday, Sept 1, '13
Labor Day - Down to beach in morning. Allan, Addie & Ella went in. Mayma & I sat on the beach. - Dinner - In afternoon Allan & I went down on sand. He went back to hotel to say good bye to some friends. Meanwhile I read a magazine & talked to Clara Smith. He came back with box of candy. Talked for a while on Pavillion - (7th) and back to hotel. I dressed in my rose dress and we went to Ross-Fenton [form]. Mayma had a date with Dave Kieley and the others hung around. Got back rather late - got candy and to bed. Mrs. C & girls waiting up to receive me.
Tuesday, Sept 2, '13
Up at 6 - Went down to station with Allan. I expect no end of criticism for it but they can all go to the devil. Hung around room till breakfast time. - Down to beach for morning. Movies with Ella & Mayma in afternoon. Walked in eve with girls - met Eddie Dight & he put out lights on stand on Esplanade - nearly got arrested. Down to auctions and started riots there. Met Bertha Smith. Bed.
Wednesday, Sept 3, '13
Letter from Mom saying she & Mad would be down. Hung around house all morning waiting - no sign - the crowd back from beach & we went in to lunch . Movies in afternoon - Dinner & walked boardwalk. Down to station with Mom. - Bed.
Thursday, Sept 4, '13
Moved downstairs to larger room - Letter from Allan - he won't be down this week-end. Showers all day - caught in one on Pav. Met Agnes R - home - played 500 - lunch - more 500 with some fellow around house - down to station with Mayma & Addie. Left Anna at church - sewed hat for Ella C. - dressed - wrote to Allan - dinner. Movies with M, E & Mrs. C. They were awful. Tired out. - Got my appointment - dating from first.
Friday, Sept 5, '13
Rotten weather again. Hung around all morning. Ella & I went to movies in afternoon. Walked after. Mad & Mrs. C. went out. Pryor in eve. - Musical comedies but he didn't play "Sweethearts". Mist so heavy it was like heavy rain - Beauquardez girls with us.
Saturday, Sept 6, '13
Rotten again and we decided to leave. Mr. C telephoned he'd be down. Ella & I walked down to Esplanade with Bryan Smith - hung around for a while - then walked thru Lock Arbor (Interlaken) and back to pack trunks. Lunch and on our way. Anna S. came down to station. Jack Ryan on train but he was cornered with relatives. Frank Sullivan (Dave Kieley's cousin) all way to Manhattan Transfer with us - Wonderful company. Large meal ready for us. Hung around all eve. No friendlier with Mayma than before I went away.
Sunday, Sept 7, '13
Mass. 10:30 - Met Allan & Mrs. Moore also Mr. Marnell. Heard that I was to be assigned to Miss Traynor's class and thanked him for his kindness. A. walked up & came in for a while. Late dinner. Loafed after. Charlie Bayha called up and I made a date for Tuesday eve. I brought his coat home in my trunk. Charlie Barker called up and I told him I had a date. Sorry - of course. I'd really like to see Charlie. Allan came down - brought candy and was altogether agreeable.
Monday, Sept 8, '13
Reported at H.S. Assigned to Miss Traynor's class. Held the class till about 11:30 and then promoted them. Small [kdgtn ] class so none came in to me. - Florence Anthony assigned to Miss Traynor and she was left with me. Of course that will never last. Home to bed. - Walked with Mom. Allan called to see how I got along.
Tuesday, Sept 9, '13
No class. - Florence A. still with me. Two of us minding an empty room. - Miss Allen asked me to help her in office and Flo. Had some of Miss Grayer's class to take care of. Bed again. Charlie came down in eve. - Bore brother bore. He played a while and then started to act foolish. We went out on stoop and I saw Bryan leaving Ed. I called him over and Charlie was wild - trick to get rid of him. Of course I had no such intention.
Wednesday, Sept 10, '13
Four pupils and Miss Allen sent Anthony over to Miss Arota. I was wild but I had nothing to do so I couldn't very well keep her. - More office work and minding Miss G's. Bed in afternoon and slept right thru late.
Thursday, Sept 11, '13
Miss G. transferred her extras and I raised my number to 12. Went to N.Y. with Mom & Mary to get latter a coat. Surely some bird to shop for. I could have cheerfully killed it. Met Leonie Dieffenbach - First time since grad. Met Gertie Heath & Allan got in the car. He arranged a little trip to the Mardi Gras but evidently forgot it. No word from him. Walked up to Cuddihy's in eve to get [boys] & return Mary D's trunk.
Friday, Sept 12, '13
Got my class from (No) 8. They are cherubs - Baby Parade this afternoon very successful. Bought music, eats. - Special eve. Trying out my new music - Bed.
Saturday, Sept. 13, '13
Sunday, Sept 14, '13
Mass. And the rest of the day is a blank. Allan came down in eve.
Monday, Sept 15, '13
School - a tustle from beginning to end. Sheer exhaustion - & bed - loafed in eve.
Tuesday, Sept 16, '13
Repetition of Monday. The rest of the week the same.
Sunday, Sept 21, '13
Mass - The rest of the day a blank. - Allan in eve. He had been in to (Ceil) in morning and he had a long story - rather disconcerting.
The rest of the week is a loss.

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