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Title Computer video game: Superhero League of Hoboken. Ver. 1.0; Legend Entertainment Co., 1994.
Object Name Game, Computer
Catalog Number 2012.032.0001
Collection Hoboken Souvenir Memorabilia Collection
Credit Gift of John Devery.
Description Computer video game: Superhero League of Hoboken. Version 1.0 Legend Entertainment Company, Chantilly, VA. 1994. Two-piece box, printed paper covering both lid and tray; with contents: 4 MS-DOS diskettes; Floppy Disk Manual, Superhero League of Hoboken; errata slip; Legend Entertainment Catalog (dated May 1994); warranty registration card.

This was a single player game with 2D color graphics and sound that used a Hoboken two hundred years into the future as its initial setting. While an adventure game, it also had comic elements.

Description and price of game as listed on page [3] of catalog:
Superhero League of Hoboken
Meretzky's admirers won't be disappointed! —- PC Gamer

A ground-breaking new comedy game that combines the best of adventure gaming and role playing. Lead a hilarious band of mutant superheroes into battle in the post-nuclear wasteland of Hoboken, New Jersey. You cross blighted landscapes filled with unspeakable terrors as you travel from the wilds of Lower Manhattan to the deserted hulks of Three Mile Island and beyond, trying to stop the world's baddest bad guy, Doctor Entropy. Can you survive the Tuppers?.. .They store their kills in air-tight compartments and travel in fighting packs known as Tupper War Parties. Or the Cruise Mistletoes?...Watch out for these nuclear-tipped plant sprigs that can literally kiss a foe to death! Forget those dwarf and dungeon games -here's a role playing game for adventurers with a sense of humor. From the bizarre imagination of Steve Meretzky.

High Density 3 1/2" - Hard disk, 2 MB RAM, Microsoft compatible mouse required. VGA graphics only. Sound Blaster compatible sound effects, no RealSound support. HOBO $59.95 HOBO Hint Book $9.95
While 2012 online descriptive text state that it was also released on CD-ROM, that format was not offered in this catalog.
Different text describing the game and characters is used on the bottom of the box. See notes.

Game unused in original sealed packaging (exterior shrink wrap film removed; no label or markings); integrity of digital contents not verified and left in original sealed package.

Contents of box:
Four diskettes (3-1/2" high density floppy disks) with printed label on each:
MS-DOS (IBM, Tandy & Compatibles)
Superhero League of Hoboken
Disk 1 [or as marked] of 4
Version 1.0
(c) 1994 Legend Entertainment Company

Legend Entertainment Company
14200 Park Meadow Drive
Chantilly, VA 22021
Warranty Registration Card
Instruction manual titled: Floppy Disk Manual, Superhero League of Hoboken. Booklet 5-3/8" x 8-1/2" high, 46 pp. plus covers.
Pages imaged up to page 9. Page 9 has a screenshot of a regional map with labels on it indicating several cities in the New Jersey and New York area that could be part of the play. Hoboken is not directly indicated; it is marked as "SLH Headquarters."
Errata: printed magenta leaf
Legend Entertainment Catalog, single folio, 8-1/2" x 11" high, [4] pp. Brochure advertises this product and several others. This game is listed as above on page [3].

Date 1994
Year Range from 1994.0
Year Range to 1994.0
People Meretzky, Steve
Search Terms Superhero League of Hoboken (game)
Caption lid top
Imagefile 158\20120320001.TIF
Notes 2012.032.0001 Selected text from bottom of box.

The United States is a nightmareland of toxic waste, melted icecaps, and desperate shortages of oat bran. Horrible mutations roam the countryside... monsters spawned of radiation, environmental toxins, and unregulated bio-engineering.

But in a tiny corner of New Jersey, a small group of Superheroes has banded together. Their mission: to nurture the rebirth of a new society, to ease the suffering of the dark age, and to provide a place where Superheroes can always find a date on Saturday night.

Lead a hilarious band of superheroes on a dangerous quest to defeat the evil Doctor
Entropy. Select from League members including Tropical Oil Man (can raise opponent's cholesterol level), Zaniac (the power to confuse) and Captain Excitement (puts animals to sleep).

Battle ferocious Aerobots, flame-throwing robotic exercise teachers (when they say,"Feel the burn," they mean it). Fight the dreaded Albino Rhino and 30 other wacky mutants including Cy Young Cyborgs, Screaming Meemies, Cruise Mistletoes, Junk Bond Amoebas and the awesome King Kong Salmon, who return to the top of the Empire State Building to spawn!

Six levels of adventure! From Three Mile Island to Atlantic City, society is struggling to climb back up the ladder of civilization, while Doctor Entropy is busy sawing off the rungs! A ground-breaking mixture of adventure gaming and role playing!

[Cataloger's note: as of 2012, this game was available for download online in formats usable on current computer equipment; a general Google search returned over 18,000 hits for the game.]

Classification Recreation
Business & Commerce
Social & Personal Activity